BAROQUE - The Dark, Twisted Fantasy

BAROQUE - The Dark, Twisted Fantasy

By sting co.,ltd

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2012-12-28
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 207.54 MB
  • Developer: sting co.,ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 62 Ratings


[ Story Mode ] - A dark, twisted fantasy - The world of Baroque is one inhabited by twisted people. Meta-Beings, Angels, the Order of Malkuth, and the "Neuro Tower" are all tangled threads of the warped tapestry that is Baroque. - A World that changes everytime you play - The protagonist must head to the lowest floor of the Neuro Tower and fight through the foul denizens of the world. The Neuro Tower itself is also constantly distorting, and hence, the protagonist will be introduced to a new labyrinth every time he sets foot inside. - Battle with Meta-Beings - Strange and twisted Meta-Beings will impede your progress through the Neuro Tower. You will need to use your purification abilities as well as a vast assortment of weapons, armor, and even parasites. [ Survival Mode ] - An acquisition score is registered into ranking - In survival mode, an "EXP", "Time", etc. which were gained by the time it cleared or died serve as a score. The player and others in the world can be challenged by registering this score into the GameCenter. - Equipment only for Survival Mode "Purification Rifle" Shoot and beat the Meta-Beings who attack and come by the "purification rifle" which makes a bullet "the fragment of a Idea Sephirah" which appears by an Meta-Being's purification! The change of "Rifle" and "Sword" is touch the Weapon Icon of the screen right, and it can change it in an instant.



  • Great game but too expensive

    By Spicyfrito
    The game itself was good just minor adjustments needed like the camera for 3 rd person not being at the back of your head, the main problem though is the price especially since I got the game for the wii at only 3$ new.fix those 2 things and I'll definitely get the full game and add 3 stars.
  • Great port idea, needs some polishing (iPad)

    By Exceed88
    One of the first things I noticed about Baroque on iPad is that it doesn't utilize the full dimensions of the iPad screen. Games like this could use the extra screen space and a black border on this seems useless. Beyond that visual hinderance there's also the fact that the Field of View ("FOV") seems abnormally low in both first and third person view. I can get past the subpar graphics (this is from the PS2/Wii era but still looks a bit worse) but riddingthe game of the problems listed above would make paying that hefty unlock fee of $18 is a bit easier to handle. Please consider revisiting this and fixing those bits up on the iPad, there's no reason a game as unique as Baroque should be bogged down for such trivial matters as those.
  • Bad Port

    By Owenazuris
    This is a port of a PS2 game that was a port of a Saturn game. The PS2 version suffered from some poor controls and camera controls, so as you can imagine this version is far worse. There is also no vocals in the game. The story is interesting, but get the superior PS2 version, it is cheap.
  • Wait on buying the full game

    By Rydizzle!
    Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE controls. Putting a PS2 game on iOS is impressive, but that leads to problems control-wise. Also, no way to zoom out further? Really? The camera is literally hugging the character. My only complaints for the game are regarding the tranfer from PS2 to iOS... Horrible controls, camera and graphics. Not so much the graphics themselves, but the issues with this ugly blur on the sides of the screen... Not to mention, there's something wrong with the colors. The game really will only appeal to a niche audience, and not even to typical JRPG fans. Very strange but interesting game, and since the PS2 and Wii versions are sooo hard to find, the iOS version will allow people he never got it originally a chance to try it and buy it if they like it. I'd say wait until the game is fixed before shovelling out $18 for it, though. Might as well hunt down the PS2 version.
  • Epic

    By Ryan 1180
    This game strongly reminds me of Trigun and Kidd Icarus. It's just a little laggy, also make the dungeons brightness better
  • Great game!

    By XGaryG
    I love the ideas behind this game. If you we're to make it into a mmorp I would give it 5 stars. Also needs a chat system built in, for players to discuss it.
  • Love this game

    By matthew lafon
    Love this game, do wish for it to be a bit brighter in the dungeons, and a bit better of a camera angle like the PS2 version, but Sting is a great company, I would also love to see Evolution on the IOS, I never got to finish it on the dream cast
  • Flawed but fun

    By vutdevuk
    Great port, lots of fun, but the camera follows the character to closely making it hard to see.
  • i Gave you A 5/5

    By Dashing Handsome Knight
    Just do us all a favor and make this a free full game and sell some items as IAP Funds, This needs Multiplayer with voice Chat and overall more playable characters it can seriously be a very Deep MMORPG but for now i settled for your solo full app :-) still satisfied you will be too!
  • Nice port but having a sound issue

    By Breaknoon
    Great port of a PS2 game. Controls take some getting used to but work fine. However if I exit the app and come back later the sound and music stop playing. Anyone else having this issue? I'm using an iPhone4S. A port of the original PS1 game would be nice too!