Spot The Difference Game.

Spot The Difference Game.

By Chirag Finaviya

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-05-12
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 106.21 MB
  • Developer: Chirag Finaviya
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 51 Ratings


The worldwide smash hit Spot the Difference game! Newly remastered with hundreds of beautiful high definition photos! Spot the difference is a type of puzzle where players must find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar images, whether they are illustrations or photographs that have been altered with photo manipulation. Spot the difference games are also known as photo hunt games, and are commonly found in activity books for children or in newspapers. The interface makes it easier to look at both pictures simultaneously. Since they are on top of each other, you don't have to switch images, you can inspect both without a problem. There's an advantage; when you zoom in on one picture, you do it also on the other one, so you can find little details on a specific area of the image. The photographs are real, so the details and definition make the game even harder. If you're stuck on a level, you can always get a clue, which takes you to a specific area of the image where a difference is hiding. In total Find Differences has more than 200 levels, which means there are 400 pictures in which you have to spot the differences. The fewer times you tap the screen, the more points you'll get when you finish the level. This way, the game keeps you from pressing all over the screen without thinking. Find Differences is a classic game that can be both simple and complicated. Naturally, it's a great pastime for anyone looking for a traditional game to play. It's also one of those games that works on practically any iPhone, no matter how old it is. *** Game Play *** In each level, players are shown two photos—side-by-side—that are identical except for five differences. The objective is to find and identify the differences between the pictures before the timer runs out. Players select potential differences by touching the screen on either picture in the location of difference. Correct choices encircle the difference in green and incorrect touches deduct time, with the game ending if time expires on any level. Depending on the settings, players are provided either 3 or 5 hints for use during the course of one game. The number of remaining hints is indicated by the number of magnifying glass images centered at the top of bottom of the screen. Players touch one of these icons to reveal one of the remaining differences. Differences located by hints are immediately counted as found and are surrounded by a yellow circle. *** Spot the diffrence for following HD photos *** - Find the differences on paintings of Munch, Vermeer and da Vinci. - The story of Goldilocks but then Twisted and Different. - Find the differences on paintings of Dali, Picasso and Cézanne. - Can you find all the differences between the 2 animal pictures? - Spot the differences in this fairy difference game. - Discover all the rooms from the Museum and find all Differences. - Find all the differences in Paris. - Spot the 6 differences on the animated images. - Spot all the differences in 10 beautifull image about Ancient China. - Discover the monuments of Egypt in this Mahjong and Difference game. - Spot all the differences in this Ocean Fantasy. - Spot all the differences in this game about a Knight and his Quest. - Spot all the differences in this game about the classic fairy tale. Find Difference: It has 200 different levels with no time limit, so you can focus and pay attention to details without worrying about the clock. The game moves forward at your own pace. There's also an online global ranking, where you can compete for the highest score by finding the highest number of differences. Hunt your way around the world from Transylvania to Timbuktu and Sydney to San Francisco in an epic journey for steely-eyed smartphone sleuths!



  • Decent game

    By cuzuasked
    Love the game but I’ve found several glaring differences that weren’t recognized. Most of the photos are gorgeous to look at so I’ve yet to be bored while playing.
  • Great game

    By Jsmoove Buggie
    I enjoy playing this game.
  • Oh come on....

    By pccal49
    Annoying when I find an obvious difference and when I select it, it won’t circle it only big fat red X. WT?
  • Love this

    By reeser93
    Great app love playing in my down time
  • Blah

    By PVDebb
    There are differences in some of the pictures that are not getting picked up by the game when you click on them. When you get on 100, you are stuck on there for a long time or there is no place to go after that. Will probably un-install the game.
  • Awesome and hard

    By Sh29ay
  • Puzzling

    By Wordieq
    I love that I can zoom in on the pix. Keeps my mind busy for hours.
  • Not the best game!

    By TedNav
    You need to have 20/15 vision to play. Cannot expand picture for closer view. Doesn’t allow time to see what hint found before moving to next game.
  • Fun game

    By nelleyag77
    Fascinating fun game
  • Spot the difference

    By Dentina3
    Fun fun game