happn — Dating app

happn — Dating app


  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2012-03-07
  • Current Version: 9.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 163.18 MB
  • Developer: HAPPN SAS
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 52,326 Ratings


Love is in the air! Around the corner, at the coffee shop, at work, or on a night out, we’ve all locked eyes with someone and then remembered their face for days! happn is the dating app that helps you find all those people you have crossed paths with. Like the profiles that catch your eye, get a Crush and get together! Go on, fill your lives with love. It feels good, we promise. ​ HOW DOES IT WORK? ​ It’s easy! ​ 1. When you cross paths with someone who has the happn app, their profile appears on your app. ​ 2. What if a profile grabs your attention? Like them secretly. They’ll never know, unless they Like you back. Do you want your profile to stand out? Send a Hello and they’ll receive a notification! ​ 3. Did you mutually Like each other? That’s a Crush! Now you can chat (break out your best poetry)! But that’s not the end of it... Give destiny a nudge and ask your Crush if they want to meet! ​ PS: There are 75 million people on happn, but only the ones you cross paths with in real life will show up on your application! ​ CRUSH WITH CONFIDENCE ​ Love? Yes. But safe love, if you please! ​ * The happn app is based on the principle of reciprocity: you will never receive a message from someone you’re not interested in. ​ * At happn, confidentiality is our priority: your location is never visible to other members, only the places where you crossed paths with them are shown. ​ * The happn app is free to download and use. If you wish to see the list of people who have Liked your profile and access many other advantages, you can also switch to a Premium subscription. ------------------------------------------------ Terms of Service for happn Premium With happn Premium, stack the odds in your favour by getting loads of advantages: - See the list of all the people who’ve Liked you! - Up to 10 Hellos a day, to send to those special people and get noticed! - Don’t want to cross paths with your colleagues on happn? Use the Invisible mode ! - Hide certain information on your profile (age, distance, log-on date) - Say goodbye to ads on the app and focus on the essential: your Crushes! And plenty more advantages! If you choose to subscribe to happn Premium, you pay via your iTunes account, and the amount will always be debited 24 hours before the end of each period. Your subscription will be automatically renewed until the automatic renewal is disabled no later than 24 hours before the current period. You can disable the automatic renewal at any time in the iTunes Store settings. Subscription to happn Premium currently costs $24.99 for 1 month, $89.99 for 6 months and $119.99 for 12 months. You are not obliged to pay for a subscription to happn Premium. You can continue to use happn for free. All personal data supplied will be processed as shown in the Terms of Service and the happn Privacy Policy: https://www.happn.com/en/trust/ https://www.happn.com/en/privacy-basics/



  • Ads are frequent and intrusive

    By nickm_50
    A few years ago, this app was the beginning of the most powerful relationship I ever had with another human being in my life. It was never a particularly good app from a UI/UX perspective, but the basic concept was pretty neat. Recently, I re-downloaded it and found I cannot navigate more than a few screens before being nagged to buy premium. It's too much. If clicked no the first time, I'm not going to click buy the second or third time you ask me in a span of 3 minutes. Ask me again tomorrow or when I try to do something that might require a premium feature. Don't spam me in your own app, it's beyond ridiculous.

    By wiickedkitten666
    I’ve only had this app for a few hours and have already encountered a safety issue. As I was walking back from the store earlier a man followed me all the way home and left on his bike after seeing my father waiting for me outside. I just got a notification from the app that I crossed paths with this man on my street at the exact time I was being followed. I was able to block and report him but the app needs extra precautions to prevent this from happening.
  • I doesn’t get any worse in dating apps

    By happnsue4falseadds
    I joined for the six month premium service near 4 months previous for only $89.95! I normally don’t pay for premium services because from paid to not paid most of the time isn’t much different. There are some apps you pay monthly if you want to send or read messages. Well with this apps Premium subscription you get to send a Hello! Wow! Fantastic, no message only a hello and the girl that appears in the add was in “my area for weeks so the app made appear. I’ve never met anyone on this app. Most apps I’ll turn off not to be rude and continue to get invites that either I’m not interested or I have plenty of work to catch up on. Today I received my 3rd crush!!! The first two don’t count because they were fake like most profiles on the app. But the most annoying part? My first two “crush” were from my stalking girlfriend from the previous winter. That was great to help me continue to build my stalking evidence documents. Today I’m so excited I’ve received my 3rd crush in five months! Yes! Whooa ... except I have many awesome friends in the LGBT community but I’m heterosexual and my preferences state the fact. My 3rd crush was from a guy. GTFOOH😆. I suggest either take a crisp $100 dollar bill and use it to light the 🔥 when camping, or at home. I too suggest you join Happn, Better yet join Happn Premium!❤️
  • Awful

    By ひつじ ロリタ
    People could find out where you live based on crossing paths with you and noting distance when you are at home and could lead to some very unsafe situations with stalking. When you sign up you get 3 hellos today say hi to people. Unless you pyramid scheme your friends into being on here, you won’t get any more, unless you pay them money, in which case you still only get 10 hellos to send to people a day. And then you have to purchase more. You can still like people, but not as easy to be noticed. You actually have to go places to look for people. I mean, that may seem obvious. But at that point, as locked down as this app is, it’s easier to just talk to the people at the places you are going, rather than being a convenient app. Especially with the price point. If you already have to do the running around, save yourself the money and trouble and just talk with people. The only way this is really convenient is if you are already running around playing Pokémon Go or whatever instead of actively looking for a date. And even then, you may be shown profiles for places you don’t frequent; just that you happened to go there one day and may not return. At that point, there are other ways to find people based on location for where you want to search. The “happen” part of Happn seems so stars-align type odds, that it barely seems like a boon to use this app. I think one would have better chances just randomly talking to most actual physical people you crossed paths with. Especially in small towns where there’s so few (or zero) people on here that it is literally impossible to cross paths with other users unless you drive to large cities, and then that seems like defeating the purpose.
  • Please change your formatting back

    By TMSea
    Please change this new format that only allows me to see one person at a time. It’s scary sometimes what pops up on the screen, I’d like to have an option back where I could scan through or delete profiles without ever truly looking.
  • How to attract a stalker or predator

    By classpassuser
    That you cannot turn off location when not using the app needs to be changed . This is a serious safety issue . People can know where you live based on it . Your profile is basically being fed to people who live near you or walk by your house . Use it if you want to attract a stalker or predator who live near you .
  • Keeps getting worse

    By NeoTurtle
    Downloaded this app a few months ago and I liked it. Each new update keeps making it worse. Don’t like this app now and am uninstalling it.
  • Crashes

    By KinkyKodiak
    This app crashes WAYYYY too often!
  • New updates

    By Done with eharmony
    The new updates have ruined this app.
  • Changes, Changes, Changes...

    By jeffitz
    This app has largely taught me that people seem reluctant to meet people who may live near them, at least in Los Angeles. Too much accountability involved when the person you hoped to ghost is likely to show up in line for coffee maybe? Both amusing and a disappointing testament to how people treat one another in large anonymous urban environments. Regardless, the two stars is not due to that, it’s because the format of the app seems to change almost daily. I understand the developers are trying to devise a format that pressures people into purchasing subscriptions, but it’s too much change to get used to, and the real solution might be to lower the price of a subscription to something reasonable. $10 a month is probably reasonable, but not as a yearly lump sum of $120.