Precision Trolling

Precision Trolling


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  • Release Date: 2014-06-22
  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later.
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The fishing information contained in the popular publication Precision Trolling is a troller’s dream come true. Dubbed “the Troller’s Bible” by the tens of thousands of anglers who use this information to target fish at specific depths, Precision Trolling is just what the name implies. Precision Trolling is a method of fishing that allows anglers to accurately predict the running depths of their favorite lures and diving devices! By manipulating lead length anglers can easily “aim” their favorite fishing lures at specific depths, accurately target fish they are seeing on their sonar while avoiding costly snagged lures. Even better, once a productive lead length is determined, it’s easy to duplicate that lure and lead length combination with other lines, putting more lures in the strike zone! The Precision Trolling Data App goes a step further. Once an angler has determined that a particular lure and lead length are effective at catching fish, it’s easy to search for other lures in the list of Precision Trolling App that achieve similar depths. Once a productive depth is determined where fish are biting, it’s a logical step to try different lures at the same depth to determine which lure or lures fish react best to. The new Precision Trolling Data App allows anglers to access a wealth of trolling data. The familiar “Dive Curves” made popular in the Precision Trolling book are now incorporated into easy to use “pickers” or “wheels”. The Data Wheels let you adjust the “feet down” to determine the “feet back”. This is particularly useful if you want to target fish at a certain depth that you are seeing on your sonar unit. The Data Wheel also allows anglers to adjust the “feet back” to determine the “feet down” that the lure will dive. This a fast and effective way of zeroing in on a target depth with any of the lures or diving devices included in the Precision Trolling app. For more information on Precision Trolling and how to become a better troller click here: Precision Trolling Data LLC owns a patent U.S. Patent No. 7,113,449 entitled “Marine Electronics With Lure Depth Analyzer” issued September 26, 2006 which prevents other companies/individuals from providing lure data on an electronic device. All of the data provided in or by this app is also copyrighted by Precision Trolling Data LLC.



  • In line weights

    By Harry 0505
    Great appOn in line weights for trolling,wish they’d go 1 mile an hour to 1.2 instead of 1.5 mph for depth on speed.Worth the money.
  • A must have app for serious fisherman

    By tgifishingtime
    I have had this app for about 5years I live I live on the Saginaw Bay and before I got the app I would try a different program and waste a lot of time trying to figure it out, with precision trolling I look at app on my phone and with in minutes my bait is in the target range. Wouldn’t be without it. Thanks for all the work you did for everyone to make sure they could better fill their creels.
  • Great app for the walleye fisherman!

    By Shae_z91
    Other than taking forever for my lures to download it works great. It’s a little off on the river with a faster current but it puts you in the ballpark and you can make your own fine tune adjustments from there.
  • Lures

    By phik64
    It is of no use at all. You can’t add lures to it all it has is one lure. What good is that.
  • Cant live with out it!!!

    By Don & Angie
    All the information i need in seconds. Get the life time membership they keep adding more and more! Love it!!
  • Up your fishing game

    By Mysteryman27
    I have been and am using “The Trollers Bible” from Precision Trolling (out of print) for years and sprang for the lifetime subscription. The data on the Offshore Guppy Weights andTadpoles is great. The segmented lead core information is invaluable. (More information is available on the website.) I like being able to update the data as new becomes available. The one thing that I REALLY, REALLY miss from the print version is being able to compare my unmarked lure with the photo so that I know the data is spot on. Just guessing lure size makes the data is useless. The length of the lure would be a most valuable addition. Landscape mode on the iPad please. Overall a good app that will only get better. Worth the $$ if you are serious about trolling.
  • Fishing the Correct Depths!

    By Jerry Sells Fords
    I, like everyone else used to Guess how far done my Lure was whenever I let my Trolling Line Out... Once and awhile I would get Lucky, but with this APP, it takes all the Guess work out of the Game and it will Help You Catch More Fish. Capt. Jerry Walleye Warrior
  • All at your finger tips

    By nitrofishh
    User friendly and quick access to pinpoint accurate depth information . The screen can be difficult to see in bright sunlight. A possible fix - use a white background instead of the photo of the lake for a higher contrast.
  • Precision trolling app

    By war s
    I bought the lifetime membership and love it. What’s nice it upgrades anytime new stuff comes out. I troll with fireline heavier than what they list but thru use I adjusted. Only thing is the line selection should be increased. Great app highly recommend it.
  • Incomplete But No Alternative

    By some bupkiss
    I am a bit upset that the lifetime purchase doesn’t even include all the crankbaits that I have in my precision trolling 7th edition book (more than a dozen are missing including ones I use). I mean why is that? How hard can it be to update the data in the app with the information you have already collected? Unfortunately for the consumer, this is the only game in town for this sort of information due to some ridiculously broad and vague patent that should never have been granted. It was granted for “marine electronics with lure depth analyzer” what a joke!! Perhaps one day it will be challenged and tossed out so that this app will improve in order to compete in an open market. Because of this lack of competition, precision trolling can get away with a limited line diameters and crankbaits offerings (covered brands are focused mostly on those that sponsor their fishing show). All this being said, when you need information for a crankbait/ line combination already in the app, it does a great job. I just wish they would add crankbaits more often and with different lines. 10,15,20 The ability to see the dive curves as well as the scroll wheels would be nice for those of us used to the books and curve stickers. Edit: Crashes have been fixed with recent app update. Still waiting on data from old book to be added and longing for the day this laughable patent gets tossed.