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Score: 1.5
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This is an app that is customized for two-way smart anti-loser.



  • Fantastic on iPhone 8 Plus

    By LellyMarie
    Works as intended, gift from dad because of constantly misplacing my keys and phone. Was not expecting much as I waited for the app to download and read through the reviews but was seriously pleasantly surprised. Instructions are a little hard to understand and when I first searched the app I could not find it but they provided a QR code on the User Manual which immediately found it. I look forward to using this more on the future, only con I find is that it randomly beeps when not in use (idk it just happened and I changed from 5-4 stars but will update once I’m more familiar with it) and I’m unsure why or if it’s consistently going to be doing so. Click on the app to test finding my key, click the button twice to test the alert to find my phone. Both times worked as intended so I’m impressed especially if it was only $1 as I saw in some of the reviews (like I said, present from dad, might buy one for my wallet and house keys and beeper since sometimes I separate those.

    By JessWhy
    I bought this for my dog so I could track him and the app won’t connect to the device. It’s completely useless. A waste of money. I am NOT happy
  • Worthless

    By Shadfish
    Doesn’t connect to device. Not worth the $1. Don’t waste your money
  • Bad app doesn't work waste of money

    By Ramon_G
    Don't waste your money and I'm in the USA Not in Japan, or china cannot read their support. If you are going to same stuff to us translate to our language
  • Waste of money

    By grandma 2019
    Totally disappointed. Bought this device to locate my pup and wasn’t able to connect to my phone. Followed the all instructions. Tried it twice. The only thing that would pop-up was “under development “ DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Not worth $1.00. 😡
  • Google Maps

    By jake456884324678
    Won’t load. Says “under development “ What a waste. We were hoping this would be a useful tool in case our pet got lost or worse. Not. App support is entirely in Chinese. Please give me a break.
  • Connection

    By kakskdkskw
    It literally won’t connect the device. Waste of time and money.
  • Anti lost alarm

    By jadwsic
    Will not let me setup my device is a waste of money

    By Destin561
    This app is easy to use. Simple enough. The App is in English now too, so really no problems. I got this keyfinder, really cool one btw at It uses this app. Check it out.
  • Not connecting

    By Edurdoman14
    The app is now in English but it is not conn connecting