Mixel - Cocktail Recipes

Mixel - Cocktail Recipes

By Cool Font LLC

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-12-13
  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 61.51 MB
  • Developer: Cool Font LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 66 Ratings


An essential cocktail recipe guide. Over 1000 curated cocktail recipes from world-renowned sources. Explore cocktail recipes using filters and search. Filter by cocktails you are able to make with your ingredients. Filter by flavor, favorite drinks, or ones you haven't tried yet. Search titles, ingredients, sources, and more. Create your own cocktail recipes and share with friends. Throw a cocktail party – we’ll bring the menu. Your ingredients, recipes, and favorites are backed up to the cloud. Your data is automatically synced and always available – online or offline, on all your devices. Switching devices? Just sign in to your Mixel account to pick up where you left off. Why Mixel? You'll see... we designed the app with a delightful, 8-bit, pixel art style. It's just as fun to use as it was for us to make. So get started! Want more details? How about... • Over 1000 curated cocktail recipes from only the best published sources. Classics, variations, modern takes, and one-offs. They're all here. • Over 500 ingredients to add to your bar, all with beautiful pixel art. We made sure not to leave any out! • Eight hand-crafted color themes to compliment Mixel's gorgeous pixel art. Four light, four dark. • Quickly view all cocktail recipes that use a given ingredient. Great for discovering new favorites! • Not sure if what you have at home will work for a recipe? Tap an ingredient and get the essential information. • Create, customize, and share your own personal recipes. Pro tip: Tag us on Instagram and we may put your recipe in the app! • Add any ingredients you may need in a shopping list, directly from Mixel. Keep track of your inventory.



  • Finally

    By ElSilverado
    I’ve tried every cocktail app from Lush to Highball to Old Sport. Mixel is clearly a cocktail lovers app by folks who clearly care about cocktails. Since this is a PG channel I’ll avoid the positive expletives, and pare back to a simple air-five 🙏🏻 When you unlock the content, you’re going to have a good time. Sure, some folks are going to make a fuss about the 8-bit graphics “not being for them,” but guess what? It’s cute. Great product photography is expensive for independent developers and (more importantly) completely unnecessary in this context. You have the recipe; just mix it (you’re clearly in need of a cocktail). Sure, for legibility, I’d opt for a single space font like Monaco, but that’s truly my only niggle. Smart shelf. Smart ingredients. Smart shopping list. It’s a no brainer. Well done to all involved.
  • Cute concept, not exceptional

    By rbauer22
    Cool idea to hold an inventory of my entire bar, only problem is it doesn’t differentiate different brands. The total tiki app does this for rum drinks and understands the importance of different brand rums in different drinks. Unfortunately this didn’t help me decide what drink to make.
  • Just Awful

    By ~lukeness!
    I love this app! I hate how it doesn't let me control the temp of the fridge though. It shows the dial but I can't interact with it. It's set way to warm. I like my limes cold. I love how you can make a bunch of drinks. I hate how I couldn't find the towel to make them. Still looking for the towel
  • Really good

    By Rsshhf
    I loved this app not only for the graphics but also for the lots of recipes, I’ve done only 3 of them but I’m practicing to improve my bartender skills, loved it!!!
  • Hmm.

    By pneshati
    I’d like to start by saying that this is a well-designed app, and it allows you to visualize your liquor/mixers/etc. all at a glance. My biggest concern at the moment is that there are simply not enough recipes included yet. I’ve bought the $9.99 package with hopes that I’d find many cocktail recipes. I realize that more will likely be added, but it’s annoying to know that I have over a dozen liquors and only four recipes show up as possibilities. There are a lot of widely known cocktails that aren’t included, and that’s disappointing to see. On the plus side, the quality of the recipes seems to be good from what I’ve seen so far. The descriptions are also nice to have as well. I’m hopeful that the recipe selection will expand soon.
  • Great idea...

    By philipamour
    ...however, the pixel aesthetic makes it incredibly hard to read or understand anything on the screen. It’s impossible to use with one hand as all of the actions are up top. Shame really as I would love to use the app if the design wasn’t so bad.
  • Hurts the eyes

    By Klincicome
    Sorry but the graphics in this app are so bad it’s painful. I’m not sure what the savings was or what you were after but it’s pretty much a fail. Also you can easily find any cocktail recipe for any given ingredient online so I’m not sure why anyone would pay for these.
  • Awful graphics, hot mess

    By Caroled2
    Down loaded and promptly deleted. The graphics are awful and hard on the eyes. It’s not intuitive. Drinks are very limited. No thank you,
  • Love this app

    By notchristopher
    Love this app. Love the graphics. Only thing I would work on is the filter screen. I would like to filter by ingredient instead of pack. I guess I know why you didn’t add it, because there are hundreds of ingredients. And liquor isn’t separated. Hmm tricky. Only annoying because I was looking for gin drinks and Tom Collins isn’t in the gin pack. Maybe add an option to hide partial ingredient recipes based on level. The filter screen is a little confusing. But otherwise I love the app and can’t wait for more packs! Mixel Maximizer is really clever.
  • I want to love this app, but I hate it, but I still use it

    By ccmemtn
    The functionality is great, but please use modern graphics. The novelty of the 8-bit digital wears off in about 23 milliseconds. This app hurts my eyes. I love the functionality, but I hate looking at this app. The moment another app comes out that duplicates this functionality (as well as depth of recipe database), I will drop Mixel and move to something that doesn’t cause me to lose my vision. In the mean time, I’m begrudgingly using Mixel. Edit: Per the developer’s recommendation, I tried out Lush cocktails on the App Store. The recommendation was spot on as Lush is a much better executed app. It sounds like Mixel made a poor design choice early on and now they are stuck with it. Either way, I’m getting great cocktail recipes from Lush and it doesn’t hurt my eyes to look at!!