Slip Away Mystify

Slip Away Mystify

By Nanovation

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-09-21
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 131.87 MB
  • Developer: Nanovation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 31 Ratings


Slip Away Mystify is a unique arcade and puzzle game that will test your nerves and reflexes in a mysterious adventure. In Slip Away Mystify you have to survive through the deepest ocean enemies and avoid the pitfalls, obstacles and traps in a journey searching for a key to open the gates to a new level. There are 50 amazing and challenging levels to explore and escape. Collect the gems to unlock new characters and skip nearly impossible levels. Swirl left and right in this innovative physics-based game play combined with stunning atmospheric graphics and inspiring soundtrack. Can you Slip Away?



  • Frustrating

    By TheGeorgeDougherty
    Beautiful but ridiculously frustrating and tedious. Touching any part of pretty much anything besides the level gate kills your character. Made it to level 2 and decided it wasn't worth the time.
  • Slip Away Mystify Suffers From Slipups

    By netdzynr
    This game is an undersea challenge in which you control your jellyfish character through dangerous caverns to reach keys that unlock higher levels, while collecting gems along the way. The game has potential to be an enjoyable little title, but has several issues hindering its success. First, the intro to the game is a non-interactive animation. You're visually shown what to do in the game, where instead you should be prompted to try the controls, and get a feel for the gameplay. Once the animation is done, you're thrown into the first level with tap left/right instructions, and left to explore the level. Normally, this type of introduction could work, but the one-life/start-over gameplay leads to frustration. The level design suffers from what has been described in other reviews: the beginning stages are particularly difficult, taking numerous attempts to complete what should be simple, easy goals to build player confidence. After your character (repeatedly) braves spiky walls to reach the level goal, you're presented with a key contained in smooth-looking semicircular ring, which you might expect to be a haven after all the effort required to reach that point. But no, touch any part of the ring and it's start over (again). It could make sense to add this level of difficulty at higher levels and introduce an additional challenge, but including this behavior in the first levels is a recipe for game deletion for all but the most dedicated players. Enabling the character to take up three hits before having to start over would at least allow some planning to complete the level. In terms of style, the game sports well-designed visuals, and the cute jellyfish character responds with the appropriate physics behavior. The dubstep soundtrack isn't bad, but seems out of place given the undersea setting and the floating, undulating movement of your jellyfish. Speaking of the character, you will unlock different jellyfish as you progress, but it's not clear whether the characters have any significantly different abilities, or are just style upgrades. As it stands, Slip Away Mystify is fairly daunting out the gate and will likely appeal only to those seeking high difficulty challenges. Hopefully the developers can rethink the gameplay and level progression, but in its current state, it's difficult to recommend.
  • Hard

    By Tedqwerty
    Too difficult. Fun for the first few levels. No check points so prepare to restart levels constantly. Not worth the money at all.
  • Amazing

    By Nate racer
    Most beautiful game ever. If you like having a nice challenge, you have to play this game. The music is the best music I've ever heard, not to say the game is bad. It is totally worth the 2.99 charge.
  • Great game, give it a shot!

    By Uffdawall
    Game is fantastic. I see some people have issues with the controls. I did initially, I must admit. What I found works best (as the developer suggests subtly in the intro) is to use both of your thumbs to control the squid-thingamabob.
  • Awesome & Addictive!

    By Sunny moon 30
    Awesome & Addictive game! Beat all the levels & got the highest score in in obscure mode. Waiting for a challenge.
  • Amusing, relaxing time killer

    By Mollieapes
    Great game, beautiful, eye pleasing graphics. I love that you get to be jellyfish. It's just challenging enough to keep you hooked. Expect to die multiple times while you're figuring out the levels and getting a hang on the controls. Great time killer!
  • Amazing

    By Flyingturtals
    This game is very fun and challenging it's like hard badlands and king of like phases
  • Nope

    By BluNu
    Movements are too jerky. I love a good challenge, but this is not a challenge so much as a pain. Even level one took multiple tries.
  • Beautiful

    By HER01212
    I am an artist, and I live the art style built for this game, the graphics are vivid and colorful. Now on to the gameplay, I see why some may think it's dull but I find it addictive and fun, it also gets more challenging. I love this game, I recommend it a lot. A+