SkySafari 6 Plus

SkySafari 6 Plus

By Simulation Curriculum Corp.

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2017-12-22
  • Current Version: 6.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 682.96 MB
  • Developer: Simulation Curriculum Corp.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,024 Ratings


SkySafari 6 Plus goes beyond most basic astronomy apps by providing you with a full-featured space simulator with telescope control and Augmented Reality (AR) mode. Note that there is no discount upgrade path from SkySafari 6 Plus to SkySafari 6 Pro. Choose carefully! Here's what's new in version 6: 1) Complete support for iOS 11 and iPhone X. We got you covered and release regular updates. 2) Clouds and Astronomy. Two words that rarely go together. Rewritten from the ground up, SkySafari 6 Plus will (optionally) back up all of your observing data in our secure cloud storage and make it easily accessible to multiple devices as well as from our new web interface, 3) We Have The Best Stars. Precise, modern and deep. We’ve updated our star catalog to use the latest and greatest, UCAC5 star catalog. 4) Observers First. A redesign of our tools puts the active observer first. Quick access to features like your equipment, observing sites, lists, and observations make it easy and enjoyable to get out, observe, and record your observations. 5) Graph It. The completely new graph tool will give a quick visual representation of an object’s altitude above the horizon. Essential for planning your night’s observations. 6) Plan It. Make the most of your time under the stars. Our updated planner is a powerful tool that lets you create a list of targets for your observing session with filters like object types, specific time ranges, constellation, catalog, and more. Plan it and get more done. 7) Say It. Ever just wanted to just yell at your device and tell it what to do!? SkySafari 6 adds basic voice control for a wide range of operations. Say “select Jupiter,” “search for Titan,” “center on Polaris” and SkySafari will do the work for you. Yelling optional.  8) Tilt It. Every old astronomy app these days lets your tilt and pan your device to show different parts of the sky, but who else lets you control your telescope that way!? “Tilt to slew” is an optional mode allowing you to keep your eye in the eyepiece, and, using the accelerometers in your device, gently translate the movements of your hands into smooth telescope motion. 9) Share It. SkySafari 6 is more than just a mobile app, it’s a new system to help organize and share your observing experiences. With a free signup, you can see and share your observing data from our web portal,! Affordable premium memberships add online editing, so you can not only view, but edit your observations, add new observing sites, manage your equipment and more. Finally, (coming soon) you can view, edit and manage your settings files with SkySafari Web, our fully functional web version. If you haven't used SkySafari 6 Plus before, here's what you can do with it: • Hold your device up, and SkySafari 6 Plus will find stars, constellations, planets, and more! • Simulate the night sky up to 10,000 years in the past or future! Animate meteor showers, conjunctions, eclipses, and other celestial events. • Learn the history, mythology, and science of astronomy! Browse over 1500 object descriptions and astronomical images. Explore NASA space missions! Stay up-to-date with SkyWeek for all major sky events every day! • Control your telescope, log and plan your observations. • Night Vision – Preserve your eyesight after dark. • Orbit Mode. Leave the Earth’s surface behind, and fly through our solar system. • Time Flow – Follow the motion of sky objects as days, months, and years are compressed into a few seconds. • Advanced Search – Find objects using properties other than their name. • Support for Apple Watch! • Tonight at a Glance: the Sun, Moon, Planets, ISS, and Iridium flares in one handy view! • Notifications when the ISS will pass overhead, when Iridium satellites flare, and more! • Much more! For even more features, and a gigantic database aimed at the most dedicated amateur or professional astronomer, check out SkySafari 6 Pro!

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  • Glitch

    By Davexyzzyx
    Sky safari 6 plus seems to have a glitch. The setting for horizon and sky does not work when you show grid with equatorial coordinates. So you set horizon and sky for “opaque” or anything else and you get what you expect with grid set to horizon, but not with any of the other 3 coordinate systems. It used to work and then suddenly stopped a few weeks ago. Very annoying. This works fine on the pro version on my mac.
  • Great app

    By Pinzmann98
    Very impressed with this upgrade. I had the free version of this before and thought it was okay, nothing special. This version really does everything. I do my image planning and future projects with it. Only reason it's getting 4 stars is that I can't get the laptop version going. It keeps saying that I need the 6 plus version to get in. Which is what I have. Other than that it does everything I need.
  • Good, but privacy concerns

    By Eastmarch
    This is one of the best astronomy apps, that always resets the user preference to backup user data to the publisher’s Cloud Storage. I don’t want to backup to your cloud storage and always disable that. Please start respecting user preference settings, and stop overriding them with every incremental Mac and iOS update of your app. That disrespect is a major turnoff. Others have complained about this with past versions, so clearly we are being ignored (and the developer has never responded here). UPDATE: all versions from my original review December 2018 to 6.31 in April 2019 continue to overwrite my Cloud Storage settings.
  • Skysafari6 plus

    By Starchaser46
    Best app for any money, glad I purchased it!
  • Still an incredible bargain

    By Goochland Ranger
    This app is a must-have for any astronomer. With one foot in visual and the other in imaging it gets used regularly. When on sale it is the deal of the century. I appreciate that the add-ons haven’t been appropriated from regular features and that the support is solid.
  • Amazing App

    By MrMartin7
    This continues to be one of the most useful tools I have for amateur astronomy!
  • Zero Support

    By Jmdplt
    Before you purchase any of the SkySafari products you should know that should have any issues, you will receive absolutely no support whatsoever...only referred to a community forum. The producers of this product are too busy collecting the revenue stream to support their customers.
  • Lunar eclipse

    By pigeonbgon
    I bought the $ 8.00 app to aid watching the lunar eclipse — what a waste
  • Probably the best sky observation map out there

    By BrettJ5150
    I love this app. I was looking for an app that would simulate how the planets would look, particularly the size of them using the different optic equipment combinations for my telescope. This app has not disappointed and is now my go to app.
  • An indispensible program

    By Stretchdad
    Whether you are planning an observing session, star-hopping to a dim and obscure planetary nebula, or simply learning more about astronomy, SkySafari is the amateur astromer’s ultimate companion.