By Seattle Avionics, Inc.

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2014-10-24
  • Current Version: 3.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 217.66 MB
  • Developer: Seattle Avionics, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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FlyQ EFB, for both iPad and iPhone, is a top-rated aviation app because it makes your flying easier and safer by thoughtfully integrating powerful features in a way that minimizes the number of screen taps and uses larger fonts to increase readability. The exclusive Augmented Reality (AR) feature adds a new dimension to situational awareness. FlyQ supports more than 20 ADS-B and in-panel devices (Stratus 3, Avidyne, Dynon, Stratux, Merlin, Dual, FreeFlight, L-3, etc.) and is reasonably priced with subscriptions starting at just US $69. Our patent-pending Slingshot wireless ChartData system means FlyQ can supply maps, plates, and airport diagrams wirelessly to certified and experimental systems like the BendixKing xVue Touch and AeroVue Touch. Other key features include split screen, 3D synthetic vision, flight recorder / playback / export, plates on the map, more than 4,600 airport diagrams, rich Documents support, extended runways, distance measurement, fuel prices, NOTAMS, wind-optimized flight planning, and plates/diagrams for Mexico and Central America. > Maps Your Way + 2D maps, 3D Syn Vis, Augmented Reality + Sectionals and IFR charts + Photo, road, terrain maps + Radar (Static or animated) + Satellite (Visible or IR) + Flight Track + Fuel prices + TFRs + Obstacle and terrain avoidance + AIRMETs/SIGMETs + METARs/TAFs + Supports 20 ADS-B systems + Extended runways with right-pattern indicators + Procedures on map + Rings / Extended Course Line + CAP grid + Personal Waypoints + Helicopter and Gulf of Mexico charts A tap switches from 2D to 3D Syn Vis to AR and back again. Syn Vis includes HITS boxes, EFIS display, TAWS, Obstacles, and AHRS support. Night Mode preserves your night vision. Split screen (iPad only) and single screen. > Procedures FlyQ includes the same Seattle Avionics geo-referenced approach plates and apt diagrams that we certified for FAA DO-200A compliance with certified avionics from BendixKing and Aspen. Split screen can show a map and a procedure simultaneously. Swipe to switch procedures or tap to list all procedures at an airport. Overlay procedures on a map. Annotate plates and diagrams with colored lines and text. > Flight Planning Your Way 1. Enter a series of indents in the Search box. For IFR flights, FlyQ automatically looks for and uses recently cleared ATC routes. 2. Use the Plans tab to compute a wind-optimized course along Victors, Jets, or Terrain Avoidance. FlyQ uses expected winds to plot the fastest course, saving time and money on every flight. 3. Rubber-band flight plans on the map. 4. Enter lat/lon points, Personal Waypoints, or even airway/airway intersection points 5. Choose from 9 Search and Rescue patterns 6. Send/receive flight plans with Dynon SkyView, Avidyne, and the Aspen Connected Panel 7. Practice using X-Plane or MS Flight Sim / Prepar3D Flight plans are automatically shared between all your devices. > Weather FlyQ EFB uses your GPS position to display the current temperature, Nexrad images, METARs/TAFs, and a 7-day forecast. The patent-pending Graphical Wind Optimizer uses red and green bars to show the headwind or tailwind at different altitudes. Also includes a gallery of US and Canadian weather images. Use FlyQ Online for even better weather support. > Airport Information FlyQ makes it easy get airport information: Enter an ident in the Search box, double-tap a map, touch any entry in your flight plan, or watch a list of nearby airports that updates as you fly. The Airport screen concisely shows key operational info, satellite images, and runway diagrams on a single screen. Weather, approach procedures, A/FD, and FBO info are just a tap away. Now includes more than 4,600 SA Airport Diagrams! > Data Manager FlyQ makes it painless to download new data every month: spin and zoom a 3D globe to visually select the states you're interested in. > Try it before you buy it Experience everything FlyQ EFB offers with a free 30-day subscription.



  • Very cockpit friendly

    By cronin135
    Very concise user interface which is not crowded with options as with other EFB-type software, even on a small screen footprint. This is a big plus when trying to fly the plane and navigate the EFB-user interface. Looking foreword to a weight and balance feature with pdf/png/jpg Dropbox/google-drive/mail upload feature. An inflight glide-ring might be a plus feature in a future release. One of my favorite features is the indicated wind-speed vane relative to the airport runways. A relative crosswind reference for each runway might be nice, however, the lack of that feature doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of it’s current function. I currently subscribe to both foreflight and Fly/Q. Fly/Q is by far easier to learn.
  • Better value

    By Superchickenator
    I use my EFB app for IFR training. I appreciate that georeferenced position on approach plates is available on the relatively low cost VFR/IFR plan. I have been very happy with this app on my ipad mini.
  • Amazing!!

    By JoyDouglass
    I LOVE FlyQ. It was easy to learn. It’s thorough. It has everything I need for quick access. It works well on my iPad. I just can’t imagine flying without it. And Seattle Avionics is an enormously nice and responsive company if you ever have questions.
  • Airspace overlays

    By VIC-82
    Great app that gets better and better with each update. The only thing lacking is the availability to have airspace overlays, this would give this app an advantage over other apps.
  • Needs to run on Android

    By like2speed
    The app is great but would totally kill ForeFlight if this also ran on Android. Apple is loosing market share and as people are switching to Android devices this app should run on both. There are a few aviation apps that are locking pilots into keeping their IOS product just to run their app. Please don’t lock us into overpriced hardware from Apple.
  • Wow

    By N797MS
    This is really a great app. To tell the truth I really didn’t realize just how integrated it was until I checked out the video tools and started playing with it.
  • Cleared For The Option

    By RWCIMinistries
    I’ve been using FlyQ now for 4 years. I started first using Fore Flight but while watching a YouTube video to gain some free lessons to prepare for my private pilot check ride, a comparison was being done by the instructor on the video, the difference between the two was being discussed. This is how I discovered FlyQ and have been using it every since. What intrigued me and helped me learn better immediately how to read METARS & TAFs was being able to have the option RAW|TRANS and alternative between the two until I fully understood how to read them RAW. Thanks to FlyQ and the design team I was...... CLEARED FOR THE OPTION Pastor Dan RWCI Ministries
  • Some slick features, but... Not ready for IFR.

    By Lindy2409
    Kind of like the AOPA weather app by Seattle Avionics and the original Pilot app by Digital Cyclone before Garmin bought the company 4 or 5 years ago. Some things are very clever and innovative, but some essential features, IFR flight planning comes to mind, are cumbersome and frustrating, at best, and unusable at worst. I used Garmin Pilot before Garmin acquired the product and began improving it over several years. At first not bad, but far behind ForeFlight which remains my favorite app by far: great features, easy to use, and very slick and visually attractive. Bottom line: FlyQ is probably OK for VFR flying, but it’s not even close to ForeFlight overall or for IFR flights.
  • Fly Q

    By Bigusjim77
    Using the app for years, got it from AOPA when it first came out. It gets better all the time
  • Excellent site and super easy to use

    By Sun450
    I have used this for over 2 years now and I find that it is really easy to use, when on a flight I have all of the information I could possibly use at my fingertips. Well thought out on the way the information is set up and all of the wanted info is at best only 2 taps away.