Bingo Blitz - Bingo Games

Bingo Blitz - Bingo Games

By Playtika Santa Monica, LLC

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2012-08-09
  • Current Version: 3.94.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 183.19 MB
  • Developer: Playtika Santa Monica, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 65,570 Ratings


Welcome to Bingo Blitz, the #1 free bingo game on iTunes! Your hosts, Blitzy and Moxie will gladly take you on a bingo journey around the world. Join them and start playing online bingo games you’d surely enjoy! New! Flaunt your Bingo Chef Skills at Blitzy’s Diner Our beloved Blitzy decided to fulfill his lifelong dream and open his own diner. Help him in preparing tasty dishes the bingo world has never seen before! Working in Blitzy’s Diner is as easy as 1 2 3 1 - Play bingo rooms to collect ingredients 2 - Make dishes and snag amazing gifts 3 - Complete the menu to win a MEGA PRIZE and a Blitzy’s Diner badge. Let’s get cooking! Famous BINGO CITIES and Live BINGO ROOMS - FREE BINGO GAME BONUSES - Challenging quests to go on across the bingo board - Awesome bingo PRIZES to win - Seasonal and Featured Bonus Bingo Rooms - Bingo Blitz Unique Collections - Mega prizes, bonus wheels rewards and gifts to get your bingo drive going Hear the bingo caller, play special lucky bingo cards in real time and spin the bonus wheel in an online bingo app adventure that combines absolute skills with fortune Install and play today! Play Free Bingo Blitz with Fantastic Features Tell your own bingo story - pick your favorite city on the bingo map, start playing bingo online, get rewards and tickets to even more challenging bingo rooms, while enjoying these incredible features along the way: * FREE COINS and CREDITS – get Daily bingo bonuses & spins of the bingo machine bonus wheel of luck or mine for prizes while waiting for your rounds to start. * SEASONAL and FEATURED rooms with special lucky bingo cards - open to all and offering new opportunities to win bigger prizes, more collection items and rewards. * Power ups, boosts and bingo points – the extras you’ll need to Win and level up faster * Customized daubers, bingo cards and bonus games! * Surprise GIFTS – it’s a bingo Holiday! Play multiple free bingo cards with daubers to open treasure chests and mystery chests for lucky rewards * BINGO TOURNAMENTS – your lucky numbers will turn you into a daily winner Bingo Blitz Albums and Collections Your free online bingo adventure around the globe includes completing collections to win mega prizes. You can now play Bingo, also known as keno, anywhere in the world: Anchorage, Cape Town, Catalina, New York, Madrid, Istanbul and many more exciting locations hold the key to your Bingo Collections. Slots Collections There's more! Go to the Slots Cities map and spin up an impressive bingo slots games collection including the Moonlit Woods, Barcelona Slots, Sherwood Forest and Super Slots, Zodiac or Sugar Slots Collection – complete them all and get loaded on gold coins. Specialty Collections Run Blitzy, Green Beans, The Animal Whisperer, Jolly Jackpots, Egyptian Mysteries – are just a few of the many seasonal or time-limited bingo collections available in Bingo Blitz – complete them while they’re still available to add more coins to your inventory! Keep Connected for Bigger Rewards Are you ready for the best Vegas bingo app ever? Pop over an connect to millions of players around the bingo world through Facebook at and collect special bingo slots bonuses and exclusive rewards for even more ways to win. With access to Playtika Rewards that offer bigger and better benefits for unique jackpot bingo perks and surprises, you’re always one daub away from a Bingo Blitz bonanza! Play bingo Vegas-style as you get on the map and uncover a world of free bingo heaven excitement! We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.



  • Looking for a different Bingo Game. This one is Disappointing

    By webdeb8
    In the past I enjoyed playing. This year it seems as if the reward system has been reduced. Less cities are being completed and Its more difficult to level up to earn higher rewards. The Super Charger is more of a punishment than reward. It actual delays rewards by at least two daubs. A reward should be given with the Super Charger and then again after two completed daubs on the Bingo card. I have noticed that I’m also being deducted double Bingo chips on some games when I don’t choose to elect that option. Does anyone ever complete the Daily Challenge and start over or level up on the Daily Challenge?
  • Level 135 and ready to quit.

    By Lady w/ Sharp Sticks
    This game used to be fun. Although I don’t like all the distractions of extra Blitzy games AND an extra contest always running so that you might not notice it can take months and 6,000-12,000 chips just to finish a room. Ever since they began letting you double or triple your bingo bet it’s become almost impossible to finish. They say the shadow cards are random. But if you’ve taken statistics you know the odds that you buying two shadow cards and then you get two of the same item are unlikely but it happens all the time. Before that big change you might get a few copies. I’ve gotten 9 if an ungiftable in New Orleans and usually have 10 or so of items 1 or 2 which your friends have already sent you. You NEVER need these. I’m playing Super Bingo instead. They’ve improved their game a lot. Tap on players heads on list and send gift. You can send back and forth every hour. Chips galore.
  • Bingo blitz

    By cppter
    We need a room where it will make my daily credits go up been the same for four years you can’t get very far with 101 credits ,I would like to thank the support team when I have problem they get back to me to resolve the problem . The graphics are awesome they do a great job , but please give us a new room to increase our daily credits please , I’m struggling to finish a room . Thank you ❤️

    By 26sondrio
    Be warned. Your chances at a casino are better than this game. It’s almost as if the creators want to sabotage the fun and find many crazy ways to take your money. True, it use to be fun. THIS GAME IS NOT FREE. WHAT A JOKE
  • Not working

    By Kimd33
    The app has not worked all day. Can you fix the problem?
  • My favorite game

    By Cate😈😈
    I LOVE IT!!!
  • Update didn’t work

    By marsuz
    I’ve played this game for years. Yes, I’ve spent more than I can afford... but I still played😢 After updating I can no longer play. When I log on it goes back to my home screen. What’s up BB?
  • Impossible to complete quests

    By Flagcrafter
    This game is so frustrating! It is impossible to complete quests and move on to another one. I have 7 items of cowboy boots and 4 guitars while the item I need never shows his face. Why am I winning food items now? Ugh
  • Want to love this game but....

    By Rutherine
    I really want to love this game but I find myself never wanting to play it again. It is so expensive to buy credits and you have to because you never get enough from the daily spins. Even then when I do manage to scrounge up $40 the credits they are gone in less than five to ten minutes of play, and during this play not much is achieved. A person is lucky to get a bingo, lucky to earn credits from the caskets, even luckier to manage to complete getting a level finished. All in all I have spent hundreds of dollars and cannot find a good reason as to why I ever did in the first place or would continue to in the future. It is such a shame because the game itself is nice, just to expensive.
  • Not the most generous of games.

    By KG6EAR
    This used to be a good game now it’s become a mediocre game from the standpoint that sure there is a lot of content, but it’s not very innovative st all. While Bingo Bash seems to have gone ur ℉ their way to make every room at least somewhat different in game play and theme, Bingo Blitz here has only taken the very same game and carbon copied the same game play into hundreds of rooms with only a variance of visual theme. Not too many significant differences in game play they basically just add a new odd pop up bonus hew and there to make some rooms seem more different. Now they are making orders of food with ingredients won in the chests in some rooma. It’s gone from cluttered to complicated to more clutttrred and more complicated. But what’s the point of adding a bunch of non-play related stuff? I’ve played for weeks and not won enough ingredients to make a single dish yet. Lol. Ridiculously harder and harder to win items in the rooms of late. Perhaps it’s because despite all the money grubbing attempts to coax users into paying more cash into the game and in not against making money but the shear volume of cajoling around every corner is becoming as garish and over the top excessive as Disneyland shops and vendors are in Disneyland. The value of the number of tokens you get for putting dollars in is quite low. Ten bucks will last a half hour maybe depending on what kind of game you are playing. The minimum by amounts in the lowest of rooms is not even. One coin per card. It’s higher to show you how much inflation they have put into the game most games cost around 60 coins for one low-bonus round of info with four cards. They let so many people into each room now instead of spawning more isntsnces of roosms and keeping the players per game count reasonable so because the round. Ends st a.set number of bingos, the more players they pack into each room, the lower the chances per player of winning and the rounds end very swiftly and too early in many rooms to make a single bingo realistically. Every slot machine is a carbon copy mechanically speaking of every other slot in the slots area just change the graphics theme but the game play is typically identical except for some rooms which maybe have an extra bonus system collecting a running total of a certain wheel item. Those rooms tend to be funnier and they tend to expire then never to return like seasonal fashionwsre just to create an artificial frenzy of people trying desperately last minute to complete the rooms so they can all run out of free daily tokens and have to purchase more if they want to beat the deadline to complete that room for the collectibles to go into their profile. I’ve never seen closed rooms on this game come back for an encore so people who didn’t complete them can get another chance. That’s how they punish players for not buying more tokens. The per spin investment amount required in most slot rooms to have a chance to get that one last stubborn item which only comes by lucky spinning the big wheel is so ridiculously high that it can take months to complete a single slot machine given only free daily tokens and free daily spins are used, and given the very little that 25 free spins per day can accomplish since its only free spin of the bonus wheels will only spin the lower wheel which will never have the final item for you to complete the room. That final item will only be found betting he maximum amount or one level lower than that to ensure you can spin the bigger upper wheel which is the only one with the prize you need to complete the room finally. So since free spins only simulate the lower bet amount possible, they ideally only allow the lowest wheel to spin for items when you score a big win worthy of a free wheel-spin. Lastly the only major bingo tournament that remains free since Bingo Bash started charging for their tournaments is the one here in Bingo Blitz. Unfortunately also that has driven more traffic to Bingo Blitz for a free live bingo tournament. The authors of this game again choose to be cheap and have steadily allows the tournaments Ron become more and more overcrowded so the rounds don’t last as long anymore, the number of coins won has gone down and you are really lucky if you can even get a bingo on one out of four cards played. The round conveniently always ends right when you are about to click the Binngo button and steels your points for the bingo. One used to be able to score 1000 a day in tournaments easy. Now it cheats you e eh round of having enough time to even keep up with he caller and it even cheats and takes away all your score randomly for some rounds giving you a fat “new!” Zero points for the round despite cards peppered with daubs. The authors do nothing to fix this zero point round bug it’s been going on for years now. And despite having played tournament for years I don’t stand a chance in hell of ever winning the final item because it’s nearly impossible with hundreds of players at once in that room to ever achieve a first place unless you have the secret boost items you can only get by paying to be a premium member with a revolving monthly charge for playing . Don’t even get me started on how stingy the stupid monkey and golpher are between rounds. Your five or ten credits rarely ever pays back what you put in led alone ever getting more back instead it gives you yet more power up items which you have hundreds or thousands of already piled up in reserve which just wastes your time and money for having played. In short I agree with the other people who say that Bingo Blitz is real obvious about just being out to take take take your money. The mad pace at which they keep adding more new carbon copy game play different theme rooms and expire them almost as soon as they appeared ensures no player can ever run out of rooms to play and can definitely never win or complete them all. It’s not possible unless you dump lots a $!