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Tone & Sculpt is a health and fitness-based app, helping hundreds of thousands of women around the world reach their goals. Designed by Krissy Cela who has successfully built a community of strong and powerful women; encouraging them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Real Women, Real Results – 1 App Join now for a 7 Day Free Trial! The app has been designed to help women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. Tone & Sculpt promotes a healthy balanced lifestyle showcasing the importance of nutrition and catering to you personally. Key Features: - Gym & Home Guides designed to help women build lean muscle through a combination of resistance and body weight training - 15 Minute Workouts - Beginner Workouts - Workout Videos including how-to methods - Weight Tracker including the ability to record progress and add notes to your exercises - Offline Mode with the ability to save your workouts when no connection is available - Challenges for you to push yourself and try with friends - Custom Meal Plans including Standard, Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan - Step-by-step recipes for meals specifically to fit within your recommended calorie range - Shopping list to show what’s needed for your weekly meal plans - Documentation on nutrition background, supplements and training Subscription Tone & Sculpt is free to download and offers a 7 day free trial for customers who choose the monthly subscription. Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings within iTunes after purchase. Once purchased, no refunds will be provided for any unused portion of the term. The app is not currently cross-platform, therefore, a subscription will be required directly with your provider.



  • Incredibly Lacking and Too Many Mistakes

    By E Cummings
    I found Krissy on Instagram and decided to give her app a try after the relentless sales on it. The app has a great skeleton of attributes, however definitely lacking in areas that started to make me feel like its thrown together by amateurs without scientific training. Many of the exercises do not have the accurate names, some are misspelled, some are reversed and I can’t believe some were even wrong form in the video examples. The nutrition is terribly bland, some ingredients were left off of the list and calories are way off! I could not figure out how ANYONE achieved major results on this mess until I looked at most of her followers (i.e. people who have downloaded this the most from IG). Krissy Cela mainly appeals to and can mostly only offer relation to young women at college age with very minimal medical and metabolic deficiencies. She’s not even 25 years old with a body that hasn’t had a kid (EVERYONE knows once you have a baby, nothing is the same as before in the body and metabolism) and is in no way relatable to a 30+ something Mother with medical conditions and a declining metabolism. She’s in her prime and selling a false dream of physical perfection that is actually easy to obtain because, hello 24 years old, need I say more... with very poor literary and creative nutritional skills. This girl graduated law school and is not even certified as a trainer and is laughable! There is no long term substance here if you’re a grown woman, a Mom or Senior looking for real sustainable overall health and development while catering to health conditions. This is all “Instagram Selfie” hype. I regret paying for a whole 3 months of this crap. I have found a different app by Jeff C!
  • Wouldnt choose any other workout app

    By sanchyes003
    The set up is great. Not hard at all to access whichever workout I want to do. I love that it offers the 15 minute quick workout burners - i use those when I’m in a rush to get a quicky. Considering im a new mom and 4 months postpartum... This app has definitely been a part of helping me get back into my pre pregnancy body! If you put in the work, you’ll see results. LOVE KRISSY BTW.
  • Not a seven day free trial

    By seg1414
    I was charged on the sixth day. Noticed it when I went to cancel and my “next billing cycle” was a month from yesterday. Today would have been my seventh “free” day. Developer needs to add a default to kg or lbs. it’s obnoxious to have to change to lbs for every single set.

    By isajoiner16
    this app has everything you need , it gives you meals, gym and home workouts, challenges, is just perfect! I really recommend this app.

    By kilie10
    I just finished my first week using the app and let me just say.... I don’t like the gym. But this app makes me want to go! I LOVE having preset workouts so I don’t have to make one. I love the nutrition portion as well, there are so many options and varieties of types of food! The only thing about the nutrition portion I wish was different was being able to add any food in that’s not in the app! Other than that, I absolutely love everything about the app. You can track weights used in the gym, weight loss/maintain/gain progress, calories, and water intake. For some exercises you can choose alternate exercises, and the videos and instructions showing you how to do the exercise are awesome. Krissy herself is just incredible. So personable and receptive to user questions/concerns! I had a question regarding ab exercises and she responded to me PERSONALLY. No one else does that!! Ever! It’s so great to be apart of something where you feel the owner truly cares about each and every user and wants them to get the best out of the app. You will not regret purchasing this app.
  • I deleted the app

    By bibi822
    Honestly as a consumer, I would like to have at least a glimpse of what I’m signing up for. When I downloaded the app, I only see sign in and sign up. After I signed up, the only thing I get is get the 7 day free trial but first pick how you would like to pay. Honestly, I don’t mind paying for a app that I like, but to have no idea about ANYTHING no intro, no view of the app, i decided to delete the app because I don’t want to be forced to sign up for a plan already (even with the free trial)
  • Worst App

    By Tinabear91
    I love Krissy and will continue to follow her on Instagram but whoever is managing her app, needs to be fired. I downloaded and enrolled in the quarter plan using my Apple ID as my log in info. After only three weeks, the app won’t log me in and wants me to pay for another subscription. I’ve gone back and forth with her support tech and they refuse to help in anyway except to tell me “create a new log in.” That’s nice, I’ll do that, except when I did that it wants me to PAY FOR ANOTHER PLAN!!!! Total garbage. I’ve sent them proof of my purchase and still nothing.
  • data deleted when subscription is renewed

    By s. a. e. e. r. a.
    Every month when the subscription is renewed your data is deleted. I liked this app because you can keep track of your weight for specific exercises, but then when the subscription is renewed your old data is gone. This has potential but there are some bugs that need to be fixed.
  • Love it. But Descriptions are off

    By Litodimplegirl
    I like the work outs and I think it’s a good program but the descriptions are sometimes off and don’t make sense. Too many copy and pasted steps without proofreading.
  • Keeps my workouts organized

    By natnoblefitness
    I got to the gym click on my workout and I can check off as I go, I adore it. I love that I can look ahead at workouts and see how to use proper form. This app has changed my fitness journey so much. I have been working out on and off for 5 years and this app is making me more consistent because I don’t even have to think! Just turn the app on and go! I have also made many meals from the app, but I track in Lifesum :)