Full Code - Emergency Medicine

Full Code - Emergency Medicine

By Minerva Medical Simulation Inc.

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Full Code will improve your clinical decision-making and patient care through realistic medical simulation. Take on the challenge of complex clinical cases in a virtual emergency room with the highest environmental fidelity. Whether you are an experienced clinician or in the first year of PA school, you will enjoy the challenge of solving Full Code cases! CLINICAL PRACTICE Begin by taking a history and performing a physical exam, then click on equipment in the virtual resuscitation bay to order tests and perform interventions. Choose amongst a host of drugs, bedside tests, labs, and imaging to help you narrow the differential diagnosis. Our physiology engine will change the vitals based on your interventions and the patient’s condition just as they would in real life. While you zero in on the final diagnosis and definitively treat the patient you can consult with specialists and nursing staff for assistance, but the patient’s survival rests in your hands. PERSONALIZED ASSESSMENT At the end of each case, you receive a score in six core clinical competencies to guide your continuing education. Run through the case as many times as you like to improve your score and hone your resuscitation skills. After each attempt you have the choice of revealing partial answers which can give you valuable insight into the correct diagnosis. By revealing the full case answer you gain access to our detailed debrief notes which walk you through each case’s essential diagnostic and therapeutic interventions required to save the patient. Finally, we provide you with further reading through high-quality relevant web-links and references related to each case. CASE DESIGN The Full Code team prioritizes environmental fidelity in every case and we strive to replicate the complexity of managing critically ill patients from presentation to disposition. The medical content of each case is created by our team of emergency physicians lead by James Kimo Takayesu, a Harvard faculty member and ED attending at Massachusetts General Hospital with 15 years of experience training emergency medicine residents. He has received 16 teaching awards in his career for educational innovation and bedside teaching. Each case is peer reviewed twice, and our team continuously updates our clinical content to reflect the best in clinical and educational practice. FOLLOW FULL CODE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinervaMedical/ Twitter: @MinervaMedSim Web: https://full-code.com



  • Incredible!

    By FutureEMP
    As a current medical sales professional strongly considering a career as an EMP, this app has been incredible! If you are determined to solve complex problems by utilizing different methods and interventions, this is for you!
  • Awesome and cool

    By Skyler Canant
    All that is needed is more levels and sounds
  • Perfect for medical students

    By C284959383
    Great systematic way to get better at placing orders
  • Awesome

    By bisural
    I have used it from past 1 week. Very good application to simulate emergency cases. A lot to learn from it. Common cases that present in emergency. One thing is time factor could have been included and patient deteriorating due to untimely intervention could have been added. Overall superb application worth the subscription.
  • ER-RN

    By RN-EC
    I’m a new Nurse, I’ve only been licensed for a year. I have one year Med/Surg experience. I got bored doing hardly anything and decided I wanted to NURSE! I went into Emergency Medicine, and found my passion! Except one thing, I knew NOTHING! I’m 3 weeks in, and this app has helped me tremendously! You never stop learning in medicine, but this will keep you on your toes and your A-game!
  • Good program for training

    By mahbkie
    So thanks for this program it’s very nice
  • Review

    By dancedenise
    I like the game but I wish there were more free cases
  • Fun and great tool

    By ENDSCHO123
    I like to use this app when I know I should be reviewing, but my brain is dead. Is it perfect? No, but what is these days. Good practice and prompts you to look into latest EBM. Keep up the good work guys.
  • Fun but very advanced

    By Mommylion1
    To succeed you must have a working knowledge of anatomy, pathology, test interpretation, and pharmacology. These are the kinds of cases we face in our medical teaching system in the western world, except someone stands over our shoulders so we don’t kill anyone.
  • Misleading subscription

    By Cupcake2219
    I like the app so far, but the subscription information is misleading. I thought I was going to be billed $4 a month for 12 months, instead all 12 months payment was taken at once leading to a $53 charge I didn’t want to pay. The upfront price should be clearer.