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Naming Toolbox



Naming Toolbox is a professional speech therapy app, designed for adults with aphasia who have word retrieval difficulties. The app includes over 500 high-quality pictures of items. It offers three therapy approaches: semantic feature analysis, errorless learning (listen & repeat) and naming from description. It also includes a custom naming test. Describe: Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA) is an evidence-based treatment approach for naming that focuses on the meaning-based properties of nouns. The user is asked to describe each feature of a target word by answering a set of questions. Repeat: Errorless Learning is an evidence-based treatment approach for naming. With this approach, the user does not struggle to name an item. Instead they are helped to learn words by listening and repeating them. Guess: This activity involves naming from description. The user is given clues and is required to guess what the hidden pictured item is. Test: Naming Toolbox also allows you to test the person’s ability to name the target items and determine which words need to be practiced. It is therefore perfect for taking baseline scores and repeat testing following a period of practice. Features - Clear and uncluttered user interface - Over 500 high-quality real-life photos of vocabulary items - Adjustable settings allowing you to choose the items you wish to test and/or practice in therapy - Tracking of test scores - The option to email a results summary - The automated iOS voice of Siri Are you looking for a different kind of speech therapy app? Find the one you need at