The BackSeat

The BackSeat

By Grey Elephant Technologies, LLC

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'the BackSeat’ is an automatic alerting system App designed to remind parents and caretakers of small children not to forget a little one behind in a hot car to be injured or worse. The App only needs to be set up one time upon download with all necessary information. (User info, Auto info, Children info, “Alert team” members and Settings) Automatically after each car ride, ‘the BackSeat’ App will automatically alert the user reminding them to make sure all passengers are safe and accounted for. If for some reason the user is so distracted that the increasingly louder alerting process to the users smart phone fails, ‘the BackSeat’ will automatically summons help from 3 pre-determined friends or family members (set up by user upon registration) via email and text message, alerting them to the possibility of a little one left behind. ‘The BackSeat’ will even inform the users “Alert Team” members as to the GPS location of where the users car stopped along with a description of the primary vehicle the user drives. (as indicated by user upon registration) ‘the BackSeat’ settings are also customizable to suit the needs of each caretakers schedules where they are most likely to have small children, as well as able to be used by daycare facilities that transport small children.



  • Room to improve

    By twingirlmamasita
    I LOVE the idea and that the app is free. I The app itself is good, but it takes a while to get used to. You have to remember to turn it off before the alarms start blaring, especially if you are entering a quiet building. It does make noises once you hit the speed you’ve set it to, but you don’t have to interact with it until you get out of the car. At first, I didn’t realize that this was optional, so I just wanted to mention it.
  • Receiving alerts

    By greatidea77
    My friend just got this app, and for a test run it has not alerted any of her people that she left the kid, how do we fix this?
  • Great for most part

    By Codidawn
    I really like the concept of this app. The main issue I have with it is it requires you to mess with your phone once you are already moving. It doesn’t begin until your speed reaches 20 mph. Our city is a “no texting” city so I could get pulled over for trying to confirm my kids are in the car with me while I’m driving. Would be nice to have the option to start it before I began to drive.
  • Needs a lot of work

    By sisa5678
    The concept is great and I love that it’s free. But I don’t like how you have to be already driving to set it up. I always forgot to set it up and it also makes it so I have to be on my phone while I’m driving which isn’t safe. We also never had it work for us. It’s just confusing and not something I can remember to use.
  • Highly recommend, a few bugs but worth it to protect a child

    By sparky777777777
    I highly recommend this app! I drop my daughter off at daycare in the mornings and leave my phone in the car because I’m not usually gone very long, but today I ended up talking to her teacher longer than normal so the Backseat app started going off in my car. When I got to my car the app was sending numerous notifications and had notified my “alert team” (my husband, mom, and mil) that my child might be in danger. I quickly let the app know that my child was safe and then notified my alert team that everything was okay. I was very happy with the quick responsiveness of the app and my alert team was already making plans to get to my car and my child. For the reviews that complain that the app asks for too much information about your car, below is the text that got sent out to my alert team. This is why they need all of that information, so that your alert team knows what car to look for in order to save your child’s life if they were left in a hot car by accident. This is the message that gets sent out. I have removed the sensitive information from this post but all necessary info is included in the actual alert message: ATTENTION! (NAME REMOVED) MAY NEED YOUR HELP!.You have been elected as one of the members of their 'Alert Team' as part of 'the BackSeat' app. (NAME REMOVED) has failed to manually deactivate their alerting system which means they may have left children unattended in their car. It has now been roughly 12-15 minutes that their car has been stopped. Please help us contact them ASAP to ensure their children are safe. The primary vehicle (NAME REMOVED) registered with 'the BackSeat' is a 201X SILVER FORD EDGE.This is the GPS location where their vehicle stopped moving. (web address link provided) .Thank you for helping (NAME REMOVED) keep their children safe! My husband also has the app on his phone but his seems to have had some bugs with it. It doesn’t turn on most of the time when he’s driving, but he tried using his Apple Watch to deactivate the app the first time and I think maybe that messed something up. He plans to delete and redownload the app to try and reset it. But the app has always work perfectly for me. I give this app 5 stars because, even with the bugs my husband has experienced, the app worked as intended for me and if I had accidentally left my child in the car then help would be on the way to save her. Thank you for making this app AND for making it free. No one should have to decide between keeping their child safe and not being able to afford an app.
  • Needs a way to manually start a trip

    By mbdavis3812
    I had high hopes for this app. I've never forgotten my child in the car, but it's one of my worst fears, so I downloaded the app. Unfortunately it rarely registers that I'm driving, or it takes forever to register that the trip has ended. I wish there was a way to manually start/stop a trip in case it doesn't do it automatically.
  • Doesn’t work during normal pickup/drop off times & Way too much personal info required...

    By Foxie428
    Please read through the other reviews, as I agree with a lot of them... and especially the responses from the developer for an idea of their customer relations... Review update: since using this for a week (despite my concerns about providing too much info), it has yet to start a trip during the normal times of picking up or dropping off my daughter at day care (~8am and 5pm), but it works well when I’m heading to lunch or getting gas for my wife after she had to work late. For me, it just doesn’t work when I needed it to... Ps. The reviews below and the responses from the developer say that this is a server or network issue. I’m not a software guy, but why is the server/network needed to determine locally in the app that you are moving/not moving? Wouldn’t the server side only be used if an email/text messages needs to be sent when the alarm goes off? And if it’s a network issue, why does it sometimes wait for me to be home for 30 minuets to an hour on my 100 Mbps WiFi while watching Netflix. Original review: 1) if it uses GPS to send out your location, why does it need your home address? 2) providing the make/model/color of your car should be enough for emergency responders to find your car and look through the windows to see if there is a kid in the seat. There might be at most 2-4 red Honda accords in the Walmart parking lot, and it would take maybe 30-60 seconds to search them all (not to mention it would take just as long to find the right license plate). 3) why is the name of my kid necessary (and required)? That doesn’t increase safety or response. 4) why is the name of the emergency contacts required? Just send a message to the email/phone number provided and leave out the recipient’s name. It doesn’t need to be personalized. 5) reading the responses from the developer shows that they are really into guilt-tripping anyone who disagrees with how much personal information a user is providing in order to use this app. I think using the deaths of other people’s children to guilt people into using this app is disgusting... And using the excuse that a persons personal info are in dozens of databases is not a valid justification to give an unknown company/organization access to all that info. If you want to build a trusting relationship with your users, it’s probably best not to say “your info is already out there, so you might as well give it to us too.” With all that said, I hope this app will save even one life. I’m using the app, and I have given all my and my family’s (excessively) personal info, and I hope that I will never need to have to be reminded from this app. But I will do what I can to try to keep my family safe. I love the concept, but I hate the setup and customer relations. Get a professional PR to handle your review responses.
  • Too much info required

    By hasfam3
    I really love the concept of this app. I downloaded it after reading an article about it. I really wanted to keep it, but ultimately deleted it when filling out the account info. I don’t feel comfortable providing my home address, car color, make, model, AND license plate number. I understand the reasoning (for alerting emergency services if needed) but perhaps allowing users to opt out of providing so much personal info will result in more downloads. In it’s current form I cannot use this app. My child’s life is everything to me, but I feel we could potentially be welcoming danger by providing so many specific personal details to strangers. I hope you make some changes so I can utilize it- it really is a great idea! UPDATE: in response to the developers unbelievably rude reply to my original review and others below, I am changing my stars to 1. I would give 0 if it were possible. Thank god I decided not to give you my information. What kind of legitimate company speaks that way to customers? Trying to guilt people into using your poorly designed app by threatening their children’s lives? You should be ashamed. Maybe your app would be more successful if 1. You LISTENED to your customers and made adjustments. I am not the only person who took issue with the insane about of information you request! and 2. You treated your customers with respect when they give you feedback. Don’t agree with our feedback? There’s a nicer way to say that than “you don’t care about your children”.
  • If you leave a constructive comment, the developer attacks you.

    By ex x ante
    Do not use.
  • App is horrible

    By LizaCPT3918
    Since downloading this a few weeks ago it has worked only a handful of times. I almost always receive a notification that my trip starts but rarely that my trip has ended. When I do receive a rare notification that my trip has ended it is usually hours (sometimes 13 hours later) after I’ve been home. I’ve contacted the app and their response is my network is to blame. I have Verizon and seem to be covered pretty well even in remote areas. The idea of this app is great but for the amount of time it actually works I don’t recommend it. When it has worked it is pretty annoying because it notifies you every second until you acknowledge you remembered your child. This annoyance is something I could live with if the app worked.