By Halfspace LLC

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2018-05-29
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 114.59 MB
  • Developer: Halfspace LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 39 Ratings


With an advanced clay engine and artist-tested tools, Sculptura gives you the premier digital sculpting experience on iOS. Key features: • A high-resolution clay sculpting engine. Never worry about meshes or triangles. Cut holes freely. • Full GPU acceleration. Sculptura accelerates every part of sculpting using Metal. • Powerful, intuitive sculpting tools. Tested by professional artists. • Long undo history. Sculpt without worry. • Beautiful real-time rendering. Your sculpture looks great throughout the process. Tools: • Carve — subtract or add material • Deform — push or pull • Smooth — slow or fast • Cut — cut out a polygon • Cylinder — add or subtract • Sphere — add or subtract • Pinch — contract material • Flatten — make a plane • Resize — resize your entire sculpture Additional Features: • iCloud integration and iOS 11 Files App support • Support for Apple Pencil • Artist-created templates for starting points and inspiration • Fast OBJ file export. Other formats coming soon! • Easy-to-use materials and lighting • Symmetric sculpting • Quickly change viewpoints • Surprisingly small files Minimum Recommended Hardware: iPad Pro 1st Generation. Apple Pencil recommended. Sculptura is also available for Mac!



  • Grab Tool?

    By TorTor6
    Would be perfect with a grab and pull tool, figured that’s the default for programs like this?
  • Understanding it more

    By Facebook_Login_12
    A good complement. I would like to have a few more easy features in the future.And. Also more tutorials for this program because it is new. But I still love this app.
  • Favorite Sculpting

    By XenNexus
    This is by far my favorite sculpting app in the App Store choices, I own them all like Forger and Putty 3D. They are all great but this is my favorite. It’s reminiscent of Scupltris on PC. Very easy to use with all the necessary tools to properly sculpt. None to the creator of this app please consider adding pixel painting and you will have pure perfection gem of an app.
  • Very novel first attempt

    By Blank_screenname
    However, for being so limited I feel the price the developer is asking is simply not worth the value of the app...had I known it would be so slowly to work in I would have just stuck with Zbrush for everything. It works well for what it is, but please don’t expect to make any real final work in this app it’s way to buggy and clunky to work in for that. I will update my review as the developer works on the app, but for now I’m simply not able to give it anything more than a two, mostly the price is what bothers me...shouldn’t cost anything to essentially beta test an app.
  • The best sculpting app! It’s like z-brush on the go!

    By Hfeliz28
    👏Excellent app! The only things missing for 5 stars are import obj, more brushes(move tool). Looking forward for new updates 👍.
  • Great start

    By Nighternet
    The app has a potential, especially with the Move toll coming soon. Without texturing, posing and ability to export transparent background PNGs, it's only a toy. However, it's a big toy: app and data take almost 8.5 GB of memory. I either had to remove everything else or the app itself. I removed the app. There must be a way to remove its data (templates, etc.) without removing the app (which is not so huge).
  • Simple yet thrilling

    By Cryptoclassic
    As the app continues to evolve, what remains the same is the smooth responsive sculpting. Exporting to an obj file is a breeze and soon importing will be also.
  • Works pretty well on 9.7 iPad with pencil

    By Myrkskog
    Bought on a whim and it was a great intro into a zbrush like software. It slows a bit when smoothing fast and its not a full 3d modeling program by any means. Best for single subjects like heads and not full bodies/compositions. It was pretty intuitive for a beginner as I’m someone who mainly draws and got this for fun. Would like to see some more features but it’s a solid app for 5$.
  • Great app

    By nicodemus128
    This app is great, def the right direction for 3d apps on iPad. Simple is best, this app keeps it simple which is good. One issue I have is the lack of import options. Need to be able to import mesh for this to work in a total workflow, also need to import mesh regardless of quality. Non manifold edges? Holes? Etc anything goes. hope they add this feature soon. Obv more Sculpting tools etc. Eventually but nbd. The file system is good easy to share models. Lots to like here, looking forward to later versions Thanks for pointing me to the pencil sculpts only feature. I was looking for it in bottom left where you can choose radius or depth. I suggest putting a switch for it there...
  • Best sculpting app to date, but with caveats.

    By T.Serafica
    I use Zbrush for all of my digital sculpting needs because it allows me to put incredible amounts of detail in my work in a short amount of time. For years, I have dreamed for its equivalent to appear on an iPad, but all the offerings since 2009 when I started using one ended up being mediocre or woefully insufficient. I have over 10 different sculpting/modeling apps, including Forger and Putty 3D, and they’re too limiting for the level of modeling fidelity and sculpting speed I need. Needless to say, when I came across Sculptura in my bimonthly peek in the App Store, I was skeptical about its capabilities. The screenshots displayed only showed busts of people, so I was left thinking that the app would suffer from the same limitation I had with Putty 3D (Drawing area is 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 default spheres in all dimenions with each sphere being low resolution - not enough to draw any detail to a figure that is 8 heads high.) Still, after watching the demo videos over and over again, I decided to throw the $5 down and see how much I could squeeze out of Sculptura. An hour later, I was sculpting in disbelief at how much detail I could slam into a surface. Another hour in and I came across the same irritants and limitations that turned me off to past sculpting apps (big minus - no Zbrush equivalent of Snakehook or Move Topology brushes.) One more hour in and I developed workarounds to certain dealbreaking limitations, and these workarounds weren’t too time consuming or irritating to employ. The next day, I employed another benchmark test by trying to sculpt a full body figure as fast as possible. After five hours and a few failed prototypes stemming from mastering the interface’s quirks, I made a full figured sculpture for the first time exclusively in an iPad. 10 years of mediocre sculpting apps, and I finally found one that allowed me to break that limit and build a fully fleshed out and well-detailed figure. Now for the negatives: - You’re forced to use traditional clay sculpting inefficiencies despite being a digital tool - Once a clump of digital clay is laid down and detailed, there’s no going back. There’s no way to nudge and groom surfaces into other area until it looks “right” (think Zbrush’s Move brush). There’s no cut/copy/paste/move/resize of surface masses at all that any digital sculptor would take for granted in other sculpting apps. Need to fix a mistake? Erase all that work and slap down another clump of digital clay in the correct area. Even if it’s off by only a smidgen? Yup! Got into digital sculpting because you can’t stand the time consuming inefficiencies of analog clay modeling? Then you’re gonna have a bad time with this app. - No way to move surfaces means there’s no way to pose that T-Pose figure after it’s sculpted (what digital sculptor DOESN’T begin by sculpting a T-Pose???). If you want to create a figure with an asymmetrical pose, you create an armature with the line tool and sculpt in detail on top of it that can never be transferred elsewhere in the app. That smiling face that took an hour or few to detail must be done again by scratch if you want to use this app to make the same character in a different pose with a different expression. - There’s still an invisible boundary as with Putty 3D, but at least it’s much larger (9 x 9 x 9 default spheres with a lot of resolution). Since no surfaces can be moved, treat the default sphere of a new project as the pelvis area of a figure and spam the line tool to make an armature and lay down masses. - Can’t import anything. This app only exports OBJ files. - No custom texturing/painting features, but that’s a minor point. It’s already an accomplishment that one can sculpt high detail models efficiently in this app. - No precision assist features except for mirror symmetry on the X-axis, so making models with CAD levels of cleanliness and/or geometric repetition of patterns is impossible. (Well, it’s not truly impossible. It’s possible, much like completing a marathon by only crawling - it can be achieved if you’re not in a hurry.) Big Positive: - You can export OBJ files into iCloud. Once there, you can transfer it to another app for finishing work. Go to Starbucks, a park, a library, or wherever you want to chill and sculpt. Sculpt mid-high detail armor pieces and a T-Posed figure as separate files, export them to iCloud or wherever, and composite and perform finishing work on all of them on your desktop modeling app of choice. - Since you can save OBJ files locally, you can open them up with an AR 3D model viewer and enjoy seeing them virtually displayed wherever you want. I see myself using this a lot. While I’ll still use Zbrush, I’m no longer stuck having to do 100% of the sculpting work in it. I’m certain I can now do 50-80% of the work in Sculptura and then do the rest in Zbrush.