iTalmud HD

iTalmud HD

By Crowded Road

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2010-09-07
  • Current Version: 3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 592.09 MB
  • Developer: Crowded Road
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 232 Ratings


"iTalmud takes the crown." - Jerusalem Post "Perhaps the best Jewish iPhone app on the market" - The Jewish Week ● The brand new "tzuras hadaf" allows for infinite zoom without losing any quality. All daf images are contained with the app without downloading and can even be viewed offline. Search results appear highlighted on the daf itself. Tap and hold on any word to launch the optional Talmudic Dictionary. NEW! Swipe to turn pages is now integrated! ● Daf Yomi lectures are fully integrated and 100% free. Choose from a selection of popular speakers (maggidei shiur) in a variety of languages, styles & skill levels. You can watch and listen to a shiur/lecture on any daf and follow along inside with the text or image page view, even when offline! ● A complete, searchable translation with thousands of footnotes, references and insights. Hebrew search results appear integrated within the Vilna daf view. ● COMMENTARIES - Original page formatting includes all the classic commentaries. The text view includes an option to view commentaries of both Rashi & Tosfos in a secondary window. ● ENGLISH & HEBREW KEYWORD SEARCH - iTalmud features a text search for the entire Talmud. You can then view the page in either a text or image-based format. ● CONTENT DOWNLOAD MANGER - Due to the large size of the audio lectures, all audio is downloadable on demand and then stored locally your device. You can download by daf/page or by an entire Masechta. Please note that the update engine will work even if the phone goes into sleep mode. ● PRINT & SHARE - Print or email almost any content from the app. Ideal for Shabbos learning! (Printing requires an AirPrint compatible printer) ● BOOKMARKS - Create bookmarks so that you can easily return to the page you were studying at a later time. ● “DAF YOMI” CALCULATOR – Integrated “Daf Yomi” calculator allows you to jump to the day’s “Daf” with a single touch. ● NAVIGATION – Browse by Seder (Order), Masechta (Tractate), By Chapter and/or jump to any page (daf) in the entire Talmud in an instant. You can easily flip from one page to the next with a single touch. ● BIBLICAL REFERENCES - available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. Tap on any verse/pasuk reference within the Hebrew Talmud text and view the full Tanach/Bible text with an English translation or the choice of the most popular classical commentaries such as Rashi, Ramban, and others. ● TALMUDIC DICTIONARY - available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. Tap on any keyword to jump to the relevant page of the integrated, Jastrow-based dictionary. ● DAF YOMI REMINDER - available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. Setup reminders so that you never forget the Daf again. Options include email, iOS notifications and Reminder app synchronization. ● TALMUDIC UNIT CONVERTER - As featured in the Jewish Press! How many feet are in 4 Amos? How many minutes are there in a Chelek? What is the $US value of 20 Peruta? ► Length - eg amos, tefachim, miles, km and many more ► Area - eg tefach meruba, gris, cm2, ft2 and many more ► Volume - eg se'ah, kav, revi'is, beitzah, kezayis, and many more ► Time - Yovel, Shmittah, rega, chelek and many more ► Currency - kikar, maneh, peruta, USD, NIS, EUR and many more A comprehensive glossary used within the app is included. You can search the list. CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS ► Halachic Authority - Choose between R' Chaim Na'eh, the Chazon Ish or R' Moshe Feinstein for your preferred Rabbinic authority. ► Unit Convention - Metric, Imperial or Customary ► Currency List - create your own currency list with local or most commonly used currencies. NOTE: Available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. This conversion module should not be relied upon for actual Halachic decisions. A competent Rabbinic authority should always be consulted.



  • ITalmud

    By allenoa
    The app crashes and no one is responding from the developer
  • zzaek

    By zzaek
    Great to have the entire Shas available. I downloaded a Masechta and learned on the plane to Israel.
  • Bug

    By Bklyngrad
    Great app but footnotes still don't work - always shows same footnote on that page (probably first one). Also can't get ganache references to work.
  • Finally the bug is fixed...

    By Chanhualiu
    Highly recommended for any Talmud student
  • Doesn't download everything.

    By Writtrr
    This app has so much promise. But after trying to download all the books and sections I ran into many instances when it stopped downloading. Please fix this bug.
  • Great app!

    By shmoopzilla
    My rebbeim and other talmidim all marvel at this app! I am very pleased with it, with the following, relatively minor issues: 1) The app automatically tries to connect to a wifi network upon startup and there doesn't seem to be a way to disable this feature. I'm generally uncomfortable with technology designed to try to outsmart me! 2) The ability to highlight a word of Gemara and go right to Jastrow seems great in theory, but it doesn't always find the right page, and also, the Gemara uses so many prefixes for words (ד, ה, ו, ק, etc) that it's almost useless. That's all speaking about the design and convenience of the app itself. However, that all assumes it ever loads. Usually it just stays stuck on an obviously buggy title frame with the pinwheel spinning tantalisingly as it loads...nothing whatsoever. I usually don't have the app loaded as it takes up a ton of space and rarely, if ever, works.
  • Crash

    By Alens777ster
    thanks for the amazing app. having iOS 9.1 after getting this app for one week, it keep crashing!!!! please, be considered and fix this issue. appreciate that.
  • Still crashing and bugs

    By Young Newbie Skeptic
    Now it's not opening at all! Please fix or refund!!
  • I love it.

    By awindham
    Great for on-the-go.
  • Great app

    By Sladehenson
    I enjoy this app as well as iMishnah, iTorah, and iNach. Well done.