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Mindvalley Quests

By Mindvalley Creations Inc.

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From fitness, to meditation, to goal setting, to healthy dieting… welcome to your one-stop-hub for personal growth. MASTER ANY SKILL FItness, leadership, public speaking, healthy dieting, fitness - You name it, we have a program for it. Quests will guide you on a daily journey to gradually become a master in whatever skill you select, with real, tangible results. LEARN FROM LEGENDARY TEACHERS This app is your access ticket to decades of learning from the world’s most legendary teachers. You will receive daily guidance from them, and you will be able to interact directly with them and get answers to your burning questions. JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY Personal growth doesn’t have to be long, boring and painful. Quests is personal growth for the modern world - fast, efficient - and effective. And every lesson is just 20 minutes a day on average, so it fits into even your busiest days. NO MORE LEARNING ALONE Interact with tens of thousands of users who will learn with you every step of the way on your daily journey. Build valuable connections, make new friends, and gain access to exclusive Quests events which happen in the real-world. So come and say Hi! (Feature not available on Apple TV currently) Free and Premium Quests available in: • Meditation • Healthy Dieting • Public Speaking • Leadership • Mindfulness • Fitness • Weight Loss • Speed Learning and more...



  • 6 Phase Meditation is Brilliant!

    By AAB627
    For anyone who says they “can’t” meditate, you must try this program. The guided meditations make it fun and easy and only 4 days in I already feel a huge difference in my mood and focus.
  • Life transforming!!!

    By 100%Chiro
    You’re life will be transformed as a result from MindValley! This method of education and self awareness is very easy to use and also very addicting! ;) I totally believe in their mission & purpose! You will too! Now, are you ready to download this app?
  • Healing, inspiring and loving

    By jz_3773
    I’m taking awakening the species quest and found myself totally immersed in the class. The instructor is the author of Conversations with God. A very inspiring class and it awakens our consciousness with ourselves as well as with the world and people around us. If you want to live a better and more fulfilled life, check it out!
  • Immediate Impact

    By Mlewis7804
    What an amazing offering. This app should be a required download on every phone, tablet, and smart tv. Inspiring and immediately impactful. I love it.
  • Fantastic app for self development

    By Totoexperience
    I really enjoy how everything is well thought through in every quest. It’s very engaging and yet not overwhelming. Love your work guys!
  • Great Learning System

    By Melita Tate
    Very easy to use, backed by studies in the educational psychology field to help us overcome barriers and behaviors that inhibit our learning. Uses critical thinking and review to enhance life application and help us to create positive change while assimilating new techniques. Love this model. Thank you mindvalley for the work you do!
  • Really powerful!

    By Cs-bz
    I’ve been practicing meditation for almost one year though another app. It was definitely good to give me the basis for the 6-Phase Meditation (although is not required, anyone can come directly to this). I found it really powerful to increase my energy and creativity. All phases are beautifully explained, one by one, to make sense of each and of the whole process. Loved it!
  • Quest App SuperBrain Jim Kwik

    By DanielspaceJam
    Very smooth/fluid app. The content is great, easy to navigate through the app and pages!
  • Stupid

    By Iskander10
    Never works. Steals your money
  • Truly valuable information

    By SassiCass
    The best app I have ever actually used on a regular basis. It is simply beautiful what they have done and what they provide and give us exposure too. The information is endless. I am expanding my life so much right now. Thank goodness for Mind-valley, not just this app but the podcast too. Amazing!