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BreweryMap is the best way to discover new breweries around you. recently called BreweryMap a "great beer trip planner," and with features like Road Trip, we can see why. Whether you are looking to try beer from the newest brewery in your hometown or taking a road trip to somewhere new, let BreweryMap be your guide. The #2 Food & Drink app in the US The #1 Food & Drink app in Canada - Search by location, brewery name, beer, or scan a beer's UPC code. - Log your brewery visits with a personalized rating and notes - Save breweries you'd like to visit to a personal wishlist - Create a road trip, choose from alternate routes, and bookmark your favorites - Export your wishlist and visit data via email - Discover brewery details like hours of operation, tour info, and the beers they brew - Filter by only the location types that you're interested in (micro, macro, brewpub, restaurant, etc.) - Email a list of breweries to check out - Find upcoming breweries that are in planning - Contribute any missing breweries or beers to the map BreweryMap is a must-have app for beer lovers everywhere. Check out what the critics have to say: "If you're a beer fan and want to find some new breweries, BreweryMap is the best option." - "Great app, one of the best." - Dave S. "Nicely done, folks! This may be the best app EVER, period!!!! We travel from Wisconsin to Michigan, all the way to Colorado. This app might have opened up a Pandora's box!!!!!!!!" - Lawrence Of Neenah "Love your app! I am wrapping up my brewery tours of the state of Virginia and this app made it so much easier." - John D.



  • Lost all data

    By Joker1138
    Loved this app, but just updated and all brewery visits are gone from the app.
  • Good concept

    By Shiner27
    Good concept but it crashes a lot.
  • Greatest app ever !

    By Crusty D
    If you like trying new beer everywhere you go, get this app. Works great.
  • Fantastically useful!

    By Jerry307
    This app has made my travel much more efficient by finding local great places for beer.
  • Crap

    By MichianaMan
    We visited Chicago and 3 of the 4 breweries we visited, following this app's map, did NOT exist. Just bogus addresses. Waste of our time.
  • Great App

    By Jules McW
    Absolutely love the road trip feature!
  • This app is awesome

    By techiegene
    I'm stoked about this. It does most everything Untappd doesn’t.
  • Dev responses!

    By Gilbertoporter
    The mere fact that the developer responds to reviews individually is outstanding and worthy of the greatest rating!
  • Great developer response!

    By 1Silly
    Great app and it promises to only get better because someone's really listening. Keep up the good work!
  • Brewery Map

    By D. Hill
    Brewery Map is a very resourceful guide for those who are very interested in beer and discovering breweries around the country. The app is easy to use allowing users to easily enter their location to see what breweries are nearby or available. Breweries users are interested in visiting or keeping in mind can be added to a personal wishlist. The app can also be used to search for beers of all types whether commercial, brew or whatever one can think of to see where they are some as well as get more information about them. The app is heavily on the crowdsourcing side so besides just personal ratings users can contribute breweries that may not be listed. The search methods vary as one can use name, location or even scan the UPC code on a bottle. The app has something extra for those who like to travel to breweries with the inclusion of a road trip feature. This is an app definitely for those in the beer tasting or crafting culture or maybe those who just like to get drunk.