Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms

By Gameloft

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-16
  • Current Version: 3.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 859.06 MB
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 88,164 Ratings


Create the Disney Park of your dreams, filled with beloved Disney characters, exciting attractions and special events! Join over 50 million players worldwide who have embraced their inner child building their own most magical place on mobile. CREATE YOUR DREAM PARK: ► Build 100+ Disney Park attractions like Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and "it's a small world"! ► Decorate and customize the Park your way! ► Celebrate with iconic parade floats and fireworks! COLLECT OVER 150 DISNEY CHARACTERS: ► From Beauty and the Beast to The Lion King, Toy Story, Frozen and more! ► Characters from over 90 years of Disney magic! ► Go on an adventure through over 1,000 whimsical quests! BATTLE DISNEY VILLAINS: ► Save your Park from Maleficent's evil curse! ► Battle against Gaston, Scar, Captain Hook, Jafar and more! FREQUENT SPECIAL EVENTS: ► New characters, attractions and other content added regularly! ► Monthly and weekly special events with limited-time rewards! PLAY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: ► With offline mode, you can take your Park with you on the go! ► Connect with Facebook to get the latest news, tips and tricks! *IMPORTANT* Disney Magic Kingdoms requires an iPad 2 (or newer), iPhone 4s (or newer), or iPod touch (5th Generation). _____________________________________________ You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, when you input your iTunes account password. You will not be asked to re-enter your credit card number or PIN. Once your iTunes account password is entered, your account will allow in-app purchases for 15 minutes. To restrict or disable in-app purchases, you can change the settings on your device. This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some third parties which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising. Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet. Find out more about the game on the official site -- http://www.disney-magic-kingdoms.com/ _____________________________________________ Visit our official site at http://gmlft.co/website_EN Check out the new blog at http://gmlft.co/central Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: http://gmlft.co/SNS_FB_EN Twitter: http://gmlft.co/SNS_TW_EN Instagram: http://gmlft.co/GL_SNS_IG YouTube: http://gmlft.co/GL_SNS_YT This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site. Terms of Use: http://www.gameloft.com/en/conditions-of-use Privacy Policy: http://www.gameloft.com/en/privacy-notice End-User License Agreement: http://www.gameloft.com/en/eula



  • Ok I’ve tried getting help

    By overspenderpleasehelp
    I’ve made several attempts to get a hold of someone. My WiFi isn’t working therefore not allowing me to do updates. I’ve sadly spent 100’s if not thousands on this stupid game. I know I have a problem I get it. However to continue my addition and your money making please fix this bug about having to have WiFi to complete an update. Thank You...😊
  • The last straw.. (March 2019)

    By JToma
    This game should be called Magic Kindoms: Feel the Pain. They’ve been teasing more land for over a year now (it’s never happening), jacking up prices sky high on premium content, removed the ability to buy any new decorations, continued to “adjust” the tokens required to level up characters to ABSURD levels, stuffed anything new or interesting in the dreaded “Enchanted Chests” that the developers know all the players hate and shifted so much focus on elixirs in Merlin’s shop. The amount of time, money and battery this game requires is hilarious. I’ve played since the very beginning. I’m deleting the game with 400 gems in the bank, because I’ve simply had it. I think the developers are actually TRYING to anger the long term players and force us out. No one should pay or play with this type of disrespect and lack of imagination from the developers. Message received guys. Keep your $20 Ringmaster character and one tiny plot of land. To any new players, go out and buy a dedicated console game, seriously you will save money even if it’s $400! You cannot win at this game, only the greedy developers win. Did I mention it’s not even remotely fun?
  • Designed to burn out

    By motohawk65
    So I played this game for a long time and at first it was fun BUT the game is designed to burn out. The whole theme is to build your own park but they literally make it impossible to do that. The cost to unlock new areas so that you build that park is unrealistically unattainable. Then they introduce new characters which is fine but with each new character comes a new attraction that you have to buy. This takes credits away from opening new areas and even if you buy the new attraction you have no room for it. I think the concept is good the actual visuals of the game are great but this game won’t last or hold people’s attention for long because of the reasons I have mentioned so sadly this game is most likely getting deleted off my phone for something that actually gives you an incentive to keep playing. Also to get these new characters it costs credits which again takes away from credits to open new areas. Some characters are only available if you buy their special chest and if that special chest gives you the character you were hoping for. As I said the game is designed to crash and burn after people figure out what it’s all about.
  • Are you kidding?

    By MoCelly
    My son plays this game and so he has limited time on it. He’s ten and doesn’t need to be on it 24/7. He came to me this morning all discouraged and in tears because they made it harder to upgrade and get the characters. Come on!! This isn’t fun anymore!
  • Disappointed

    By apes_bby
    I loved this game. So cute. Spent way too much time on it. Now they have changed all the rules & just want our time & money. Don’t download
  • Why I Uninstalled Magic Kingdoms

    By sarapls
    It was fun and good at first, as most environment building apps are. However, it quickly became apparent that any desirable content is locked away for free-to-play players. Chest loot-crate system means that hard work for Gems, in-game purchasable and rare freely rewarded currency, often goes unrewarded with disappointing decoration or token drops. Main characters in event arcs like Vanellope (Wreck-It Ralph) or Tiana (Princess and the Frog) required a ridiculous, unreasonable amount of time-investment in order to be unlocked. In-game pop ads for in-app purchase bundles are annoyingly incessant, let alone the actual third-party advertisement full screen pop-ups, a measure seen otherwise in lower quality apps. It’s a shame. The drawbacks are simply not worth the digital size footprint — nearly 1GB now that I’ve unlocked areas through Space Mountain.
  • Random changes to upgrade tokens??

    By KswagOnthesax
    I have been playing this game for multiple years now. But recently (and it started with the Pirates of the Caribbean characters a little bit ago and has continued to the last few updates…) the app developers are changing the amount of tokens needed to upgrade a character. So because I haven’t upgraded some of my characters yet, (because I’m trying to proceed with the story), I now have to wait even longer to upgrade the characters because they need more tokens then I had already stored up for them. Why would you change the tokens randomly?? And I did and do appreciate how you changed the chests to be less random items and more things that I actually need, including a lot of character tokens; however, this is getting ridiculous on this last update to Belle and the Beast. They have risen so astronomically high that it’s going to take me weeks to be able to upgrade them. This makes no sense considering that they would’ve been upgraded fine yesterday but because I waited I can no longer update them without major time input?? You should at least give warning or something. It’s seriously ridiculous.
  • Building Park and Collecting Characters

    By cheri561
    I enjoy being creative with the making of the park! Excited to collect Characters... classic and modern. I agree tho with other reviews... game does need to make money and balancing magic, gems, merlin's shop, characters, and land do need to be more proportionate to various tasks, opportunities, and challenges. The leaderboard in challenges should be eliminated... who wants to really know how bad they are doing because so many other people occupy the coveted top 100, 200, 300, etc. Also I would Love less costly spots for more space in the parade and chest vault. Same with characters who can only be acquired by Gems only. Like others I am frustrated with the value of paired Characters. I often avoid pairing characters and anything over 8 hours due to the lack of magic value applied to the completed task so I am Bored with doing the same things over and over and over As well as having to set up every individual character with a task. Some of the time allotted for tasks can be frustrating also because of not having more selection of time like 1,2,3,4 hours then 6, 8, 10, and 12 hours and finally 16 hours as max not 24hrs. I consider this also for characters leveling up. I get backed up on leveling because you can only level ONE character at a time... this especially could use some adjustment or flexibility. Merlin's shop makes no sense to me for acquiring special rides they should be available with the events and stories and moved to the magic selection ... I hardly ever use it to acquire rides, I do however like the chance of acquisition of required items to level up characters and would like to see Gems be available there too. Chests could definitely use improvement of odds for getting characters, concessions, decor, gems, stars and magic. Create better incentives in the game as well as rewards to generate interest and excitement to expand my kingdom and collection of Characters.
  • So much fun!

    By Abbey Benz
    I have been playing this game everyday and have a streak of over 200 days! I am totally addicted and love the app. There are so many characters and I love the special events in the game!
  • Very frustrating

    By Mindysimo
    I love this game. I played it all the time. But lately every time you guys update the app. I feel like I get screwed over. I can’t even go to app support to tell you guys, what’s happening because the page won’t load. How do I mean I get screwed over every time you update the app is by I have all my characters all ready to move up to the next level and their products to make them go to the next level disappear. Like for example the fairies from sleeping beauty are already to be leveled up. All of their hats disappeared from the inventory when I updated the app. The same thing happened the last update but it was way worse I lost tons more stuff from the inventory. It makes it very frustrating to play if I have to keep putting stuff back that was already there and you were the guys that made it disappear.