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Download the Slapp app: for Makeup Wherever You Are; Whenever You Want It. Take A Selfie To Instantly Shop In Your Correct Shade! Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! Just take a selfie and Slapp will instantly match you to the foundations (and other complexion products,) that are right for your skin tone. Instantly shop your shade in brands: Fenty Beauty, Bobbi Brown, Glossier, Too Faced, Estee Lauder, Charlotte Tilbury and many more! - Snap: Take A Selfie to Shop In Your Shade. Shop: From your list of personalised matches Watch: Videos from the Slapp Community and Share Your Own Read: Reviews on the new Beauty Trends, the products you need for your skin type and other exciting and informative stories. - Change: Planning on getting a tan? Save and Switch shades, so you’re always prepared. Engage: Our Community platform will be launching soon, so you can share stories, tips and comments, with other Slapp shoppers. --- Don’t worry if you don’t see your favourite brands in the app yet, we’ll be introducing new brands every month! --- To leave feedback please email us at:, or visit us at: Find us on social: @Slappldn



  • Can’t login

    By maxamillion99999
    Facebook connector doesn’t work and neither does creating a login manually. Created 2 logins and neither work - keeps saying my login info is incorrect. Losing $0.99 isn’t a lot, but still a bummer.
  • Don’t bother

    By Syl011
    Waste of money
  • Does NOT work

    By Viranh
    Has issues uploading or taking photos. When you get one to load, selecting areas makes it wildly change the recommended color. It recommended everything from Fenty shade 100 to 220. 100 is extremely pale and lighter than many foundations even go to and 220 is at least medium/caramel colored and obviously too dark. What a waste.
  • Waste of time & money

    By wirdwarrior
    Sloppy, amateurish interface and bugs galore! Many of the things I clicked on refused to do open/launch. Having now seen what this app ACTUALLY is, I’ve determined this it is utterly worthless and did nothing to help me find a foundation! Here’s how it works: After uploading your selfie, they will basically shuffle you (and EVERYONE else!) to the same bunch of products. As you navigate your way through the so-called “matches”, it becomes increasingly obvious that these brands have paid to be promoted on this crummy app. Because most cosmetics brands wisely steered clear of the affiliation with this inferior app, the choices were woefully few. I feel like I basically spent a buck to be led on a wild goose chase. The matching feature amounts to little more than a short list of aforementioned advertised products...except that most advertisers typically proofread their copy in order to avoid the cringeworthy grammar we see in the “articles” (written by the Slapp staffers, no doubt). Please, Slappers, learn how to properly punctuate! You, don’t, need, to, put, commas, between, every, effing, word! Annoy,ing!
  • Same issue

    By pickleonastickbayonette
    Selfie won’t work. Just blank
  • Doesn't work

    By TonyRose85
    Same as the other person, I take or choose my selfie, and all I get is a blank white area where my photo should be. This needs to be fixed y'all!
  • My selfie doesn’t load

    By hiyasasha
    My selfie doesn’t load after I capture it, which makes it impossible to get shade recommendations. Developers, please fix this.
  • Great app! Very helpful - thank you for creating it

    By x_xox
    In a society where many companies often don't cater to all, this app has helped to bridge the gap. It has allowed me to find out what my shade is which has been both helpful and insightful. It has also assisted me with finding suitable products. The app listed some products which I hadn't heard of before so trying new ones has been great! I definitely recommend this app and I will continue to use it.
  • Very informative

    By jessiegirl89
    So this app is great! Make a profile and you take a picture and then It finds all the foundations that match your skin tone. Just one thing i would change is add more makeup reviews.