Small Cargo!

Small Cargo!

By Appsolute Games LLC

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-05
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 33.00 MB
  • Developer: Appsolute Games LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 35 Ratings


Take control of the crane and deliver the packages! Move obstacles and avoid traps as you make your way down the shipyard. FEATURES - Infinite levels - Unlock 20+ different cranes - Move fast or miss the delivery!



  • Junk adware

    Generic low-effort game with too many ads you can’t skip.
  • WHAT o.O

    By bleep blah bloop ching
    The game’s good and all but there was a bug that just removes the crane and scrolls down For almost forever but it just soft-locks. I thinks it’s because I was on Airplane Mode. This bug was on the first version of the game. Hey developers, if you want a picture of it, email me.
  • Not as bad...

    By Old ft
    as the naysayers would have you believe. Not great either but an adequate and kinda fun little time killer.
  • The main concept is fun!

    By Rltj1863
    Overall, I really like the game and it’s fun, but it wasn’t until I disabled the ads that I could actual experience it well and enjoy the game. It’s like you can choose to continue your game by watching an ad, or you can die and it will play an ad anyways. A few other side things, as several have already said, the tutorial doesn’t go away until you complete level 1 which is annoying. You can’t mute the music without muting the sound (and the music can get a little annoying especially since it starts over every time you die). I feel like there should be a way to avoid power-ups because some are negative and can almost inevitably end your round. And also, I think maybe there could be a slightly longer/more in-depth tutorial like maybe the first time you play, the obstacles are a lot easier and things are pointed out as you go because when I first started, I was dying very fast (and getting ads each time) but I eventually got the hang of it (but I feel like some would be overwhelmed by the sudden difficulty and not give it time). Those are just some suggestions, overall I really like the game, just not a fan of forced ads (unless they don’t appear often). Thanks for reading!
  • Horrible ads and gameplay

    By Sembiance
    Horrible ads. You see a full screen ad as the first thing after installing the app. Before you even get to the title screen, you see an ad. Ugh. Gameplay is also frustratingly difficult, probably by design as it offers you a 45 second unskippable ad to continue. After you die, it makes you do the tutorial again, over and over. No idea how any reasonable human being actually thought the game was ready for release. Shameful.
  • Bad release

    By Nic's iPhone 11
    Too many ads first of all. Second- I can’t beat the first level due to the gaps to slip through are too small/the tutorial doesn’t teach you anything about how to play. On top of that, it makes you like “replay” the tutorial every time you try to start the first level and that + all the ads make the game unplayable in my opinion.
  • New Game; Bugs in the first version

    By Yasss Gaga to Yasss Lana
    I just downloaded it, had it preordered because it looked fun. It’s fun, the little time I got to spend with it before I started to encounter bugs. I know, it’s a new game so that’s why I gave it 3 stars- just want to give the developers a heads up and when the bug gets fixed, I’ll update the review. The bug I’m experiencing is when holding down one side of the screen to move, it doesn’t register that I’m trying to move and instead of moving, my crate will get stuck on things like other crates/boxes. Sometimes when I try to hold down to move, it’ll just not move at all, which is difficult if there’s obstacles. It’s more of an issue on the left side more than the right. This isn’t about the crates with glue either lol Edit: New bug; it’s only happened once but after my crate breaks, it’s now not restarting after I touch reset or restart, whatever No big deal, I’m not trying to moan and argue. It’s just a bug and games have those. But as soon as it’s patched, I’ll be back to playing it again, I’m sure it’ll be moving smoothly after they’re aware of the bug (which they may not be aware of) Edit: Going to other apps by the same developer, it seems like they’ve had these same issues before; bugs. PLEASE playtest your games more before release!!! That’ll make a world of a difference in an app or even a $60 video game. Playtesting is an important role
  • Too many ads

    By Bhechmer
    I played this game for the first time, and after dying once I had already gotten an ad. Other than that really fun game to occupy your time with.
  • Ads

    By SchmitZy838
    After the very first time I failed, you showed me an unskippable 15+ second ad. Maybe let your users figure out the game first? Uninstalled.
  • Overall good..

    By Hdjdhdbcjsndjsmdbh
    Overall this game is pretty fun but I think there should be clearer instructions on what things are and in some situations a tip on how to get through some obstacles. There should also be a cutback on the adds.