G-Sight Laser Training Pro

G-Sight Laser Training Pro

By Chi Chang Liu

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2017-03-15
  • Current Version: 1.24
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 4.12 MB
  • Developer: Chi Chang Liu
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 3
From 37 Ratings


G-Sight is under new management. Our transition has not been a smooth one and we understand that many of you were left without customer service. We will fix this. Please contact us immediately at www.gsightlaser.com. This app is intended for use with G-Sight branded Gen 2 training lasers only. It may work with others, but we have not tested devices from other brands and thus cannot guarantee them to work. Even if they look similar, they may not be reliably detected by this app. The G-Sight Laser Training Pro Mobile Application takes dry-fire training to the next level, allowing you to safely train when you can't get to the shooting range. This app will record your laser shots so you can review your performance and improve your technique. It requires no special targets; use your favorite paper targets. After making absolutely sure firearms are unloaded and no live ammo is in your training area, align the target edges as closely as possible to the screen edges and press start. The app will automatically calibrate. Return to your shooting position and begin training. When your session is complete you can review all your shots by swiping right or left. Press the “Train Again” button to restart your training. Sessions are up to 5 minutes long. Tips: -Use an iPhone 5C or newer. Older devices may not be powerful enough. If you see a black screen, when trying to set up, your device may be too slow to use it. -Suggest you run a “Test Setup” before starting. It will let you know if there’s any potential issues. 
-Avoid bright light, especially sunlight on or near the target. If you see large patches of light reflecting off the target in your phone screen, you may encounter detection issues. -Avoid using damaged targets. Creases on the target, or on the edges of the target may reflect light as well. The target on the back of older user manuals will likely give problems. -Avoid having shiny targets or shiny objects, especially tape on or near the target. -Avoid having constantly changing lighting such as shadows on or near the target. 
-Avoid shaking the phone/target while in a session. -Phone should be placed within a yard of the target.



  • Unacceptable

    By ausman84
    App constantly freezes on me when I click start, and doesn’t record my shots. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app still same issue. I have the iPhone 8+.
  • No Sound?

    By Osrox
    Just DL app and purchased add-on NO SOUND! Is there a fix?
  • Shot Timer doesn't work; no response from support

    By ric_t
    Tried the basic 10 shot practice module and that worked. So I purchased the Shot Timer module, but that never showed up as "available" on my iPhone. Sent several emails to their "support" address, but never received a response.
  • Audio stopped

    By Cutter ( the original)
    I've tried everything - delete / reinstall, reset, hard reset, restore backup - audio for this app is dead. The website is also dead now. I need o-orings. The office number is down. Poor customer support. Im guess g-sight is tango uniform.
  • Black screen

    By tdz3737
    Loaded app and it only says calibrating with a black screen?
  • Free stuff worked, HOWEVER...

    By BeSetFree
    I really liked the free stuff, the app worked very well, so I went to buy the shot timer. On my iPad it works fine. On my iPhone 7 I can’t hear the shooting commands, buzzer, etc. this has to be an easy fix guys!
  • Satisfied customer!

    By btnheazy03
    Not sure where all the negative reviews are coming from. I have an older iPhone 6 Plus and it works flawlessly. I can plink casually at home and save a few bucks between trips to the range. I’ve got my phone in place using a portable tripod. Very happy with this purchase!
  • Junk

    By Rigeldoublestar
    App gives me a black screen on launching. Tech support had no answer.
  • Fantastic

    By Cider zzz
    Bought the upgrades as well works w my laserlyte.
  • App works pretty well, few technical issues but works well.

    By Camaro 45th
    So I’ve had this about a week now and it works pretty good. A few things that maybe should be addressed: one when your setting it up and it goes to calibrate, if your camera is looking at a “shiny” background, depending upon your lighting, it make pick up your movement when you. Go to walk away from your phone. I have a target setup on my fridge in the basement and it can see my reflection and it starts to go off if I don’t move away fast enough as if I shot. Then I have to reset it. You should have a count down clock or another way to start the timer once you get into position. It would also be really great if you setup either an automatic save to camera roll feature. One step further would be if you could color code the shots so you know which one came first 2nd etc once saved. I know it’s asking for much but still would be a great option. I saw your going to be having a new app come out sometime in May, I’m hoping you will make everything work through 1 app. Would be foolish to have a separate app. Keep up the good work and you guys should work on a 22LR laser in the future.