Yonghong Z-mobile V8.5

Yonghong Z-mobile V8.5

By Beijing Yonghong Technology Co. Ltd.


Yonghong Z-Mobile Easy Start and Self-service Analysis With least learning cost, Yonghong supports business staff to analyze business data independently. Its powerful functions meet various complex business scenarios. Real-time Response to Big Data Analysis With high performance of data processing, Yonghong is pursuing the shortest response time to big data. Advanced techniques, including in-database computing, in-memory computing, columnar storage, and distributed computing, meet the needs of real-time analysis of massive data, making Yonghong an expert in big data analysis. Exploratory Analysis Bringing Right Decision Brilliant visualization of data characteristics and trends helps the enterprise discover secretes behind the data and make the right business decisions. Business-driven Development and Rapid Deployment Based on the agile and iterative application development model, Yonghong quickly meets the enterprise's BI requirements. By increasing the success rate of building a BI system, we maximize the customer's business value. For additional information about Yonghong BI, please visit the Yonghong Technology Website:http://yonghongtech.com