AR Gun - AR Gun Game Library

AR Gun - AR Gun Game Library

By ShenZhen Lenze Technology Co,.Ltd.

Score: 3.5
From 192 Ratings


AR Gun is a game that uses the enhanced reality technology to blend the game world with the real world. The virtual objects in the game and the real world real world are superimposed on the same space in real time. You bring an extraordinary AR experience.



  • Very Unreliable

    By Bear Is A Name
    This app was lazily ported to a mobile device hardly any games work. Do NOT GET. Stick to playing other games that don’t require you to buy a device to use it.
  • Dislike this gun a app

    By gamehelper17
    This gun and app is terrible I recommend not to download this app the gun easily breaks and the gun I bought didn’t work
  • Worth the Buy

    By bjedlicka25
    It may be because I got the gun on clearance for $1, but I love playing all the games. I found a fun tank game that is LAN multiplayer so I will go back to the store and buy a few more blasters to play with my cousins! I would’ve been hesitant at the full $20, but after playing I’d say it was worth it!

    By Lady Stafford
    There is no way for me to jump. Half of the game don’t work glad I only paid 12 bucks for the game. Still wanted what the box offered not an waste of my money!!!
  • This isn’t AR

    By gooaaal!!!
    Only some and very little of the games at actually AR the rest are just sort of VR video games
  • Don’t buy

    By Stw26
    I got this for Christmas and ever since It would t connect. I only read that after the reviews. But only one thing don’t waste money.
  • Ar

    By pyromancer02
    I love this it’s so amazing what I hate is the thing at the bottom of the screen you should be able to move that it really makes me mad but it’s an amazing app.❤️😡
  • Lots of fun for $5

    By lots of fun for $5
    Dude we bought the gun for five dollars it’s really fun game are not buggy for me I love it and it is soooooooooooooooo much fun
  • Could be 4 or 5 but....

    By Guhjf2578
    I saw this sitting in a box at my friends house he never used it so I played guinea pig. At first I was stoked he was stoked and so was his chick. Being 27yo I shouldn’t be THIS excited but hey I’m a kid at heart. All was all fun and games til I realized I’m stuck in one spot. The only thing that worked(works) is the trigger & vibration. Not the joystick or d pad which was upsetting. Then other games nothing really happened :/ It’s a great concept I really dig it and could be stuck in it for hours (I mean I still played as best I could without being able to move properly for a good half hour lol) I just wish ALLL the controls/buttons etc worked as they should and games loaded properly. Is it a fluke with the gun? Is it a bug in the game? Not sure tbh what the issue is but i would give it a 4 or 5 star if everything worked as its supposed to. Just not sure like i said if it’s the actual product malfunctioning or something up with the app/games. It comes with a rad assortment I mean killing zombies to space attacks to archery and deep sea diving so that’s what got it the extra star otherwise it would be 1 Star for turning on lol. He bought it for about $6 after tax at Walmart though so I guess I can’t really complain right? You get what you pay for... I wonder if I were to buy another gun or a more expensive gun/controller it would work better? Might test that out and get myself a $6 controller to see if it works and then a $20-30 one as well. Worth a shot (pun absolutely intended)!!! 🔫
  • Needs VR Mode

    By MakeItWorkWithThe6
    This game needs a VR mode.