Unison League

Unison League

By Ateam Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-05-14
  • Current Version: 2.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 133.58 MB
  • Developer: Ateam Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 40,595 Ratings


Battle alongside friends and unleash over-the-top special attacks! A new style of real-time RPG! Awesome real-time play that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Team up with other players to unleash "Unison Attacks" that can call forth massive creatures to pulverize foes! Join our community! https://forum.a-tm.co.jp/forum/unison-league [GAME FEATURES] ▼Intense Guild Battles! Epic guild battles that allow for two teams of up to 10 players each to duke it out in real time! Work together and form the strongest tactics to destroy your enemies' Crystal and reign victorious! ▼Decisive Unison Attacks! Fuse Unison Summons with your guildies to unleash Unison Attacks that can call forth powerful entities to eliminate enemies! Mesmerizing attack scenes that will take your breath away! ▼Quest with Friends in Real Time! Brave the various terrains of Granvia with up to 5 friends at a time! Collaborate tactically or opt for all-out brute force to take down the monsters you encounter along the way! ▼Communication with Others Is a Snap! Chill out in the Lobby! Easy-to-use mid-battle chat for timely commands and adorable character animations for comical in-game lobby conversations! ▼Multitude of Features! Battle or "Spawn" for weapons, armor and monsters! Carefully select Gear with the best affinity to your Class to yield the greatest results! Obtain special materials to evolve your Gear so that they realize their true potential! Earn "Proficiency" to learn new Abilities and harness even greater might! [Price] Free to play (in-app purchases available) [Supported Devices] iPhone 5 or later, iPod Touch (5th generation or later) *We are unable to support and compensate for use on devices outside of the supported range. *A Wi-Fi connection is recommended for the optimal Unison League experience. *Under certain conditions, the game may fail to run smoothly. If you experience choppy gameplay, force-closing the app, rebooting your device, and clearing your cache may improve performance. *Before playing Unison League please read the End User License Agreement, which can be accessed from the in-game menu.



  • Great game! Could be better, though.

    By KiTtYWkabfh
    This game is one that I’ve been playing for about two years, occasionally making new accounts to get different stuff. It’s fun, has a great storyline, social connections, cool features, and tons of items you can get for little coins or brave medals. The problem is that sometimes it crashes, but this is a rarity for me. Also, it’s a little rough having only one skin color when you first make your character. Not all players are Caucasian. And when doing video spawns, after you’ve filled up the meter, you have to exit out and then go back to the spawning area and then it lets you do it. Those are my only concerns, but other than those, it’s an amazing game!
  • Becomes unfair everyday

    By Faith & Misery
    Stop being more unfair everyday like omg. I get matches that only go one way. We had 5 dark monster and they had 3 light monsters and they won the uni. You add a monster that would win the uni no matter who had the higher score; so what’s the dang point anymore. Fix your f***ing game you dumb s**t brains.
  • Fun 2 play

    By XkalibarX
    Easy to understand, fun to play, thank you game devs! You produced a good game that I cannot stop playing! Good job devs! Good job.
  • Just a personal pet peeve

    By Tråång
    The game is great I just wish I could change the skin color that’s all
  • I love this game with all the heart and soul

    By -.-Rein-.-
    This game is fun, interactive, and overall really great! Though I do kind of find that it locks your gear and stuff kind of annoying, you get used to it. The events are fun and include popular anime’s so you can become some of your favourite characters. The outfits are amazing and really interesting and you can really express yourself with clothes! The currency is easy to get and the spawns are good! This game is lovely and I totally recommend it.
  • Guilds

    By PureBloodShadow
    I had started a guild a couple to a few years ago and I invested what makes up a majority of my guild’s crystal level in gold, about 16-18 million in gold with about a good million or so, if not, a little more, from others in the guild who either quit, weren’t on all the time, or had been kicked because my guild officers did a vote and told me to kick them. I spent pretty much all that gold on my guild even though I could have spent it on my character! And yet when I come back to check on my game since I have been busy with work and school, I find that either my guild has committed treason and has kicked me as their leader, or my guild was disbanded by someone higher up, like the game system mechanics or by and actual dev of the game. If it was disbanded by the devs or some other reason or thing, I hope to get my gold back, if it was my guild members who kicked me, then they can go screw themselves, I was the one who contributed the most gold to the guild, who went to do guild battles the most although I don’t go on often when I work but when I do I go to my guild battles when I can everyday, and yet I am kicked, I accepted them into my guild, to do this to me is cheap, such things should be looked down upon. I would not do that to my guild leader if I was a guild member, I can understand everyone’s situation, that it is different so many people may not be on all the time. I try to be a kind leader, but to do this. It angers me so. So I hope it is just dev stuff, I don’t want to act with anger if it was not my guild member’s fault. So can the devs please do something to fix something about this situation, like allowing a co-leader or like add a clan/guild alliance thing where the leader of the alliance is decided by the guilds and they choose who is leader of the guilds, etcetera. Anyway, I should stick to one idea. There should be a Co-leader of a guild or an option to have one so at least the guild will have at least on operational leader if one of the two is busy with life at the moment and can’t do anything in the game until later.
  • Collab

    By daddy dae
  • Add trading hoes

    By thighmuncher12
    We all need it
  • I love this game

    By TheBlocks2016
    Best thing
  • I would have given it a five star...

    By jkejshs
    I don’t think giving the player a SSR weapon in the beginning of the game isn’t fair. I used to play this game a lot and the game would offer you a rare not a SSR. Giving the player an SSR takes the fun out of getting a SSR weapon. Overall though I love the game and the controls. I would make the cpus less stronger though.