Landlords - Dou Dizhu

Landlords - Dou Dizhu

By Chirag Finaviya

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-03-15
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 37.35 MB
  • Developer: Chirag Finaviya
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.


"Landlords" is a popular poker game in the vicinity of Hubei, playing simple, entertaining, suitable for all ages. It is rumored that in a vicious old society, landlords rampant in villages, doing evil and doing nothing. In order to vent their hatred of the landlords, often after a day's hard work, the family members shut their doors to "fight the landlords." "Landlord" is a kind of poker games which is popular in China. The game needs 3 players, one is the landlord, and the other two are farmers. Both sides fight, and the victory party is whose member finishes out his or her cards first. Dou dizhu (simplified Chinese: 斗地主; traditional Chinese: 鬥地主; pinyin: dòu dìzhǔ; Jyutping: dau3 dei6 zyu2; literally: "fighting the landlord") is a card game in the genre of shedding and gambling. It is one of the most popular card games played in China. Dou dizhu is played among three people with one pack of cards, including the two differentiated jokers. The game starts with players bidding for the "landlord" (地主) position. Those who lose the bid or don't bid enter the game as the "peasants" (农民) team competing against the landlord. The objective of the game is to be the first player to have no cards left. The rules are not complicated; basic knowledge of poker hand rankings helps players get started. However, many of Dou Dizhu's rules are different from Poker and Big Two. = Features = * Authentic Landlord gameplay * Over 32 million players - tap twice and you're in * New reconnect function - bet with confidence * Bigger and clearer graphics * Loads of achievements and prizes * Never go bankrupt: always get more chips so you can continue to play! Scoring rules - Bid of the risk stake. There are three kinds of risk stakes, 1, 2 and 3, from low to top. It is the basic score of the game in a round. - The position of the player (landlord vs. peasant). The landlord shoulders the risk of loss while the two peasants share it. The landlord wins or loses double score while two peasants share the same number of points. - Rocket and/or bomb. Each rocket and bomb dealt by each player doubles the score in a round. - No deals played a.k.a. spring. If the peasants do not deal any card in a round, or the landlord only deal the card once with cards left in hand in a round, the final score will be double. In the former situation, the landlord wins score while the peasants lose, else the peasants win score. Basic strategy A player can deal with an unrelated or useless card by making it the kicker card. Rocket and bomb are the ultimate weapons in the game. If they either is in one's hand, one should make full use of it when time comes. If players do not possess high confidence in winning, they may think twice about dealing a rocket or bomb, because once the dealt, the risk stake of the round will be doubled (players will either win or lose double) with each rocket or bomb dealt. Peasants must co-operate to fight against the landlord. For example, since the two peasants come after one another, the first peasant might play a low single card if the second peasant has a sole card left. Bid high for landlord with the best hand. If a player has the best hand, bidding high for the position of landlord enables him to win a bigger pot. Landlords will be this fun and challenging game that was presented to the players, bring your beautiful cards, strong computer player AI, and superior game control, to allow you to indulge them, with a minimum of movement, will be able to enjoy the game.