By Felix Lisczyk

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2015-02-27
  • Current Version: 2.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 66.33 MB
  • Developer: Felix Lisczyk
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 54 Ratings


SnipNotes is your always accessible notebook. Quickly save and use notes from any app with the powerful notification center widget. Dictate new notes with Siri. Stay organized with categories, filters and search functionality. Access your notes with iCloud synchronization from any iPhone, iPad, Mac and with Apple Watch. Your notes are also available offline. *** Create and use notes from anywhere *** SnipNotes lets you create many types of notes: You can enter your own text, save images, dictate text notes, save the contents of your clipboard and even your current location. Most features are also available inside the notification center widget, which you can access from anywhere without leaving your current app. You can also create notes on Apple Watch and with the share menu found in most apps. *** Intelligent note-taking *** SnipNotes will automatically detect the contents of your notes and offers intelligent actions: If you save a phone number, you can call it directly from notification center and on Apple Watch. You can open addresses in Maps, write emails, open websites, create calendar events, track flight numbers and much more. Actions can be customized and offer integrations with third-party apps. *** A powerful organizer *** SnipNotes makes it easy to organize your notes. New notes are saved in the inbox until you assign them to your own categories. Each note can be given a title for quick recognition. You can search through your notes and filter them quickly by creation date or type. SnipNotes on iPad supports multitasking with Split View, Drag and Drop as well as keyboard shortcuts. *** Modern and flexible *** SnipNotes is a highly configurable note-taking app: Enable new actions or disable existing ones. Use Touch ID to protect your notes. Automatically save your current clipboard on launch. There are over a dozen settings available. SnipNotes is a premium app without any ads or in-app purchases. Synchronization of your notes takes place through your private iCloud account. Notes can currently only contain plain text or one image and a title. Formatting options and mixed text/image notes are scheduled for an upcoming update. For more information please visit SnipNotes online at SnipNotes is also on Twitter (



  • SnipNotes - A mind jogger

    By Joch Taylor
    I use this product to collect my thoughts, collect clipped articles, and other general note-taking. Since it can be cloud-based, I can recall everything from my MacBook Pro or any of my iPads. This makes it quite transparent for recalling everything. What don’t I like? I haven’t figured out how to alphabetize my notes! I have probably misconfigured something! Would I buy it again? YES! It has solved a problem for me. Oh, you can easily export any note for other uses. Very nice.
  • Great widget app

    By joemeyer
    This application with widget works extremely well for being able to save items from your clipboard for organization or for pasting in the future. This is the best copy and paste clipboard application I've come across. This application keeps getting better and better. I have it set up to sync with my iPhone and iPad.
  • Almost Perfect, Simple And To The Point

    By JStengren
    Does notes well. Came from Buno, looks like the devs have forgotten about their server, and this app is much better. Same core concept-simplicity and focus on minimal, high-value features. Easy to get notes in, good organization (folders metaphor) solid and UI/UX in general. Could do away with the Content Types feature as it misses the mark completely in notes with multiple type-triggers, but thankfully you can disable on a note by note basis. Too bad you can’t just switch if off. I’m not dinging a star for all this however, just nits for a very solid app. Kudos
  • It’s ok

    By azuwhr
    I find the app to be ok but would be 5 stars if it linked to the native notes app.
  • Watch settings don’t work.

    By justmeeagainn
    Changing Apple Watch settings on iPhone app does nothing to the Apple Watch. Contacted dev. who wrote back saying the problem was on my end and my watch and phone weren’t communicating. Baloney. My watch and phone communicate fine. Nice try. Make an app that’s flawed and then blame the buyer. Odd how YOUR app is the only one with problems. Update: the nerve of this guy. It’s not my responsibility to help you fix your app; it’s YOUR responsibility to put out an app that works in the first place. Stop ripping people off and then blaming them for your mistakes. My watch is configured fine for everything else. Your app is causing the only problem. Go debug your app and stop blaming other people.
  • Misrepresented

    By Dr Whiz
    I thought I was getting this app when it was a reduced fee. Weeks later, I clicked on it, but did not use it and I was charged $1.99 for it. Beware!
  • Glad I found it

    By RobertRegets
    I stumbled across SnipNotes in the App Store and am glad I took a chance on it. The app has worked smoothly with no crashes or bugs. My (very minor) issues with it are more because of how I would like it to work for me personally. It is fast and has not crashed on me once. There are plenty of things to like. The cross-device syncing works flawlessly - between iOS devices, I have not tried the Mac app. There are URL scheme options available. You can change the appearance via the option to change the app’s color theme. One of the main attractions is the feature to customize actions for each type of content that can be saved to SnipNotes. Which is almost anything. A couple things have bugged me. Sometimes the app will incorrectly identify what type of note you have created. Just because a date is in the text doesn’t mean the note should be categorized as an appointment. Although you can manually change the note type to plain text. Also, I wish exporting notes was a little more consistent. For example, if I export a note to Evernote please match the title and body from SnipNotes to the new Evernote item. SnipNotes ignores the title and only sends the body of the text. EDIT: Thanks for the update. I had no idea that the two Evernote actions would behave differently.
  • GS, MD

    By Gerschon
    This is a fantastic app for me, it provides so many different pro features , while remaining simple and easy to use . Would recommend to anybody looking to empower taking notes . I suggested some changes and the response from SnipNotes has been fast : “This will be possible in an upcoming update. I plan to implement notes, which can contain both text and multiple images.”
  • Apparently This Takes only 5 Seconds

    By Seattle Rex
    I like the app, but when I got a popup as I was creating a note asking me to rate the app, while telling me it only "takes 5 seconds", I was dismayed. Why, if I am getting ready to create a new note, would rating the app be my priority? Furthermore, would not the creator of a note-taking app be acutely aware of this? That I'm being spammed on my own device, by using an app that I payed for, is terrible. ESPECIALLY since they ignore my "no rating nag" settings. They are essentially saying "I don't care that you don't want these nags, I'm giving them to you anyway." Well, I cannot stop you from doing that. What I can do, however, is rate every app that does so, one star. If everyone else were to do the same, the wishes of the CUSTOMER will once again be a higher priority than the wishes of the business, which should always be the case. SPAM is SPAM, regardless of who does it, and as history has shown, until people make it clear that they've had enough, it will only get worse. There, I rated. Oh, and what do you know, you were right. It did only take 5 seconds! Nice app, though. Mind if I use it for me now, instead of as a platform to tell me how I can help you?
  • Great note app

    By RusG
    I love this app. I don't keep a lot of notes, but the ones I do write I want to keep handy. It works great on my Apple Watch, and it's nice to use it on my iMac too. Syncs great. Very customizable. The developer is very reachable and responds quickly.