Drafts 4 (Legacy Version)

Drafts 4 (Legacy Version)

By Agile Tortoise

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2014-10-15
  • Current Version: 4.8.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 78.11 MB
  • Developer: Agile Tortoise
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 789 Ratings


Draft 5 is now available. Drafts 4 is still supported but not in active development. Please look for the free download of Drafts 5 using the developer link on this page, or visit getdrafts.com for more details.

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  • SammyDuck

    By SammyDuck
    Revised Review, May 3, 2018: To be fair, Story Planner is NOT a subscription-based app, though it does update every couple of weeks with a few bug fixes. Its developers should be commended for that. A good example of subscription-based con is Ulysses, which I also love. It sends out a few fixes and some very minor feature changes about once a month. 3 months since the last update, however. Look at version histories in app descriptions and you’ll see the pattern. Original Review: Four stars is my rating for Drafts 4, a fine app as is. To answer one reviewer on the Drafts 5 app site: I LOVE DRAFTS ALSO but I haven’t downloaded the new Drafts 5. I see so many sellout reviewers there—one wonders whether Mr. Tortoise shouldn’t simply charge $100/year as the subscription rate, whether the overall profit margin wouldn’t be even higher since many consumers seem as gullible as naive teenage girls on Spring Break. Will it be 6 months or more—half the subscription period—between updates, like so many subscription-based apps, or will these developers roll out a few bug fixes every two weeks or so, ala Story Planner. I wonder whether the SUBSCRIPTION MODEL TOUTED BY SO MANY DEVELOPERS AND NAIVE CONSUMERS isn’t just another BS con to grab money. We see this in virtually every aspect of our lives these days—from the fake-religion industry in Tulsa, OK, to the Mammon-loving political leaders we entrust with our children’s futures.
  • Endangered Species

    By SeekerJones
    I love Drafts, it makes automating so many writing related endeavors possible. I am glad that Drafts 4 will remain supported for now. Unfortunately, the developer has decided to take the short sighted approach with the new version of Drafts by opting on the soon to be disastrous results of the Subscription Based Model. Can't fault anyone for grabbing an opportunity, short term or long term, no matter what it's lifespan may prove to be. As an analyst paid to provide trend forecasting data for Fortune 500s, its intriguing to discover the type of businesses that have been drawn into what market insiders know as the "sucker bet" business model. Ironically, some market analysts are predicting the "subscription based model" will be remembered as an "opportunistic infection," that ultimately "contributed to the implosion of" & "giving definition to" Web 3.0 The #subscription_economy, deceptively posing as viable business model, is unsustainable. Those who implement this approach do so by dropping half of the equation, the reasoning mind of a consumer/user. As the mounting data has already begun, it clearly demonstrates dedicated subscribers realize the unmanageable number of subscriptions and "real products acting as pseudo-services" have only complicated their daily life and they quickly opt out for a more traditional, less - time consuming and fiscal draining approach. With this epiphany realized, it is nearly impossible to justify only the most necessitated of basic needs. As an app developer as well, I better have considered just how much of a basic necessity my work addresses because I've narrowed the return on my seriously invested development time.
  • A capture tool that is truly functional

    By guzbur
    Many moons ago before iOS I used an app on my Palm tx called ‘SLAP’ that served a similar function. It was my daily capture and organizing tool. Drafts is a great app by itself, however with drafts’ apple watch ability this has become my obviously updated daily go to app.
  • Love this app

    By puppyday
    This is my go to app for quick notes.
  • Too bad

    By Will19597
    The new payment model means this will go from being an app I use multiple times a day to being one I won’t use at all. What a shame. This feels like a betrayal given the investment one makes in creating actions and such ... but i suppose it ought to be familiar to us by now since it happens to every single app. So long, Drafts.
  • Yep

    By Clams Maloney
    Wish the new app wasn't a subscription but this one is great
  • Excellent Elegance for Note Taking

    By I like to calculate
    This app is the most pleasant and efficient way to take notes while reading books on my iPad with Kindle or iBooks apps. It allows me to copy quotations and store them all into a single repository (or multiple ones if you desire). Quotations may be edited, abridged, or otherwise altered before storing. While there are of course many ways to copy text from a book and store it elsewhere, the elegance of this app minimizes the hassle and effort required. This results in a much more pleasant reading / note-taking flow than anything else I've experienced. It easily justifies the insignificant cost of this brilliant app. My compliments to the talented designer(s)
  • Just paid for v4 only to now have to pay again

    By Jaminaura
    The app is ok. The developers are a bit of a bummer though. I recently purchased drafts v4 and what a waste - the developers are now instead putting development resources into version 5. It looks like they ended development on v4 so that they could push everyone to a subscription model with Draft v5 and make more money. Subscription apps are such a rip off. That’s why I purchased v4 instead of other apps offering similar features at the time. I don’t want to keep paying for an app every month. They are rarely worth the prices. IMHO, the app developer should show a little loyalty to those who supported it (especially those within the last 90 days) and offer a discounted or complimentary subscription when the switch business models on their software.
  • Essential app

    By dzenna
    So good for grabbing writing without getting pulled into a device infinity pool.
  • Copy & Paste not working right

    By Sumocomputers2
    Copy & Paste not working right. You can copy from Drafts or try to Paste into it, and it forgets there is anything in the clipboard. Other apps seem to work fine.