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Bible Study

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Designed for deeper Bible study, join over 4 million users on “The Bible Study App.” Learn from great scholars through thousands of resources including commentaries, maps, and dictionaries all available off-line. If you like to highlight Bible verses, take notes, bookmark passages and have everything sync to all your devices, then this is your Bible Study App. OVER 4 MILLION HAPPY BIBLE+ USERS "I highly recommend you give Bible+ a try." - "I feel confident investing in Bible+." - "I love this app! The direct linking to reference material, notes, bookmarks, etc. makes this even better than my favorite printed bible." - iPad user CLOUD SYNC Sync your Bible study resources, bookmarks, notes, Scripture verse highlights, and book ribbons between any device with Bible+. POWERFUL RESOURCE GUIDE With our one-of-a-kind Resource Guide, you can perform powerful searches through your entire Library of Bibles, Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and more. OFF-LINE BIBLE STUDY Your library, notes, highlights and all of the app features are stored on your device so that you have full functionality when you are offline or in airplane mode. FAST VERSE NAVIGATION With our unique 3-touch Verse Chooser, you can navigate quickly and easily to the exact Bible verse you want. SPLIT-SCREEN BIBLE STUDY The split-screen view allows you to open two books at once to compare Bible translations, view your study notes while you read the Bible, or follow along with a commentary while you study Scripture. PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY * Bookmark verses * Highlight words and passages * Take notes that can be tied to Bible verses (like margin notes in your paper Bible) * Organize your Library of Bible resources * Tag anything to find it quickly later * Leave a book ribbon on a page in order to pick up where you left off * Select and copy text from any Bible or book in your Library HUNDREDS OF BIBLE STUDY RESOURCES The Olive Tree collection of Bible study resources is constantly growing and offers over a hundred FREE resources and over a thousand titles available for purchase. POPULAR BIBLE VERSIONS * NIV, NKJV, ESV, NLT, NASB, The Message, Amplified, HCSB, NCV, Complete Jewish Bible, JPS Tanakh * Best-selling study Bibles: ESV Study Bible, NLT Study Bible, NIV Study Notes, and more * Bibles with deuterocanonical books: NABre, NRSV and RSV * Non-English Bibles: Reina-Valera, Traduccion en lenguaje actual, Dios Habla Hoy , Luther Bibel 1984, Schlachter, and Elberfelder, Louis Segond, and more. * Original language Bibles: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Hebrew Old Testament), Greek New Testament (NA27), UBS-4, Septuaginta * Strong's Dictionaries, and KJV and NASB with Strong's Numbers * Commentaries and Study Tools: Dake’s Study Notes, Jamieson, Fausset and Brown (FREE); Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary (FREE); Expositor’s Bible Commentary; Vine’s Expository Dictionary



  • Great for basic sermon prep

    By #doitright
    I've always been skeptical of bible study apps, but this one gets out of your way and really allows you to use the resources available. The selection of free resources is wonderful, and the paid stuff takes it to the next level. i recommend it. My only complaints is that it can be moody if you're chasing down a lot of cross-references and it will quit suddenly, and the window size app magnet doesn't like it because it is so restrictive with the size of the page. Because of this it is hard to keep a word processing app open along with it if you're working on a sermon. other than that, it's great!
  • Really useful and effecient

    By buildinagain
    I use this app every morning now for my Bible study, then read from a Christian writer. I would give it 5 stars but sometimes there are little glitches, which are easily remedied. It syncs very well with my computer, laptop and phone. I do recommend it to friends and family often. The more you use it the more versatile you find it.
  • Constant Crashing!

    By bpsooner
    Crashing is a CONSTANT problem with the MacOS version of Olive Tree's Bible Study app. The iOS version NEVER crashes. The Mac version ALWAYS crashes when I use it. And, the Mac version is very slow to receive typing in notes and in swicthing resources. Don’t think I can currently recommend it! However, I will gladly & highly recommend (5 stars) the iOS version for both the iPhone (8 ) and the iPad (Pro, 2018). BTW, my MacBook Air is a brand new late 2018 model with 16 GB of memory & a 512 GB SSD - you wouldn't think the Bible Study software would have a problem with speed or stability. It's hard to understand as it used to be stable and fast & that was why I use it more than Logos.
  • Great app gets better!

    By The Messianic Jewish Expositor
    Functionality on my Kindle Fire is full now thanks to a recent Bible Study update.
  • Good content. Poor execution for Mac.

    By Son of Asaph
    Crashes frequently on Mac.
  • Go-To

    By John Mark Harris
    This is my "go-to" Bible study app. It will do 90% of what I need, and there's a way to make it do the other 10%. It works across all my platforms (Laptop, Phone, Tablet) and is a rich study tool. I love it and use it every day. Thanks Olive Tree!!! I've loved your products ever since I got the Greek New Testament on my Palm Pilot ;-)
  • Favorite App

    By NYSV
    This is one of the best apps out there for reading and studying the Bible. I used it when I am teaching, studying and preaching. It is the first app I reach for every morning to use in my daily devotional time. Love the way it works with the purchased resources. This is the only app I have found that works this way.
  • Very unstable

    By this nickname is taker
    Screen jumps around when in split screen in reading plans, very annoying. What good is this as they do not seem to fix it. They keep asking me to rate this.... It is so unstable that the Bible does not come up with commentary now.
  • Installed on all my devices

    By trains4one
    I keep this on all my devices for when I need a bit of inspiration during the day after my morning devotional time. So ease to mark verses and make notes. I love having multiple translations available for reference available and I don't have to have a home dedicated library for everything.
  • Mac app is still...

    By Dantrino
    This app rarely gets updated for the Mac. I thought the PC version would be better but it’s simply horrid. So this one star is a well earned one. This app crashes whever you try to do anything heavy like update your search preferecnes or whatever. And they have, as I mention below, thrown up their hands and said they can’t fix it right now. Bible study programs are a dime a dozen and this one has the potential to be great as it’s easy to use and very powerful for what it is. And yet, they can’t seem to keep it running properly. Crash crash crash. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After months of trying to solve an issue, Olive Tree have finally admitted to me that this app has a bug and to wait for the next iteration. Great. Another two years and what else will be broken then? My NASB Strongs quit working and they said they had cancelled “that version years ago” and that I had to buy it again! NASB hasn’t changed in years, how very strange. Then they realized how ridiculous this was and agreed to not charge me. As soon as something better is available, I’m aboslutely outta here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Still a major crashfest I’m so tired of the poor performance of this app. And it’s overly hpyersensitive to mouse contact and navigates back and forth all the time without me asking. Come one Olivetree - write a proper mac app for once. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Still the crashes, still the problems. Will we have to wait 2 years for another update? I’m really getting frustrated with this app. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I waited two years for this? It was supposed to be stable. But no, it crashses without warning when setting search ranges - something that should really be functional. What a piece of garbage. I’ve bought books from these guys to fill my library and this is how I’m repaid? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ll keep this short - first off, the Mac OS app has never been very good. It doesn’t even approach the ipad ap. When you hover over a reference, the little pane to the left bottom corner shows a scroll handle. You can never get to it. Second, lookup is terribly cumbersome. But third and most important - this thing hasn’t been updated in ages. It’s old and now, it won’t run well in El Capitan. It crashes a lot. So ONCE AGAIN - I have stranded investment in this product!!! Olive Tree haven't updated this app since 2014. Seriously! Come on! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6.0.13 - more stable, but missing key features. Can’t turn off synchronized scrolling for one, can’t customiez resource guide view etc. etc. I’m so frustrated!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5.12.2019 STILL crashes in the same way even after doing everything they say to do. Are we looking at a nother 3 months of "searching for a solution" only to tell me you can't fix it? Again?