LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager

By LogMeIn, Inc.

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2015-01-20
  • Current Version: 3.31.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 9.05 MB
  • Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.11 or later.
Score: 3
From 579 Ratings


LastPass keeps all your passwords organized in one safe place. Secure your passwords or generate new, strong passwords. With LastPass, you only remember one password - your LastPass master password. Keep your passwords secret, and use LastPass to automatically fill out your logins, wherever you go. Download our free app today and join millions managing passwords with LastPass – you’ll wonder how you lived without it! NEW TO LASTPASS? Download LastPass now and get the protection you need completely for free. You can use LastPass across all your devices, including phones, tablets, and personal computers, for free. LASTPASS PASSWORD MANAGER FEATURES: AIRTIGHT PASSWORD STORAGE - Store all your usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts behind your LastPass master password - Sync all of your passwords and logins across all your devices - Quickly search for logins from your vault CREATE SECURE NOTES AND STORE PHOTO, VIDEO & AUDIO - Store memberships, IDs, software keys, & other sensitive data - Favorite notes for quick access - Add secure photos and custom audio to your notes ADVANCED SECURITY PROTECTION - AES-256 bit encryption keeps your passwords and notes safe - LastPass never has your encryption key – only you know your password - Get emailed when other sites and services have been hacked - Multifactor authentication: LastPass uses multiple methods of authentication to verify your identity - Offline access to your vault ORGANIZE AND SHARE PASSWORDS - Organize sites by folders in your vault - Conveniently share passwords with others - Log in to Safari and Chrome extensions online EMERGENCY ACCESS - Plan ahead and give trusted family or friends a way to access your vault in case of an emergency. - Add security and require a waiting period during which you can decline an Emergency Access request to your vault. - Once access is granted, your vault syncs as a folder to their vault. GENERATE PASSWORDS - Create secure passwords using the built-in password generator - Set custom password length, and integrate capital or lowercase letters, symbols and numbers - Set passwords to be pronounceable CURRENT USERS: GET MORE WITH LASTPASS PREMIUM FOR $12 A YEAR - Share a folder of logins & notes with others, with a Shared Family Folder - Premium multifactor authentication options for more security, such as YubiKey - 1GB encrypted file storage - Priority tech support - And more Business owners can download LastPass Enterprise to secure their business and share passwords safely among employees. LASTPASS ENTERPRISE CREATED SPECIALLY FOR BUSINESSES - Add and remove employee accounts from the Admin Console - Sharing and storage of passwords among team members is simple & secure - Configure security policies to restrict access and set requirements - Active Directory integration for automated user provisioning - Learn more at With LastPass, keeping your password safe is simple. Simply lock all of your passwords away in your vault, and use your LastPass password to sign in to all your accounts. Use LastPass for document storage, password protection or workplace security. Our password locker can handle it all. Download LastPass today!



  • Basically useless

    By AdamBooooooo
    Nowhere near as useful as the Chrome Extension. I want the ability to copy a password from the popup but instead it only opens the webpage. The search does not seem to work the same way compared to the extension. The same search brings back a different list of results and I very much favor the extensions list.
  • shows vault after every single login!!!

    By mjjarian
    everything seems fine, but please bring back the option to disable ”show my vault after login”, it’s so annoying that after each sign in, the vault automatically is opened and the option to disable this has been removed since previous release. thanks in advance
  • Incredibly useful app

    By bherring93
    I have been using LastPass premium for over a year now, and am very pleased with the app both on my Mac and iPhone. The browser extension works correctly most of the time, filling in passwords on sites I have stored in my vault. My days of getting passwords reset every time I need to log in are over!
  • Doesn’t work

    By metrored
    I have a to use this for work and I hate the browser interface. It’s slow. It often autofills the wrong account credentals in webpages and it’s kind of ugly. I initially liked the interface of the desktop app. It felt snappy when I ran it and being able to bring up a vault search the same way I would a spotlight search seemed great. The only problem is after using it that one time, the app crashes every time I try to login. Segmentation faults are to blame according to the crash report. What’s worse is I set it to open when I login so now a lastpass app opens every time I login to my laptop and the preferece I would change to turn that off is inacceslbe without logingin which causes the app to crash. Lastpass also isn’t responsible enough to put itself on the list of login items in system preferences so I have to root through my user library in order to delete the launch daemon so I can get this useless app to showing up every time I turn on my computer.
  • Core functionality appears ok. User interface and prefs a hot mess.

    By lastlypassing123
    The user interface for the macOS version of LastPass is a hot mess. It is klunky to use, there are no keyboard shortcuts (ex. Command-f to activate search box would be nice), when revealing password plaintext it does not use an easily readable font nor is it color-coded nicely like the iOS app. Additionally, the preferences for when the app locks or logs out is not quite logical, or those preferences are not thought out or worded clearly to match the actual program logic. (I frequently will come back to my Mac after a period of time which has caused LastPass to log out of the service, I will log back in, then be presented with yet another prompt for just my password, then the app will lock, requiring me to enter my password again to unlock it. So, if enough time has passed to initiate a service logout, why is the app then still enforcing a lock as well, immediately after logging back in? It’s f****** irritating, and does not impress this user that the company’s actual application security is handled well. Would more frequent updates and improvements to the App Store app be that onerous? Shared between the iOS and macOS versions is the fact that there is no general search of both sites and secure notes. It is annoying and awkward to always have to either recall first which category the record you are searching for is in, or change categories and you have to type the search term in again.
  • Absolutely terrible

    By CaptSaltyJack
    I can't even copy passwords from the application. None of the "copy password" buttons work at all, and even if I make it visible, select the password, and hit Cmd+C, it doesn't work. Not sure what they were thinking with this app.
  • Current version is broken and won

    By Fdgtbvdv
    Title says it all. “” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “” and download it again from the App Store.
  • Really Good Product

    By offroad99
    Not sure why there are so many negative reviews on here, but I’ve been using LastPass for at least 5 years and I love it. There may possibly be a product with a better experience…I haven’t thoroughly vetted all the options, but this really is good. Works well across all of my platforms and browsers. Integrates with Duo for 2 factor authentication. I would probably give it 4 stars because nothing is perfect, but I’m giving it 5 because I feel like the 1 star ratings are misrepresentative and unfair.
  • This update made it unusable

    By notmyreAlnicknAme1
    UPDATE: TWO. FREAKING. YEARS. LATER. I still can't use LastPass desktop because it STILL hijacks my 'a' key. The service itself is good - I use the browser extension every day - but this desktop app is the spawn of Beelzebub himself. UPDATE: SIX MONTHS LATER, this b.s. is still hAppening And I cAn't use the LAstpAss desktop App At All, becuAse not using lowercAse A's on my computer is not An option. Tech support wAs Absolutely useless, And I'm A pAid customer with "priority" support. After updating the app, I couldn't use my computer until I quit the app. Everytime I type an "a" in ANY of my apps, LastPass pops to the front. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no help. I contacted support a month ago - they asked for screenshots then closed the ticket, and when I checked today there were still no updates available. Ridiculous. At least the browser plugin still works, so I'm not locked out of all my accounts.
  • Lastpass used to be pretty decent, after being acquired by Log Me In, Not so much

    By Wizbang Trainer
    Update: 21 Apr, 2018 …. What can I say… LogMeIn and LastPass merger has been far and away been a huge disgrace. The product was always a bit buggy (simply because it was really a startup until maybe 2016. Then LogMeIn acquired them and things became stagnent and then everything started going slightly downhill. Ever so slightly with apps suddenly not working to now ot os a rare day that I don’t get an error stating “Unable to communicate with server” or I will change a password and it won’t store it ANYWHERE, but it acknowledges the change. As others have said LogMeIn is corporate greed at it’s finest. I think this has come out first hand in what has happened after their takeover. Apps that used to be stable aren’t. Confirmed changes aren’t stored and connectivity issues with their servers continue to plague the user community even though they claim (everything is fine) for weeks then suddenly (we are aware of the problem) back to everything is fine, and it hasn’t stopped unaccessable. REALLY SAD SAD SAD for such a good product to DROP SO LOW. AND after their loyal users try to tell them again and again their site is not able to connect to their products they STILL claim all is well and give a generic. “clear your cookies and cache” update the browser and adobe and javascript reboot and it should be resolved. and of course when you spend the 15 to 30 minutes carrying out those steps you are to tired to explain everything again on their website for them to say the same thing again. because there is “nothing wrong” at least until one of the corporate sponsors yells at the top of their lungs, then will they take notice. I am really very disappointed that they are unable to see the forrest because the trees are in the way. Maybe they oursource work or support, who knows. But everything has the hallmarks of “we don’t really care” Like I said it used to be an excellent tool, and to be reduced to a mass of garbage data is a sad place to find them. 1 Dec, 2017 Before being acquired by LogMeIn, Lastpass was a pretty decent application with proper support and applications that were secure and relatively reliable. With the LogMeIn merger they have become bogged down in app design instead of focusing on maintaining functionality. But lets first talk about what LastPass does well. It does have a substantial encryption method that if used property with 2 factor authentication makes it difficult to gain conrol of individual’s information. (Not impossible because stupidity can over-ride the best security setup) As websites have migrated from having user id and password on one screen to being one screen for the user id and another for the password configuring any password program for this type of nuance is challenging but not impossible. Some website that do this have been included in the LastPass design and login with no problem. Others you have to figure out how to get the data filled in as required to get the proper result. Sometimes a website will have 3 fields to complete and these can be easily accommodated by lastpass using a feature to save all fields. Basically it looks at every field on the screen to determine what the values are and saves them. You can then remove the values that aren’t part of what you are entering leaving just the values for the fields you do need to fill-in in order to login. Helpful if you have to select a segment, group, or region. Like some insurance companies may ask for the state the policy was written in in addition to the user id and password. or may ask for another piece of data like a phone number for them to dial and then you enter the 3 digits given over the phone as a 2 factor. They do seem to have done a few structural things to help with stability, but they have also doubled the price of last pass premium. from $12 / yr to now $24 / yr. Which is still a good value IMHO. The number of times I have needed some piece of data that I wouldn’t have had with me but I can login to last pass and get the data. That is very helpful but would not be possible otherwise. Even though Device Manaufacturers have created their own login technologies that work across devices, if you don’t have the device you are out of luck. Lastpass gives you the ability to login with a web browser and 2nd factor (which includes backup one time passwords which I have hidden in case of disaster with my phone) which is what I use on the road. I give them 3 stars up from 2 stars as there is still some consistency issues between the Mac App and the browser extensions working together properly. There is a bit of a learning curve to get them to work together properly. When they do, it’s wonderful, when it’s not working often it’s because a 2nd factor trust has expired and has to be re-established. Unfortunately, even with providing them feedback of how the error has nothing to do with the problem their IT dept (or should I say logmein’s response is "Meh.. not my yob” and case resolved.) That is a inflammatory response, but is very much a standard in the help desk of today. Read from a knowledge base and it’s not solved, meh… is the response. The fruit company does the same thing when I complained about data integrity in the store. but that’s another rant. Bottom Line, Lastpass is a program with no real comparable app maybe i’ll start looking for a replacement.