Flashnote Derby

Flashnote Derby

By Luke Bartolomeo

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-08-04
  • Current Version: 3.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 61.68 MB
  • Developer: Luke Bartolomeo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 115 Ratings


Flashnote Derby is a fun way for kids to learn and practice reading music notes. Each race is a timed test in which the student identifies different notes in order to urge their horse on towards the finish line. Answering quickly and correctly will cause their horse to gain ground, while incorrect answers will cause it to fall behind. At the end of each race, students can review the notes they missed and see the correct answers. Players can respond to flashcards by simply playing the note on their acoustic or MIDI instrument. They can also choose to answer by tapping letter buttons or playing a key on an on-screen piano. The game is fully customizable to allow for any desired notes in the treble, bass, alto, or tenor clefs to be included. You can select ranges of notes, or several individual notes to focus on specific areas that need work. Notes can be shown with sharps and flats and key signatures can even be added to increase the challenge for more advanced students. The amount of time the player is given for each flashcard can be increased or decreased depending upon their age and level of experience. Drills can start out simply, with only a handful of notes, and gradually be made more challenging until the full staff is mastered (up to five and a half ledger lines above or below the staff.) The more difficult the settings, the more points are awarded. The 'high score' is tracked so that players always have a goal to shoot for. As a bonus, over a dozen instructional video lessons are easily accessible from right inside the app! Even children with no prior music instruction can start using Flashnote Derby right away to begin learning about the music alphabet, the staff, and how to identify different notes. Because it can be set up so quickly, Flashnote Derby provides a perfect motivational tool for music teachers to use with students, even for just a minute or two of each lesson. Teachers have the ability to email homework assignments to their students for them to play on their own devices at home. Each player's performance is recorded so that their progress can be tracked. You can easily see which notes are most in need of review. When students give up on their music lessons, it's usually because they find it too difficult. Learning basic skills early is key to laying the groundwork for future success. Flashnote Derby makes this process more enjoyable and helps students stay motivated in their music learning. Sometimes it takes only a little extra effort to make the difference between success and failure. Download Flashnote Derby and get on the road to music reading mastery today!



  • Fantastic

    By Plumberrypie
    It helps with both note and keyboard recognition/speed. I have searched and searched for this one!!!! Fun and effective. Thrilled!
  • Fun note naming game!

    By josiecv
    Thank you for taking away the booing sounds! My students love this game!
  • Great App!

    By FlaxenGirl
    I'm a music teacher. This app is a great approach to the sometimes hum-drum process of learning to note-read. The new update includes a "listen" mode for answering & makes learning note names and keyboard navigation fun! It's got a few bugs, but that's to be expected. I hope they update their other offering "Rhythm Swing," too!
  • Love it!

    By Jets21144
    I use this a LOT with my piano students. I am delighted with the new option of playing the notes on the piano instead of tapping them on the screen. This is my favorite feature! Thanks for adding that. I have noticed sometimes it doesn't give an "x" if the wrong note is played. My student hit a Bb a couple of times instead of a B, and it allowed her to try again and get it right. I would prefer an "x" first time, but apart from that it's a wonderful upgrade. Keep up the good work!
  • Latest Update is Awful

    By hoodrat91910
    I knew this day would come when this app would take away the booing sound effects as well as the losers theme at the end of the game when a player lost the game. Kids today are so spoiled – everybody gets a trophy, and everybody's a winner! I say leave the boo sound effects in because that is how life really is. Sad to see the app's developer cave-in to these whiny, crybaby parents who think their kids are all superstars and want 100% positive reinforcement all the time -- even when their so-called Einstein makes a mistake. Utterly ridiculous! The new graphics are nice, but the gameplay now is very jerky and lacks the fluidity that the older version had. Barely recommended at this point.
  • Great app

    By Cookeelena
    I have a hard time memorizing notes. This app saved the day!
  • Some big developmental flaws

    By morebrew2
    This app was recommended by my 8yo's piano teacher. I could be great, but he was quickly frustrated with it. The cheering when he gets a correct answer is good, but does there really have to be a loud "awwww!" or, even worse, "booooo!" for a wrong answer? Also, the letter choices are in a font that can be confusing for young children: namely the D can be easily confused with a lowercase A, flipped right to left (but that is lost on many children at this age). Simple block letters would be a more appropriate choice. Once we straightened out which letter was which and turned the sound off, it went better, but that was rather too late.
  • Awesome App

    By Queenie53
    This app makes it so fun to learn.
  • Answer keyboard should customizable

    By ellenjoh
    It is frustrating for a student to name a note and have to pick a note on the keyboard that is on the wrong registration of the keyboard. The eye is not learning to think horizontally. This is true for all answer choices. Otherwise it is an ok app and children enjoy it. I have answer direct on the piano and I supply the answer to compensate for this error.
  • Good for drills

    By Mactqh5
    I bought this app to use with my piano students. Overall they like the app. It has cute graphics that appeal to children. My only complaint is that I would like for there to be a two octave span on my iPad. My kids found it confusing when F5 in the treble clef had to be played at F4 in the app when doing the treble line drill for instance. I could see them wanting to press a key an octave above the keyboard display (where the note actually resides). I don't use the keyboard since it is causing them confusion.