• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-05-16
  • Current Version: 1.01
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 808.99 MB
  • Developer: THEMEr
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 33 Ratings


About the Game: Alleys is an adventure experience in which the player explores a theme park world full of quaint alleys that would fit perfectly in small towns in the English countryside. The gameplay is simple, with fewer of the complicated elements often found in puzzle games. All the player needs to do is to search for passageways, gather resources, and get immersed in the exquisite graphics and noir atmosphere. The player is free to choose where to go and can solve puzzles in any order to escape. Background Story of Game: Alleys is a large-scale escape room hosted by a theme park, and the player is a tourist who has decided to take part in the escape experience. The player wanders through a fictional old English-style town, collects resources, solves puzzles, and overcomes obstacles to gradually discover the backstory woven throughout the alleys. In the end, the player finds the exit gate and escapes. MAIN FEATURES: 1. Alleys Exploration The players must find the way through complicated alleys, buildings, and sewers. 2. Check in to Proceed Accumulate points by activating the check-in stations found in new locations. Certain areas require a specific number of points to enter. 3. Freely Choose Your Route Alleys is a non-linear adventure puzzle game with no predetermined route. The player is free to explore and can escape the game as long as the conditions required to open the town exit gate are fulfilled. 4. Collect Resources Player decides how to use the keys and other resources collected in the game. The decisions the player makes will affect the difficulty of the game. 5. Solve Riddle on Tool Cards Every Tool Card is its own little riddle. Figure out the meaning of the illustration to find out what the card can be used for. 6. Simple Controls No need for virtual controllers—just swipe and tap to easily move around and interact with items.



  • Amazing

    By AquaNature6K
    This is a really well made game. Shame Apple didn’t give it a push because it deserves it! Looking forward for the expansion whenever it comes :)
  • I wish I could get my money back

    By jewlie45
    I was so excited to play this game, but it crashes and even when I have the right tool card I can’t use it. I’m so upset that I spent money on this game.
  • Dig dug

    By Dug2017
    I have loved the game and played it till I encountered a glitch that will not let me advance past the bedroom, other than that it’s been a very enjoyable game
  • Want to love it

    By mary789294
    Conceptually, the game is great, but the controls are clunky and unresponsive and the whole thing keeps crashing. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling a couple times with no luck. I’m really hoping that it’s just a glitch that can be fixed with an update.
  • Keys and cards

    By Martymart76
    Ditch the keys and cards mechanic. It’s ridiculous. Make better puzzles. Finding keys to even perform a puzzle is ridiculous. Redesign this and get rid of the keys. It’s not fun.
  • One of the best escape adventures

    By ATXness
    I’m always looking for new escape rooms, but often when they get rough I find myself turning to online walkthroughs to make sure I am getting everything done in the right order for it to work. This takes a lot of the fun out because then you end up just following instructions and checking your work like it’s some kind of assignment instead of a game. This is probably one of the most immersive rooms because you don’t have a specific order you have to do things in. You can enjoy exploring without feeling lost and follow the things that interest you instead of trying to check off a long list. The movement and gameplay is also really pretty and immersive. If it doesn’t click at first just remember there will always be a ought keys and the map is confusing and can be ignored so you can remove those anxieties. Just check things out and the story will follow you really nicely.
  • Great!

    By tmt31
    Love it! Perfect level of difficulty with options for help throughout the game if desired. I can’t wait for future updates!
  • These escape type games normally aren’t my thing..

    By Dubs1
    But I just love this one. It’s so incredibly polished and detailed. I honestly found myself losing track of time and playing for 4 hours, and I still have so much to discover/uncover. The concept of collecting/finding keys, ‘checking in’, collecting cards to use in certain situations to be really engaging and fun. I’m really glad I took the advice from someone to get this as I have no regrets and am enjoying the heck out of it. It really makes you think outside the box, and really explore. And the dev is apparently adding more content later. There’s no way I’m leaving this fun park yet until I 100% this thing. Thanks to the dev - awesome job! (Can’t believe you made something so well-crafted by yourself; clearly a talented individual)
  • “A” for effort and style !

    By blh0315
    I am 80% through the objectives and I have enjoyed every minute! I don’t want it to end! The map is definitely helpful but I’ve also had to take my own notes to remember specific areas that require multiple visits. Personally I love the challenge. This has been as enjoyable as The Room series and I applaud and encourage the developer to keep up the good work!
  • Fantastic game!

    By textomb
    This is shaping up to be one of my favorite games of the year. A large and complex map, easy controls, great attention to detail. Classically rogue like, with the feel of the “Room” games, mixed with Zork. Gameplay relies on cards to take actions as you move through a maze of alleys and rooms and sewers and turrets, along with keys to spend on opening things. The developers clearly have a love for detail, and the graphics were wonderful, a little retro but still very sharp and clear. This game is for people who like to make maps, explore, look for minutia, and take their time solving games. No hurrying here. I saw that other people had some problems, but they must have been fixed, or the problems must have been due to impatience, as it played beautifully for me. A few comments for the developers: 1. The map provided is pretty useless, as it doesn’t show you where you are. It needs work to be a helpful tool. It might be best to make it a map that adds as you discover things. 2. I wish there was a feature to go back to where you were before you win the game. I won unexpectedly, when there was still a lot for me to do, but apparently I have to start all over, which is a bummer. I mean, I had TONS of stuff left to do. Maybe it shouldn’t be possible to win without achieving every major task? At least let us undo and go back to the game if we win prematurely. Loved the game. A lot.