By Dennis Vukanovic

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-12-12
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 210.55 MB
  • Developer: Dennis Vukanovic
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 29,298 Ratings


Welcome to Granny. Granny keeps you locked in her house. Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything. If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running. You can hide in wardrobes or under beds. You have 5 days. Good luck! The game contains advertisement.



  • Great Game but...

    By little nightmare
    There is 3 missing things that I would really like Multiplayer More deaths And more rooms. If D.V is reading please add these things :)
  • Really good but has one major flaw

    By AZRF100
    Granny is a really, really, good game it’s scary, it’s intense, absolutely wonderful. However, there is one MAJOR problem with the game. When you start the game it gives you tips, to help you beat the game, and one of these tips is to stay quiet because “she hears everything” and my first impression was that granny was blind, so I started the game and found that no, granny is not blind she can see perfectly fine. So what is the point of telling us to stay quiet, when Granny can see us? That completely defeats the purpose of us having to be quiet!!!! So in conclusion the game needs to be either, updated or fixed or something, so that Granny is actually blind. Cuz otherwise that tip is completely pointless.
  • This game is addicting!

    By TheAngeloftheOpera
    I have beaten this game a dozen times and always come back for more. It’s got tons of replay value, with the different item hiding spots and the difficulty settings, and even now, I still get occasionally jumpscared by Granny! My only issue is that there are a few bugs (most don’t affect gameplay, so I don’t mind them—I just get a bit annoyed by Granny hitting me through the wall!). I’ve also begun to recognize a pattern for where the objects will appear when (like, I know where to find the passcode when the melon is in the tub, etc.) so in that respect it can be just a little predictable. Overall, however, this is a great game. I love seeing the updates you’ve added, too! Also, please don’t feel pressured based on all the demands your fans are making, either. This is a great indie horror game, and you should feel proud of how it is now. Best of luck with your future endeavors!
  • Multiplayer!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    By CabinGirl6
    Please make a multiplayer, a mode where somebody is granny and somebody is the player Please take this I’m consideration
  • I agree with Nai+Nai+8

    By gizcal
    There should be multiplayer
  • Love it!!!

    By RandomGirl4794@2
    I have been playing this game for a while now and I love it. The new update making the house bigger is really great. But for some reason I was in the cabinet in the bedroom and I fell behind it underneath the house. It was really dark and when I looked up I could see everything and granny walking around. I found a hidden staircase thing that took me up to the basement.
  • Love this but.....

    By Fairy tein 03
    To easy I have passed all the levels. Which is aggravating because when u want to go back and play it gets easier totally love but needs to be more challenging
  • Just oneeee thing

    By Jsididijsj
    I absolutely LOVE this game. There is only one thing that I think you should add, is that when you shoot granny or tranquilize her, there should be a timer on the top for when she will come back up and is back alive. But besides that, it’s my favorite game!

    Granny is the best but I mean granny needs more detail and and looks and ask creators to make granny mods for iOS it’s unfair why granny mods are on android but not on iOS and granny should get some new clothes and also granny’s backyard needs a fix up and allow glitches bugs need to be fixed because I got stuck in a beartrap and I tried getting out of it and it wouldn’t I wasn’t trying a glitch or nothing but it wouldn’t let me out of the trap
  • lilj

    By lilj s lif coocoohead
    so scary and fun i love it