21-Day Meditation Experience

21-Day Meditation Experience

By Chopra Enterprises Corporation

Score: 3
From 1,598 Ratings


Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, and Chopra Center Meditation present the “Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience” mobile app. Get easy access to the complete online experience from chopracentermeditation.com, including your already purchased meditations, on your iPhone, iPad devices. With this free app, you can: · enjoy the free program when available · listen to the meditations in your library · write in your personal journal · buy, stream, or download meditation programs anytime, anywhere By meditating, you can: · reduce anxiety and stress · sleep better · experience more creativity, peace, and happiness · enjoy increased immunity, vitality, and overall well-being Join Oprah and Deepak as they make it easy to transform your life through meditation!



  • Disappointed

    By Cbjnj
    I really expected more from this app. It constantly crashes, I have “downloaded the app” to my phone for easier access many times for some reason I have to keep downloading. It is slow, often doesn’t work. I have remove the app and downloaded it again thinking that would help but it doesn’t. So aggravating I just use another app now for my meditations which defeats the point of purchasing meditations through this site.
  • New updated app Version is frustrating!

    By SoCalNB
    I just updated app, I own two meditations. Now takes me MORE clicks to view details, when I click on session it takes me back to main page and have to find the detail page separately. I also can’t see the full name of each day, it cuts off, in original version I saw each day title in full, WHICH IS IMPORTANT and user friendly. It’s annoying and original version was SO much more efficient and user friendly. FIX Please!!!!
  • 21 day free meditation

    By Kathikat53
    I just love these free courses as I can’t afford to purchase any right now and since 2013 I have been thrilled with each experience!! I think Oprah & Deepak have been so generous in offering these courses to us for free and I truly thank them!! Meditation has shown me a different way to live my life, release my stress, learn true forgiveness, & bring more joy and insight into my life & way of thinking. I hope Oprah & Deepak will continue to offer these 21 day free experiences and I urge everyone to try them. They will bring wonderful change to your life. Thank you Oprah & Deepak from the bottom of my heart!❤️
  • Frustrated by the new design

    By Lalayoyotutu
    I can appreciate the new features of this updated app, though I haven’t had any use for most of them yet. However, one thing I used to do FREQUENTLY was “rewind” 10-30 seconds if I missed something Deepak was saying, or my mind wandered and I wanted to really listen and absorb these nuggets of truth. But it’s nearly impossible to tap and go backwards now. The backwards arrows rewind to the beginning (so frustrating) and if you tap earlier in the timeline, it only occasionally registers, though usually it misreads your attempt as a tap to go to the journal screen. Please add in a rewind 15 or 30 second button. This would improve things tremendously and there’s no use for a forward (skip to the next meditation) button so that’s a waste of space. Thanks.
  • Love this

    By Ben Jerry
    Works perfectly I use every morning
  • Can’t access my bought meditation program

    By Marielaydavid
    So I really wanted the mediation course to keep It. Bought it for almost $50 , downloaded already 5 times to listen offline and even if they appeared to be unloaded, once I hit play it only plays the first day. Are you ever going to fix this??? why are you offering this when evidently you cannotmdefocerd
  • Pretty disappointing

    By cwhitesd
    I’ve paid for. Meditation series and now they’ve disappeared?
  • Purchase not allowed

    I get a message saying that it won’t let me purchase the meditation experience thru the app.
  • I feel

    By Nnat01
    I was charged for the 21 day meditation $52 was charged on October 9th 2018. Still have not received it!!! Apple completely unhelpful. I sent an email to support, no response. Charging people and not delivering anything in return ? Isn’t that stealing? I have never paid for something and received nothing and been ignored. It’s disgraceful, not to mention illegal
  • App does not refresh!

    By EMD47
    App is terrible!