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Mindvalley Quests

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From fitness, to meditation, to goal setting, to healthy dieting… welcome to your one-stop-hub for personal growth. MASTER ANY SKILL FItness, leadership, public speaking, healthy dieting, fitness - You name it, we have a program for it. Quests will guide you on a daily journey to gradually become a master in whatever skill you select, with real, tangible results. LEARN FROM LEGENDARY TEACHERS This app is your access ticket to decades of learning from the world’s most legendary teachers. You will receive daily guidance from them, and you will be able to interact directly with them and get answers to your burning questions. JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY Personal growth doesn’t have to be long, boring and painful. Quests is personal growth for the modern world - fast, efficient - and effective. And every lesson is just 20 minutes a day on average, so it fits into even your busiest days. NO MORE LEARNING ALONE Interact with tens of thousands of users who will learn with you every step of the way on your daily journey. Build valuable connections, make new friends, and gain access to exclusive Quests events which happen in the real-world. So come and say Hi! (Feature not available on Apple TV currently) Free and Premium Quests available in: • Meditation • Healthy Dieting • Public Speaking • Leadership • Mindfulness • Fitness • Weight Loss • Speed Learning and more...



  • Design and Destination

    By AndeeReda
    This program has given clarity to my dreams and freed me to see what I really want. It unbinds the mind from what you think you have to do to get what you want. Instead, you are given sight and set on a straight path to your real goals. I’m very grateful! Thank you!
  • Emily Fletcher

    By Freddie94nik
    Loving getting into meditation with the guidance of Emily Fletcher... Finally sleeping.
  • Nicely done

    By Single woman
    Well designed videos, easy to follow. Digestible bites, just right.
  • Quests App is A Great Resource

    By sweetninje
    Mindvalley once again stands out from the rest of the personal development community. Mindvalley Quests provides access, variety and great material from which to grow, transform your mind or create new experiences. It’s smart, easy, user friendly, and it’s free!! What more could you ask for?
  • Great start

    By 2noc2u
    Wow, I never knew I would see good results so fast. It just motivates me to dig deeper, be present, and work it. I’ve noticed other classes I’m excited about starting. I’m glad to have learned that something like this was available. I’ve always wanted to use more of my mind since it’s said we don’t use much of it. I’m eager to see what the next day of class awakens in me. I wanted to give 5 stars but the only reason I didn’t is because I’m only on day 4 and it can only get better as far as I’m concerned. And because I wanted my opinion or review to be believable. I’ll do another review after I’ve completed this quest and my next class. Really excited about the one on giving up sugar. I want to do it now but I have to finish eating my treats I just bought from the store. It says it only takes 7-days, Wow!!!
  • Great simple techniques with power

    By Makragus
    I believe that simplicity is key to success because one step leads to other and when they are simple to take, the mind will just follow it and over time things will be Greater , this is what I get from Jim Kwik’s program I live it!! Great things come from failure if we learn and use it for growth!
  • Great App with Great Content

    By Happy Kotek
    I’m currently taking Jim Kwik’s SuperBrain Quest and this app makes it makes his material fun and easy learn the material. I am grateful that this is an iOS app and not simple a web app. What would make this app even better would be picture-in-picture (so I can keep listening while I check in with fellow students), and being able to pick up exactly where I left off when I exited the app (I usually have to go through several screens to get back to where I previously left off).
  • Practical and Fun

    By Ag clariss
    Mindvalley app enable me to follow Kwik Learning. It’s a great tips and fun to follow. Thanks Mindvalley and Jim Kwik, you are awesome !!!
  • Congruent

    By An-e
    Love the app. Very congruent with the site. Love the programs even more :)
  • A great way to learn

    By Always in training!
    Since starting with the quests app I have had many user friendly enjoyable moments! It is a fun and useful way to learn in the programs and definitely leaves you with a higher learning retention rate! Great company, great app!