By Halfspace LLC

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2018-05-29
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 111.83 MB
  • Developer: Halfspace LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 112 Ratings


With an advanced clay engine and artist-tested tools, Sculptura is the most intuitive and powerful 3D sculpting app ever designed for your iPad. Sculpt engaging characters, ghastly monsters, or even intriguing abstract art anywhere you are. "Blindingly good... Hands down the best I've used for sculpting on iPad Pro." -- Rob McCallum (Total Recall, Jumper, Ghost in the Shell, Pacific Rim) Key features: • A high-resolution clay sculpting engine. Never worry about meshes or triangles. Cut holes freely. • Full GPU acceleration. Sculptura accelerates every part of sculpting using Metal. • Powerful, intuitive sculpting tools. Tested by professional artists. • Long undo history. Sculpt without worry. • Beautiful real-time rendering. Your sculpture looks great throughout the process. Tools: • Carve — subtract or add material • Deform — push or pull • Smooth — slow or fast • Cut — cut out a polygon • Cylinder — add or subtract • Sphere — add or subtract • Pinch — contract material • Flatten — make a plane • Resize — resize your entire sculpture • Move - reposition material Additional Features: • iCloud integration and iOS 11 Files App support • Support for Apple Pencil • Artist-created templates for starting points and inspiration • Imports and exports Alembic, OBJ, STL, and USD files • Easy-to-use materials and lighting • Symmetric sculpting • Quickly change viewpoints • Surprisingly small files Minimum Recommended Hardware: iPad Pro 1st Generation. Apple Pencil recommended. Sculptura is also available for Mac!



  • Suggestions And Feeling

    By gavinmc22
    I’ve had 3D sculpting experiences in the past and I’m glad to have that feeling again! I’m relatively new too this app and I’m still learning but is there a way to paint your sculptures and details? Anyway for me it’s a 5 star because I love being able to Sculpt again! Definitely worth the money if you have experience in the past or just starting out. Bit of a learning curve though, best regards. Gavin,
  • File size insanity

    By Spiffmc
    Loaded one of the blank bust files and found that after playing around for 10 min my file size bloat to 4.8gb. Very disappointed
  • Nice!

    By SamJMartiss
    This app is actually really good! It’s all that I expected it to be. Met all my expectations and I love it to bits!
  • Great start

    By Kenzie LaMar
    The app feels great. I think with a few more features it could be amazing. It’s an exciting start. Things I think it needs are: Layers-being able to put sculpted parts in layers would really help. Like eyeballs when sculpting a head. Masking-a masking tool would be very useful. Especially with the move tool. The pinch tool could use some deform with it. Pinching and pushing in or out at the same time. In general the speed/strength of the tools needs to be able to go much higher. I have to go so small on the scale factor to get any responsiveness that I can’t sculpt details. The carve tool could have a few shape options since it looks like it’s just using a sphere as the extrusion. A smooth stroke option would be nice. A transform tool would be needed if layers were implemented that allows the whole object to be moved without deforming it. I can’t wait to see where this app goes.
  • There will be a day when this app kills zbrush. But it is not this day.

    By mcgillchris
    Summary: Brilliant concept that doesn’t have the problems of other 3d sculpting software, but also doesn’t have the features. For context I’m a professional environment artist at a video game studio, so I use zbrush regularly and have experience with multiple 3d modeling and sculpting programs. Also, to give it the benefit of the doubt, some of the complaints I have could be my lack of experience with this particular program and there might be ways to do them. Also I have a first generation iPad Pro. 1. Features - 2.5 out of 5 stars The core system of this app is phenomenal. I love the way sculpting feels, and how much freedom it gives you. I don't need to think about subdivisions, or dynameshing or anything like that. Its just me and the clay. However, the main think that keeps this app from being my go-to for sculpting on an iPad is the lack of basic features. I give them some extra credit for not just trying to copy zbrush brush because that program is a mix of both trash and brilliance, but its just not there yet, especially when you compare it to Forger. There are some unique/cool things like the slice brush (ITS AMAZING) but its not enough to offset what is missing. Needed features: - Brush Falloff - Invert option on the brush (the flatten brush especially needs this, let me decide if it pulls the clay towards me or pushes it down, or both) - More range in the size/speed options (while we’re at it, can we just use “strength” like every other program ever, instead of “speed”). - Some sort of layering or subtool system where you can add objects, merge them, etc. - More Brushes (specifically dam standard and planar) 2. Performance - 4 out of 5 stars Here I’m actually pretty impressed. The tech they use performs much better than other sculpting programs on the iPad. I def understand the struggle. Zbrush can easily chug down a dedicated gaming pc, so getting something like that to run on an iPad has to be a huge challenge. Overall I’d say they nailed it. I dont expect it to be lightning fast, and most of the time its faster and more responsive than I expect. Bravo. The only reason it gets 4 out of 5 stars is the whole scale and object down to increase the performance. That isn’t very intuitive or practical. 3. UI - 3 out of 5 stars Sculptura feels like a native iPad app. I can open it alongside something like Procreate and not feel like I’m getting a totally different experience. The UI and UX are simple and good. There are some things that hold them back, specifically confusing names, ambiguous symbols, but overall they manage to get rid of all the confusing bull s*** that is zbrush‘s UI. Comparatively, Forger feels like someone tried to port zbrush, or more accurately Sculptris, to an iPad... Its functional, but the UI and UX don’t feel intuitive. 3. Vs. the Competition If you insist on trying to sculpt game ready assets on an iPad, right now Forger is your only option imo. They have the tools you need/expect, its just clunky and slow. I don’t I can recommend Sculptura at this point. Its more expensive than and has half the features. If you just want something to mess around in, you’ll have a lot more fun on Sculptura. The clay feels great, you don't have to think about the usual hassles of sculpting in 3d, and the UI is pretty decently. Honestly it would a steal at $10 if they added in the features I listed. I I’m crossing my fingers that with some updates that add in missing features, sculpting for games on an iPad could actually become a reality. I hope the project gets enough funding to continue adding in features and polishing up the UI/UX to make it a viable option for professionals. Given a few more iterations after that I don't see why I would ever need to open zbrush.
  • Not working

    By Kb2wan
    Cannot even create a file! On an iPad Pro, just bought the app, does nothing. Please fix or offer refund, thanks. I thought it would work but I cannot even create a project!
  • This app is a joke!

    By XI 1st IX
    I wasn’t expecting zbrush on iPad or anything but this app is just a complete joke. You would be better off sculpting in MS paint. The selection of brushes and tools are so limiting I can’t even really use this for playing with ideas while lounging around. I am extremely disappointed!
  • Move Tool features are finally patched in!

    By T.Serafica
    Prior to this update, it would take me 5x longer to make a decent looking model in this app using whatever sculpting workarounds I could muster, compared to what I could do in other desktop apps. Now that the Move Tool’s available, I’m able to crank out decent models as quickly as with similar desktop apps, minus the desktop/laptop+pen tablet clunkiness. The lack of any copy/paste and transform features is still a minus, but at least I’m able to make entire figures in a neutral T-pose and then export the figure (either as a whole or in pieces (Duplicate model, use Cut Tool)) to another modeling package for posing, welding, and finishing. The developer says the next feature coming down the pipeline is going to be Layers. If the transform tools are going to be integrated with it, that might provide me what I need to pose the model away from the generic T-poses.
  • Progress Gone.

    By black pants
    Just worked for 4 hours on a project. Closed the app. All progress completely reverted to an earlier version. I’ll never use this again.
  • Best Sculpting feel yet on IOS

    By Amphiblien
    So far I love where this app is going. The controlled ability to rough out forms and slice geometry feels more like desktop digital sculpting than anything that I’ve used on IOS. Procreate was the reason that I bought an IPad Pro. This may be the app that justifies an upgrade to the 2018 iPad Pro for me. Im really looking forward to see Sculptura developed to it’s potential. I’m a professor of game art & industry veteran.