iNach with English, Maps & More

iNach with English, Maps & More

By Crowded Road

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2012-08-01
  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 92.69 MB
  • Developer: Crowded Road
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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*** FEATURED BY APPLE! *** iNach is the only app focused on the Nevi'im (Prophets) & Kesuvim (Writings) of the Tanach (Bible). Features English translation & search, classic Jewish medieval commentaries and a user-interface designed exclusively for the iPhone. **** HD PRINT, WITH VOWELS & CANTILLATION MARKS! iNach was designed for the Retina display, with beautiful typography and crisp print. We've even included vowels for the hebrew text so it's easier to read! ENGLISH TRANSLATION WITH INTERLINEAR & SYNCHRONIZATION ● A complete English translation of the Prophets & Writings is fully integrated into iNach. ● View English translation in both full page, dual-window and interlinear modes. ● English keyword search included. INTEGRATED COMMENTARIES WITH INTERLINEAR Thousands and thousands of comments & insights, viewable in both interlinear or synchronized dual-windows, by the foremost commentators of the Nach: 1. Rashi – רש”י 2. Metzudas David – מצודת דוד 3. Metzudas Zion – מצודת ציון 4. Ralbag – רלב”ג (Note: commentaries are not currently available in English) BROWSE, SEARCH & BOOKMARK ● Browse by book (sefer), chapter or jump to th ● Comprehensive keyword search across the entire Nach ● Bookmark any chapter within a Sefer. MAPS! Beautiful, integrated maps to show places referenced in the texts. ● נביאים Prophets: יהושע Joshua שופטים Judges ‘שמואל א Samuel 1 ‘שמואל ב Samuel 2 Kings 1 ‘מלכים א Kings 2 ‘מלכים ב Isaiah ישעיה Jeremiah ירמיה Ezekiel יחזקאל Hosea הושע Joel יואל Amos עמוס Obadiah עובדיה Jonah יונה Micah מיכה Nahum נחום Habakkuk חבקוק Zephaniah צפניה Haggai חגי Zechariah זכריה Malachi מלאכי ● Writings כתובים Chronicles 1 ‘דברי הימים א Chronicles 2 ‘דברי הימים ב Psalms תהלים Job איוב Proverbs משלי Ruth רות Song of Songs שיר השירים Ecclesiastes קהלת Lamentations איכה Esther אסתר Daniel דניאל Ezra / Nechemiah עזרא / נחמיה ---------------------------------- MORE IPAD FROM CROWDED ROAD Please see the other popular iPad Judaic apps from Crowded Road: ● iMishna - iPhone & iPad Editions ● iTalmud - iPhone & iPad Editions ● iTorah - iPhone & iPad Editions ● iNach - iPhone & iPad Editions ● iFax ● Sign It! ● Signatures



  • Excellent

    By Yaakov5706
    Very pleases with this App!!
  • Clean, intuitive interface, many meforshim

    By MusashiAharon
    I really like iNach's interlinear mode; I use it all the time. It also has the trop, which I find useful to figure out the phrasing (esnachta is like a semicolon, zakeif katan almost like a comma, etc.) Things I wish were here: * traditional ordering of the books in Nach. * faster switching between translation and commentary. * translations of the commentary (I don't think anyone has ever done an English translation of the meforshim on Nach, so this is very wishful thinking) Otherwise, I think this is the best app of its kind!
  • This is a good app!

    By Talmidguy
    Great app! I am able to look up things quickly and find what I need in a flash.