Quran Explorer

Quran Explorer

By Noble Education Foundation, Inc.

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Essential app for all Muslims for iPhone, iPad and apple watch. Latest Quran App for iPhone and iPad. Free version features: ◉ Complete scalable Quran with all diacritical marks ◉ Side by side English translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani with audio ◉ The beautiful Uthmanic and IndoPak script (fonts) ◉ Complete audio recitation of famous Qari (Sheikh Mishari Rashid) ◉ Bookmarking (up to 3 bookmarks) ◉ Bulk download (for last ten sura only) ◉ Portrait and landscape mode ◉ Scalable font sizes ◉ Sura and Juz index ◉ High-quality audio recitation with ayah highlighting ◉ Pinch/zoom feature for changing the font size ◉ Fast audio playback through robust download method with progress icon ◉ Colored ayah marking to show downloaded audio ◉ The contextual toolbar on double tap ◉ Option to update existing content (for fixing errors in Quran text, translation or audio) ◉ Goto aya feature Complete Arabic text and translation have been proof-read by a Muslim scholar ('alim). Paid version contains many translations, many reciters, English and Urdu translation audio, unlimited bookmarks, background audio, disable standby feature, bulk download & many more features.



  • Very nice

    By james757575
    You can hear English speaking but very nice
  • Good

    By hamdrosh
    Thats good
  • Collects Donations Yet Charges...

    By WorldGovernor
    This company that has made this app, has been for years collecting donations in the name of developing the QuranExplorer website and this app. Yet it charges for the app. Aside from that they have been developing other premium apps like a Muslim dating website called NikaExplorer. Even now if you go to QuranExplorer.com and click the donate button on the top, you will see they claim to be needing over $35,000 for their different development projects, among which is this app. Yet they charge for the app, and when asking for donations they make it seem like they are doing charitable work by using donations. Again this in addition to them asking for donations for their other projects for which they also charge users. And I wonder if they pay the Qaris whose audio they use and ask users to pay for the higher quality versions: Quite unethical, and quite amazing they are legally listed as a non-profit organization. This needs to be legally investigated as to where they have been spending public donation money all these years, if at the end they still charge for their so called upgrades.
  • The best app ma sha Allah

    By ZairadAhmad
    It certainly is the best Quran app I have ever used... I would highly recommended it to every Muslim fellow... may Allah bless you
  • Happy reader and listener too. THE PROBLEM STILL PERSISTS.. please fix it.. jazakumAllah kheir.

    By 💯👍. BRAVO!!!!!
    Best app. Thank u. BUT IAM HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SURAT BAKARA in its entirety... its really sad not to be able to listen to it.. it doesn’t download .. no idea why.. a few years back it was perfect ... the whole Surat but this year it’s zero chance.
  • Masha Allah

    By Karim isa
  • Fantastic Complete Tool

    By Maryam Edwards
    Hands-down the best Quran App! The customizable speeds & loops have enabled me to memorize 4 new uncommon surahs, the side-by-side translation has helped me understand/learn Arabi simultaneously! I use this app > than Facebook + Pandora COMBINED.
  • Ask Money why do muslim poor where saudi?

    By BOSS® Joy
    Qur'an must be free for all muslim or anyone ask Saudi Arabia to pay
  • Best Quran App

    By Oum Luqman/Ayan
    If you are looking to learn Quran, this is the app to use. You can customize the speed of the recitation, ayah repetition and more. Alxamdulilah learned my Surahs from this app - Jazakullah khair to creators!
  • Amazing

    By Lushpush
    Excellent application