Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2

Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2

By Gluten Free Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-12
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 225.51 MB
  • Developer: Gluten Free Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 380 Ratings


Take on the life of our most realistic wolf ever in the sequel to the most popular animal simulator of all time! Explore a wild world brimming with stunningly realistic plants and animals alike. Meet other wolves in the forest and live together, raise your family, hunt for food, and become the strongest wolfpack in the world! HYPER REALISTIC SIMULATION The forest has never been more alive! Explore and hunt to maintain your wolves thirst and hunger in the most detailed world we’ve ever created! NEW ALERT SYSTEM Sneak your way through the forest to avoiding alerting nearby animals and giving them a head start trying to escape you! Animal AI is smarter and faster than ever! NEW BATTLE SYSTEM Omnidirectional dodge system brings a new level of skill to your fights! Quickly react to your opponents attack direction to dodge and avoid damage! NEW RELATIONSHIP SYSTEM Build deeper bonds with your wolves through the new relationship and personality system. Your pack recognizes heroic and caring acts that will alter the relationships between wolves. Gain bonuses from synergetic wolves hunting together! EXPANDED WOLFPACK Have up to TEN wolves in your pack! Seek out friendly wolves and pass their challenges to recruit them to your pack! Play as your new wolves to help them level up and improve relations with other family members! BABY AND TEEN WOLVES A brand new age makes raising your pups even more real! Breed wolf pups that will grow into teens and eventually full grown members of your clan! NEW CUSTOMIZATIONS Introducing expanded animal customization options for fine-tuning your wolf’s look! Alter physical features like height and ear size to accentuate a wolfs personality! CONQUER THE SPIRITS OF THE FOREST Challenge the four elemental spirits of the forest to battles on an EPIC scale! Jump over waves of lava, dodge massive boulders, and resist icy winds in increasingly difficult tests of your reflexes and timing! UPGRADE STATS AND SKILLS Gain experience and level up your wolves to unlock stat bonuses and unique skills! Skills will grant specialized wolf abilities like healing, tracking, and battle strength! NEW DEN CRAFTING Collect materials to decorate and upgrade your dens and make life for your wolves even better! Building animal traps can provide your pack with a guaranteed tasty snack in the mornings! MASSIVE OPEN WORLD FOREST At player request we have done away with procedural flora, and have instead hand placed every blade of grass and tree in the world, bringing a more detailed purposeful world for you to explore! REALISTIC WEATHER AND SEASONAL CYCLE The colors of the forest change before your eyes with our brand new seasonal cycles. Snow gathers upon the ground, puddles form in the rain, and different climates will be altered accordingly to provide maximum realism. INCREDIBLY DETAILED ANIMALS Discover the all new wildlife of the forest! Improved AI and animations combined with species specific action trees will immerse you in our most detailed world to date. Track down animals like fox, deer, crocodile, bear, boar, snake, fish, crow, moose, ram, raccoons, rats and of course wolves! IMPROVED NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS Introducing AAA PC quality graphics in a mobile simulator! With meticulously optimized models and textures, we’ve managed to reach an unrivaled level of visual quality! OPTIONAL BLOOD EFFECTS If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the blood effects to add even more realism! GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases! Download the Ultimate Wolf Simulator 2 to prove you can survive as a wild wolf in an all-new completely revamped simulation! If you liked living as a Wolf then be sure to check out our other animal simulators! We plan on creating more sequels so give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next! facebook.com/glutenfreegames twitter.com/glutenfreegames



  • Great game!

    By 123frostie
    I really enjoy playing this game. I like the new things you guys have added to make it different. There is one thing, though. When I’m fighting an enemy, my pack members won’t help attack. When I exit the game, go in and attack an enemy, they’ll help, but after that, they won’t help if I fight another enemy. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something, or maybe I have to get their affinity up. Maybe you guys could fix it. But other than that, the game is great!
  • One thing I HATE

    By DoggyOggy3465
    Ok, so when I first saw this app I’m like I HAVE to have this! But when I got in it was SOOO Glitchy! I mean lags everywhere when I ran I couldn’t stop after 5 seconds! But the graphics are incredible and it looks fun but I really hope you can fix the lagging
  • Just Right..

    By BlIajj
    It’s amazing! But I only have a few problems with the game, There’s quite a lot of bugs, I’m on a Apple iPad right now, and it’s really good so far, but all I need you to do is fix some bugs on the game like when you hunt a deer, it takes you toward the wall and when you’re done hunting you start running weird.. Idk maybe you’ll figure it out, And also the lag, maybe you can fix that to, if you want, I am not rushing you, That’s all I have to say, Bye.
  • One bug! But Awsoeme!!!

    By Catfish lord
    This is by far one of your best games! Very great graphics and I love the sound effects! The bug that I have noticed is that when I attack the Fire Spirit, it randomly disappears and when it comes back it is fully healed. Besides that, the game is beutiful! Thanks and please check out that bug! Ok, here’s a story. Burn snarled, loud enough for the entire forest to hear, her teeth bared. “Traitor!” She roared to Bliss. Bliss withdrew from Burn, her tail between her scrawny legs. She’ll was bent back as Burns pack surrounded, howling in disbelief. How could Bliss, her BETA do this? Burn started to wonder if Bliss had sparked a rebellion in her strong, loyal pack. But Bliss was an undeniable traitor to her pack, to her family. “How could you?” Barked Burn. “It wasn’t hard to fool the kid, he’s gullible and thick headed! He wouldn’t see it coming from a mile away.” She laughed, rising to her feet, suddenly she lunged for Burn, managing to rake a claw to her muzzle. She collided into the Alpha, tumbling from her reach. You DARE. Burn thought, rage coursing through her. Burn turned on Bliss, her rusty pelt shook with anger as she leapt at Bliss......
  • Buggy & Crashes Often

    By Shellie5707
    Love the concept and idea of this sim, but with every update comes more bugs. Your pack will occasionally help fight the first animal or two, but then they just seem to give up. Sometimes they will stop following you. The pack and sometimes lead wolf will start walking sideways or sometimes backwards. This issue usually happens when fighting the Ice Wolf boss, raccoons, or foxes. Only way to fix the “moon walk” bug is to restart the game, or just wait until the game crashes. Even with an iPhone 11 running on the newest iOS, this game crashes. The night/sleep cycle is off as well.
  • Ik it’s bad but so laggy

    By just fix it already lol :)
    I can’t even play when I go on it just laggs and I put everything that makes it laggy not and that did nothing graphics are good but could to much stuff plzz change that and that’s terrible
  • Problem with the wolf pack companions.

    By 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬9
    I know you probably already have a lot of reviews about the companion problem (Not in a disrespectful way), but I’ll like to add one to the many. I love the graphics, animal interactions, the boss fights, and the landscape...the only problem is that in one point of the game my wolf companion (soon to be mate) stopped following me around the map. I didn’t think it mattered that much, because I thought he would follow me around later. I was wrong. The was the first sign of a glitch/bug. The second sign was the fact that at times I would be signing to him (for example), though I am doing one interaction with him already, when I pressed certain notes it would press another interaction with him (I was would signing and trying to clean him at the same time). I thought it would change soon, so I just waited for it to go back to normal. I was wrong once again. The third and last error was the fact, at one point my companion didn’t follow me, though I could interact with him, when I would try to move him out of the den he wouldn’t move. In fact the game would log me out each time. Each time I tried to check my status with him. I got Logged off. Each time I tried to howl with him. I got logged off. When I tried to race with him. I got logged off. The only things I can do to him now is feed, clean, and sometimes sing successfully (if the notes didn’t disappear on screen), and Shockingly I could still fight with him (which I won every time). There were mistakes with my first companion in the past (after I banished him (I miss you sly patch)) he would still show up in my pack. Even through he was more cunning than my companion right now, he must not be smart enough to know when I didn’t want him there no more. Even through the many errors, I will (sorta) understand if there are many because this new (Almost perfect, beautiful) game was released not to long ago. I just hope you can fix most of the bugs/errors, so this game will be perfect in every wolf way (I tried to make a pun). Also when I feed him it would zoom in on me, or straight through him. Last thing, in the other games at times you would breed with a male right (you being a female obviously), but when the baby come out, it comes out the male (I hope it doesn’t come to this way with the game (since I haven’t been able to get that far)). The last and final extra errors is the fact, which I swear happens, I could mate with a male very much taller & bigger than me, yet later on in the game he seems to have shorten. Now I’m taller than him, when I shouldn’t be. I wish once you put a wolf in your pack, their height and size won’t change, even through now in your pack (and now longer roaming around). This isn’t like hyenas where the female is always (mostly) bigger than the males. Anyways now that’s all. Hope you can fix those errors. Bye. Hope you see this review.
  • Too many glitches

    By Poptartbutt101
    My rocks and sticks won’t spawn even when i restart the game and i cannot collect them to build my den decorations can you fix this please. Thank you.
  • Companions bug

    By HAMsTerLUVveR🐹
    I love the game so far but there is a bug where when you press on companions the game crashes, please fix this, thanks P.S Thank you for this wonderful game!
  • Love it!!!

    By JAC the weirdo
    Dear Who Ever Shall Be Reading This As much as I love this there is some things that could improve, like baby or weak animals of different animals besides wolves, instead of just having a pup at a time why not litters? And last PLEASE, PLEASE make a ultimate lion simulator 2 it would be AWESOME! Thanks so much - JAC P.s. 6 stars 😆