Highball by Studio Neat

Highball by Studio Neat

By Studio Neat

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2015-04-07
  • Current Version: 1.33
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 54.99 MB
  • Developer: Studio Neat
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 531 Ratings


Highball is for collecting and sharing cocktail recipes. Choose the ingredients, description, and custom drink image for each recipe. Share as a beautiful "drink recipe card" on your favorite social network. When you save and import a drink recipe card image, it becomes fully editable.



  • Great app but could be better with a few small changes!

    By Wearetheattack
    First of all I want to thank studio neat for making such a great app but is it possible to update it to have a few more garnishes and glasses and types of ingredients? Also to back it up. I’m surprised there isn’t a sugared rim garnish and a few other things. Like globes for the glass ware. They’re becoming more popular. And now i might be getting nit picky but a visual measurement next to the ingredients would be amazing. I remember things a lot better through images than words. That being said I love that you can pick the color and the glass. I would love to see these updates so much so that I’ll even toss y’all a couple of dollars for the development. I know plenty of people that would pay for this app if it just had a little more variety and usability. If it’s not in your wheelhouse to update this I’m still grateful. Thank you 🙏🏽
  • I love this app BUT…

    By sfritz
    This really is one of the best cocktail recipe apps, bar none. Clean and attractive design goes a long way and this one really has a great uncomplicated look. However, it really, really needs a few details taken care of to address some annoying aspects of using it. 1. Some sort of categorization scheme- alphabetically, base spirit, arbitrary folders/groups, whatever. Right now you can’t even organize without a lot of tedious dragging one recipe at a time. 2. Backup backup backup. iCloud would be great but anything would be better than losing all of your carefully curated recipes when your phone dies. 3. Better import/export. After the 10th time having to type everything in by hand, I’ve given up and sort of stopped adding new recipes. There’s not even autocomplete so it’s just a slog adding more than one recipe at a time. The export/sharing is okay, but again, the one-at-a-time business is clunky. 4. The graphics are great! I just wish there were more options for garnishes, or egg white foam for sours, or vegetables, or weirdo Tiki drinks. Let’s have some fun. 🙂 I don’t want this to come off as too negative- I love this app and I’m gonna keep using it because it’s really well-designed. It just needs a little TLC. As other reviews have mentioned, I’d gladly pay a couple bucks for a refreshed version. (Please don’t go the subscription route, though…)
  • Great basic recipe book, but lacks some features.

    By PacificNorthwest
    I’ve been using this for years. I love how simple and clean it is. However, I wish I could just swipe between cards, rather than having to open and close them one by one. I mainly rated it low because it has no syncing functionality. I cannot sync my recipes with iCloud, nor with their system. I was forced to reset my phone and thus lost many personal recipes. I think I’ll try another app for now, before I build up my recipes again.
  • Best looking cocktail app but very limited

    By pockets_full_of_dust
    This is the best looking cocktail app in the store. I love that it is focused on storing your own recipes rather than being a big database of existing recipes. It’s clearly focused on the enthusiast with their own recipe collection rather than the person who wants to make a drink here or there. With that said, I wish they would put a little more time into development and add a few features that could greatly improve the app. Ability to sort and categorize your recipes would be huge. Currently the best you can do is by color of the cards or where you place them in order. Another is backup. There needs to be a way to back up to the cloud. As is, what’s the point of manually typing up all of your recipes only to have them tied to one device? Phone breaks, so does your recipe collection. And exporting each recipe card, one by one isn’t a realistic workaround for a large library. As it currently stands, this is more of a novelty way to make pretty recipe cards than an actual useful tool. Dear Studio Neat, several reviews have mentioned a pay model. Seriously... charge us for the app. Even just add cloud backup and an iPad version and I’ll gladly shell out a few $$.
  • Awesome app but a few requests

    @studeoneat it’s an awesome app but please add more garnish options such as dill, basil and other herbs, as well as less common fruits such as pomegranate and yuzu. Also please add more eclectic glassware and allow for built/layered drinks to be portrayed.
  • Good app. Wish there were a couple more options.

    By Cminormajor
    Would love a place to enter prices. Also, bacon as a garnish. A pint glass option. Otherwise, I’m loving this app to share drinks with coworkers. Very easy to share via text message.
  • Absolutely love this app.

    By TomHillmeyer
    Only complaint is that it doesn’t really work for non-drink recipes! I would spend too much money on a food version 😂
  • Has so much potential

    By Chob
    These guys have the potential for a great looking and functional app, but this is clearly not a focus. End user experience is replaced by pretty finished cards. A paid model could offset development costs and actually turn this into a solid revenue center for the developers, BUT, they would need to work with beverage professionals and make this a focus product. I recommend saving your time and build out your cocktails in Google Docs, Evernote, or even Excel. You’ll lose the pretty graphics but you’ll have easy sharing, you can copy and paste, use a computer or mobile device to enter, etc.
  • Please add ability to save recipes onto an account.

    By Dave Diaz
    This is a great and a lifesaver, even though it took forever to copy over all the recipes from my notebook lol. One feature I would love to see added is the ability to save the recipes to an account, so that god forbid if everything erases or I get a new phone, I don’t have to redo everything. It would all come back once I log in. Please think about this. Thanks!
  • Love it!

    By Liniment
    I love this app. It’s so simple and clean. It really feels like an IOS app. My friend and I use it to share recipes all the time.