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Introducing the new iPark App, iPark automatically records the location of your parked vehicle and can accurately guide people you know to it’s location. When you park your vehicle, iPark will intuitively record you vehicle's location and will assist you in locating it when you’re having a bad day. Simply launch the App, tap on “Take Me To My Car” and iPark will take care of the rest, getting you to your vehicle quickly and safely. PLEASE NOTE: When the GPS signal is absent (generally indoors or underground car parks), iPark will promptly remind you to select the location of your vehicle on a map also giving you the ability to take a photo. If you have questions or questions, please email us at info@lenzetech.com



  • Total waste of time m space.

    By gipson d
    Please don’t waste your time uploading this apps , I think they just fooling around deceiving pple.
  • Dual plug car charger / GPS

    By barronrick911
    There are no instructions, there is no live gps, there is only blue tooth car locator it appears. It maps your last location you parked your vehicle and no way to track if your vehicle had been stolen. I agree with the other review. Not worth a $.
  • It really does not deserve a star

    By Geraldo Gomes
    The app has no instruction. You don’t know if you need to plug the devise in your car on a switched or always on line. The navigation icon takes you to email, the Navigation Now button directs you to some where in Kansas. I am sure my car is some where in San Diego for sure not Kansas. A timer pops up for no apparent reason. I guess it is for metering parking which I may need once every 10 years. Nevertheless it is great to have it so handy. The automatic park notice appears some time after you entered the store. I guess marking the location of the of the cash registers. Not sure if this app is just a joke with no real intention of finding my car
  • Very poor development

    By Not a happy
    It connects and disconnects so often that is annoying. Use it as a cable to charge your device only.