World War Rising

World War Rising

By Mobile War LLC

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-10-25
  • Current Version:
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 148.66 MB
  • Developer: Mobile War LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 5,661 Ratings


What will history decide about you? Prove your worth and lead epic armies of the most lethal troops, vehicles, and aircraft from WWI to the modern era! Command iconic troops as you develop your army toward glory! Join an alliance to collectively crush your enemies or stay independent and farm resources to build an epic stronghold. Play your own style in this expansive world of historical war! - A truly global game with millions playing around the world - Make alliances with those you trust and rivalries with those you don't! - Build a base that evolves through a century of combat technology - Battle world map enemies and collect components to build colossal weapons - Equip your commander with armor and weapons and unleash them on your enemies as they lead your troops - Use vehicles from the last century of war, from WWI tanks to Apache helicopters! - Command 4 military tiers consisting of 16 troop types How will you play? Forge an unbeatable alliance with others who share your strategy or risk it all as a military lone wolf! It's your base, your rules in this fun MMORPG builder and strategy game! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:



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  • Nah Bruh

    By IG:Frescco
    If You found this game on IG and they tell you that you can get a $25 Gift card to amazon when you level your command center up to Lvl 12. DONT DO IT, it’s not real. The game isn’t really all that to begin with I just wanted that $25 it only took me about 3 days to get to Lvl 12 so the game is pretty easy (minus the wait to build etc) The term ESPECIALLY SAY, within 14 days of downloading the game but yet day 3 Lvl 12 the command center and still nothing 😂. Overall the game is decent iGuess not really much to it but click and wait for the time to expire and repeat. But hey if you’re into those games then have fun. BUT FOR THOSE WHO ARE LIKE ME THAT ONLY PLAYED TO GET THAT $25 GC that was advertised on a bunch of social media platforms, DONT DO IT
  • Huge Price Increase After First Purchase

    By AMFTWorth
    I typically don’t write reviews. However, I feel as though others should be warned. I’ve enjoyed playing this game and after several weeks finally relented and purchased a $4.99 package. Fortunately, I waited to purchase one with both the extra building and research queues because as soon as you buy one package, all other packages immediately jump to a minimum starting price of $19.99. There is absolutely no way I can ever justify spending that much at one time to buy add ons to any game, so you’ve made your last penny off of me. What is crazy is that the same exact packages you were offering for $4.99 are now $19.99. If you’re looking for repeat business, you are more likely to get it with the $4.99 price point. If you’re looking for mostly one-time purchases, then I guess you have the model figured out.
  • World war rising

    By Hmngaznboi
    This game is ok. I gave it a 2 star because this game will drain your battery and it will get hot in just about 10min in the game. This game is for people who is willing to spend a lot of money and not for FTP people. But thanks for my $25.00 amazon gift card tho quit after that
  • BORING!!!!!

    By carmelsinger
    When do I get to fight. This game is ALL ABOUT UPGRAGING and enticing you to spend money. When is this type of ripoff Game going to end. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • Awesome

    By sbbc1115
    This game is like ff and is a great game!
  • Super Glitchy and Overrun with “Pack-Lords”

    By lapearla
    UPDATE: This is the second time in which I’ve edited my review and took away star. This is due to the fact that the game has began glitching in new ways and because my region is overrun with people who spend absorbent amounts of money on leveling up . The latter is good news for the developers but if you’re a regular person just trying to have a good time this isn’t the game for you. People have made a “career” out of this game. They will decimate your base in seconds and there is nothing you can do about it unless you buy into the madness. I am not willing to do that. Even if you’re in a alliance, someone comes along with more power than your whole team, attacks someone’s base and you can’t even help your family. All of you could be zeroed in that one attempt to defend your turf. It’s not worth it. Especially when the game still glitches daily and customer service is absolutely no help. If you just want to have fun, stay away from this game. ORIGINAL REVIEW: This is a really great game and it can definitely take up several hours of your day, especially in the beginning. I love that there are tons of different missions and objectives to complete, it’s like a never ending game. It’s also dope that they automatically translate languages of people from all over the world in the chat feature. Languages have no barrier in this game. I prefer to just build my base and hero up, but you do have the option to wage war with other people. The good thing about that is not a lot of damage happens to you and you can always recover what was lost. (Now I have never been attacked by someone with a super high level so don’t quote me on this). But for the most part if that’s not your thing you can spend most of your time investing in your own base in peace especially if you have an alliance and especially if you have a hive (safety in numbers). One thing I don’t like is how the premium packs quadruple in price after you buy the first one. I know the point is for developers to make money but for prices to increase so drastically each time you buy a new pack is ridiculous. I feel like they would make more money if they left them at $4.99 a piece. People would be more prone to buy one because “it’s not that much.” But they would probably lose track of how many packs they bought. But at $19.99, $49.99, $74.99, and $99.99 a pack (these are the progressive increases in premium pack pricing) no one is going to absentmindedly buy a bunch of those. My second issue is the map has been glitching for the past week or two! Your base and the surround area won’t load when you go to the area map. If you scroll around sometimes it will pop up but it’s not guarantee. This really sets you back as far as destroying syndicates and achieving awards. Please fix this glitch! I’M NOT SPENDING ANY MORE MONEY ON THIS GAME UNTIL YOU DO. My third issue is the ads to buy new packs. It opens up every time you open the game and even if you leave to check a text and come back. We get it, you want to make money but come on! We know where and how to buy packs. Give us a break with the constant pop-ups.
  • Scam

    By Daedalus1664
    Do not play this game. They fleece you of money and the game does not even work right. They shouldn't even be allowed to sell packs.
  • Fraud offers

    By suraj12399
    This game will send you promotions that you receive gift card after reaching certain level. This is a big scam company you will never receive any.
  • World war rising

    By geyer2017
    Another game that you have to pay to play. Same makes of Final Fantasy new empire. You do not move up unless you can pay 100.00 a packet to upgraded building and research. It takes a lot of money to play. Great graphics