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Bible Study

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Designed for deeper Bible study, join over 4 million users on “The Bible Study App.” Learn from great scholars through thousands of resources including commentaries, maps, and dictionaries all available off-line. If you like to highlight Bible verses, take notes, bookmark passages and have everything sync to all your devices, then this is your Bible Study App. OVER 4 MILLION HAPPY BIBLE+ USERS "I highly recommend you give Bible+ a try." - "I feel confident investing in Bible+." - "I love this app! The direct linking to reference material, notes, bookmarks, etc. makes this even better than my favorite printed bible." - iPad user CLOUD SYNC Sync your Bible study resources, bookmarks, notes, Scripture verse highlights, and book ribbons between any device with Bible+. POWERFUL RESOURCE GUIDE With our one-of-a-kind Resource Guide, you can perform powerful searches through your entire Library of Bibles, Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and more. OFF-LINE BIBLE STUDY Your library, notes, highlights and all of the app features are stored on your device so that you have full functionality when you are offline or in airplane mode. FAST VERSE NAVIGATION With our unique 3-touch Verse Chooser, you can navigate quickly and easily to the exact Bible verse you want. SPLIT-SCREEN BIBLE STUDY The split-screen view allows you to open two books at once to compare Bible translations, view your study notes while you read the Bible, or follow along with a commentary while you study Scripture. PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY * Bookmark verses * Highlight words and passages * Take notes that can be tied to Bible verses (like margin notes in your paper Bible) * Organize your Library of Bible resources * Tag anything to find it quickly later * Leave a book ribbon on a page in order to pick up where you left off * Select and copy text from any Bible or book in your Library HUNDREDS OF BIBLE STUDY RESOURCES The Olive Tree collection of Bible study resources is constantly growing and offers over a hundred FREE resources and over a thousand titles available for purchase. POPULAR BIBLE VERSIONS * NIV, NKJV, ESV, NLT, NASB, The Message, Amplified, HCSB, NCV, Complete Jewish Bible, JPS Tanakh * Best-selling study Bibles: ESV Study Bible, NLT Study Bible, NIV Study Notes, and more * Bibles with deuterocanonical books: NABre, NRSV and RSV * Non-English Bibles: Reina-Valera, Traduccion en lenguaje actual, Dios Habla Hoy , Luther Bibel 1984, Schlachter, and Elberfelder, Louis Segond, and more. * Original language Bibles: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Hebrew Old Testament), Greek New Testament (NA27), UBS-4, Septuaginta * Strong's Dictionaries, and KJV and NASB with Strong's Numbers * Commentaries and Study Tools: Dake’s Study Notes, Jamieson, Fausset and Brown (FREE); Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary (FREE); Expositor’s Bible Commentary; Vine’s Expository Dictionary



  • Still the best

    By James OMJR
    I have been using this app for many years on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. I use it every day for daily Bible reading, during worship services, for preparing lessons to teach, and whenever I need to refer to a particular subject or verses during the day. I love being able to refer to multiple translations and references and have them to be in sync with each other.
  • Great app!

    By DigitalBrowser
    This app syncs very well between my Mac and iOS devices. It is laid out well and is a very nice option for both desktop/laptop and mobile devices.
  • Excellent resource

    By matthewfgross
    I have used Olive Tree for years now. I think it was the first app I downloaded when I got my very first iphone way back in 2008. I have paid for a few of the bible versions and have downloaded a few of the free ones. I use this app all the time> I have it on my iphone, ipad, and macbook. It works flawlesly. I sometimes feel like I still dont use it to its full potential. I use it to copy verses when I want to post to one of my social media platforms, and it works great. I use the highlight feature the most. I have only used the notes feature a few times. I highly recomend Olive Tree. Oh and I will mention this too; their customer service is great. I have both emailed them and called them on the phone when I've had an issue and they've always walked through it with me. Those few times have been my inability to take the time to learn on my own. As far as the functionality of the app I have never had a problem. This is an excellent resource for anyone from Pastor's to college students to the normal laimen (which is me!). The prices are good if you end up paying for a resource. PRetty fairly priced.
  • Only One Fix

    By John Carter of Media
    I love this app so far. I have been looking for an app I can use to study and take notes across my Apple products and this one seems to be the one. There is however one change that is very much needed. The highlighting feature is terrible for a couple of reasons. All of the colors have an unnecessary gradient on them. It is extremely distracting and makes the text practically unreadable. I can't highlight text because of this. It should just be a solid color that is subtle. Also, it would be spuer helpful if once you highlighted the text you could just select the highlighted portion to change color. Instead I made the mistake of highlighting the text again, and instead of changing the color it added yet another layer of highlights. To remove them you have to select the exact start and stop point of the highlight to individually remove each layer of highlighter. It was really tedious and unnecessarily complicated. If you can make it to where once the text has been highlighted then you can select the highlight itself to remove or change colors that will speed things up and eliminate confusion. But other than that I love the app! Great work!!!
  • Great inexpensive Bible App

    By AntonyIII
    I have used The Bible Study App for many years. I find it simple to use and to update, the free bibles and the inexpensive reference bibles such as Strongs KJV are indespensible to me and quite convenient on my iphone or Mac and with my account it is synched to both which works very well. I study the Word wherever and whenever, daily and regularly so this system is great, thank you for it.
  • LOVE this app!

    By radiantwave
    I have been using this app for several years now. My two favorite features are that I can hightlight and write notes in the app, AND that my notes and highlights syncronize to my other devices! My other fav is that I can view different versions of the bible side by side on my screen, which makes studying the scriptures more meaningful. Thank You for making this app so easy to use!
  • Useful, handy and loads of study helps

    By buildinagain
    I use this app every morning now for my Bible study, then read from a Christian writer. I would give it 5 stars but sometimes there are little glitches, which are easily remedied. It syncs very well with my computer, laptop and phone. I do recommend it to friends and family often. The more you use it the more versatile you find it.
  • Great Tool for any Pastor

    By Eddy153
    I have used multiple study programs throughout the years. Some were expensive some free. Olive tree was given to me as gift at my ordination. I fell in love with how simple and supportive it was in my studies. Because of the simplicity I began to add more features and purchasing more commentaries. The greatest thing I love is being able to travel and my entire library goes with me. I carry tons of books in my tablet. I can study any where any time and have my books with me. I wish I had this before I purchased my hard copy library. I couldve saved on space and money. At this point I have more material than I will ever need. The only down fall for me is that I miss reading from my hard copy bible. I think it steals from reading the whole word in meditation and reflection. This is will never be a substitue for the work of the Holy Spirit in teach his children. But I would recommend this to anyone who loves to study scripture, prepare messages, teach youth etc.. This is a great tool for the work of the ministry.
  • The Best Bible Study App for the price

    By Inky Pinky 222
    I have been using Olive Tree Bible for years and use it as my 'go to' Bible for daily reading. I recommend this to everyone who asks. I still use Logos when I do an in-depth study because it gives me more information about Greek or Hebrew words when I want to know: the part of speech, the gender, the person, active, imperfect, etc. But most of my friends could not afford Logos so I always recommend Olive Tree Bible.
  • Keeps crashing

    By SirCC
    It's a good app, except it has stopped opening. It crashes on every single launch. Hopefully an update will fix this soon.