By Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center


MIPRO 2018 – Innovative Promotional Partnership MIPRO as a biggest and oldest ICT convention in the region is based on the foundations of science, technology, and economy. It was established to strengthen the economy by encouraging the development of latest technology. The strategic action plan has both scientific and economic goals. We are living in a challenging period, with constant growth of technical civilization. MIPRO has introduced ICT into globalization, personalization, and regionalism. ICT goal is to have a modern and adaptable which meets world market demands and national interests in the moment of these challenging transformations. This will be achieved by the organization of 12 thematic international conferences, several seminars and strategically programmed segments (thematic day, panels, tutorials, forums, and exhibitions) under the slogan "MIPRO 2018 – Innovative Promotional Partnership". We hope to rapidly improve the quality of production, service and market opportunities in the ICT domain. The aim of this program is to professionally contribute to the establishment of the EU and National Strategy 2030. In the name of the International Program Committee we express our sincere gratitude to our partners and sponsors. Karolj Skala Acting Program Committee General Chair This application provides following features: * Access to up to date agenda (sessions, speeches, speakers) * Easy access to conference's key information (venue, accommodation, sponsors etc.) * Conference's venue maps * Offline functionality. Application does not required active Internet connection * Conference news (delivered via Twitter)