Drafts 4 - Legacy Version

Drafts 4 - Legacy Version

By Agile Tortoise

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2014-10-15
  • Current Version: 4.8.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 91.60 MB
  • Developer: Agile Tortoise
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 786 Ratings


Draft 5 is now available. Drafts 4 is still supported but not in active development. Please look for the free download of Drafts 5 using the developer link on this page, or visit getdrafts.com for more details.




    By Dnheller
    I used to rate this app very highly. No more. Using Byrdge Mini Keyboard with iPad Mini Retina and iOS 10.1.1 reveals bug that does not appear in other apps, so bug seems to isolated to Drafts: The "1" key on this external keyboard causes all text of an entire draft to be deleted. Shaking to Undo restores text but that is very awkward with external keyboard attached and moots the convenience of an external keyboard. UPDATE: I swapped my iPad mini for iPad Pro with apple smart keyboard. Same problem... “1” key in Drafts 4 wipes out entire line of text that I just typed. Drafts 5 does not have this problem. No other app I use has this problem. So I have to give up some functionality that is in Drafts 4 to avoid bug by moving to Drafts 5. But if I want just the functionality that I had before, in Drafts 4, I have to pay about QUINTUPLE what I originally paid for version 4 and I have to pay it over and over again. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I wouldn’t mind paying an annual charge IF IT WAS REASONABLE in comparison to what I had before. But it’s not. FIX MAJOR BUGS IN 4 LIKE A RESPONSIBLE DEVELOPER SHOULD
  • Ideas Begin in Drafts

    For writers developing their work within the Apple Platform, Drafts is an invaluable tool. When inspiration strikes, Drafts is ready to instantly capture and process your important ideas with incredibly powerful and flexible actions. These actions also work with Apple Notes, which makes Drafts even more essential. The developer also offers fantastic support and frequent updates to take advantage of the latest technology. Many thanks to the developer for creating such a valuable tool for writers. Drafts sets the standard for innovation and excellence in the App Store!
  • Good, but missing a piece

    By Lexicosm
    Drafts 4 is missing one critical function, but it has satisfied a good chunk of my basic writing needs until now. Clean interface, useful special keyboard row, works well with Apple wireless keyboard. I have tried more than a dozen writing apps, including some of the pricier offerings, but Drafts 4 and 1Writer lead my list. Drafts is not a publishing tool, but it presents a full list of fonts, while 1Writer's developers short-changed that app with fewer than 20 typefaces — about one-third of which are monospace; go figure. So I have used Drafts 4 regularly. My one major criticism of Drafts 4 is the absence of a Search function. For me, this omission weakens the app for pieces any longer than a page. I'm switching to Drafts 5, which has Search and Search-and-Replace, and I'll probably buy the Pro version for its enhanced interface and extra tools. (Hey, the subscription model is the only way professional developers can economically justify long-term support and continued app enhancements. Yes, I like one-and-done software purchases, too, but I also like my software to be supported for many years. The subscription model helps with this, and it is here to stay. If you write daily, as I do, what is a $20 annual subscription? It's a nickel a day — or a half-ounce of your venti Pike Place.)
  • My Most Used App

    By Clurichaun
    Obviously I'm in the minority because I do not use the popular markdown features but it is great for jotting down quick notes that one can save or send as emails, messages, social media posts and even add tasks to Omni Focus. You can use it as a search engine, dictionary, thesaurus, and in conjunction with other apps to create larger, more elaborate compositions. Drafts is really very versatile and there is really no other app that can currently match Draft's abundance of features. The app is also universal which is a huge plus if you toggle back and forth, like myself, between my iPhone 8 and iPad Pro. *UPDATE: Already a whole year since the last review and still, as always, this app is best in class and I try new productivity/note/journal/ writing apps on almost a daily basis and run them through all of the important tests and use Drafts as the measuring rod. For big epic ramblings you want to jot out before sending it as text to be formatted elsewhere or simple notes, messages, emails, social media posts and todos, Drafts has you covered. The keyboard is best in class as well and for those that don’t want to be distracted by toggling around for characters, this keyboard beats them all.
  • Wonderful!

    By Hornet52
    I’m still finding new ways to use this great app after years of use.
  • SammyDuck

    By SammyDuck
    Revised Review, May 3, 2018: To be fair, Story Planner is NOT a subscription-based app, though it does update every couple of weeks with a few bug fixes. Its developers should be commended for that. A good example of subscription-based con is Ulysses, which I also love. It sends out a few fixes and some very minor feature changes about once a month. 3 months since the last update, however. Look at version histories in app descriptions and you’ll see the pattern. Original Review: Four stars is my rating for Drafts 4, a fine app as is. To answer one reviewer on the Drafts 5 app site: I LOVE DRAFTS ALSO but I haven’t downloaded the new Drafts 5. I see so many sellout reviewers there—one wonders whether Mr. Tortoise shouldn’t simply charge $100/year as the subscription rate, whether the overall profit margin wouldn’t be even higher since many consumers seem as gullible as naive teenage girls on Spring Break. Will it be 6 months or more—half the subscription period—between updates, like so many subscription-based apps, or will these developers roll out a few bug fixes every two weeks or so, ala Story Planner. I wonder whether the SUBSCRIPTION MODEL TOUTED BY SO MANY DEVELOPERS AND NAIVE CONSUMERS isn’t just another BS con to grab money. We see this in virtually every aspect of our lives these days—from the fake-religion industry in Tulsa, OK, to the Mammon-loving political leaders we entrust with our children’s futures.
  • Endangered Species

    By SeekerJones
    I love Drafts, it makes automating so many writing related endeavors possible. I am glad that Drafts 4 will remain supported for now. Unfortunately, the developer has decided to take the short sighted approach with the new version of Drafts by opting on the soon to be disastrous results of the Subscription Based Model. Can't fault anyone for grabbing an opportunity, short term or long term, no matter what it's lifespan may prove to be. As an analyst paid to provide trend forecasting data for Fortune 500s, its intriguing to discover the type of businesses that have been drawn into what market insiders know as the "sucker bet" business model. Ironically, some market analysts are predicting the "subscription based model" will be remembered as an "opportunistic infection," that ultimately "contributed to the implosion of" & "giving definition to" Web 3.0 The #subscription_economy, deceptively posing as viable business model, is unsustainable. Those who implement this approach do so by dropping half of the equation, the reasoning mind of a consumer/user. As the mounting data has already begun, it clearly demonstrates dedicated subscribers realize the unmanageable number of subscriptions and "real products acting as pseudo-services" have only complicated their daily life and they quickly opt out for a more traditional, less - time consuming and fiscal draining approach. With this epiphany realized, it is nearly impossible to justify only the most necessitated of basic needs. As an app developer as well, I better have considered just how much of a basic necessity my work addresses because I've narrowed the return on my seriously invested development time.
  • A capture tool that is truly functional

    By guzbur
    Many moons ago before iOS I used an app on my Palm tx called ‘SLAP’ that served a similar function. It was my daily capture and organizing tool. Drafts is a great app by itself, however with drafts’ apple watch ability this has become my obviously updated daily go to app.
  • Love this app

    By puppyday
    This is my go to app for quick notes.
  • Too bad

    By Will19597
    The new payment model means this will go from being an app I use multiple times a day to being one I won’t use at all. What a shame. This feels like a betrayal given the investment one makes in creating actions and such ... but i suppose it ought to be familiar to us by now since it happens to every single app. So long, Drafts.