Kitty City: Harvest Valley

Kitty City: Harvest Valley

By Jam City, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-09-05
  • Current Version: 16.000
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 220.53 MB
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 2,290 Ratings


The cat’s out of the bag on this brand new game! Kitty City was the purr-fect community, where Kittizens and kittens worked and played in their thriving meow-tropolis. Until the fateful day a giant yarn ball meteor fell from the sky, causing the Great Bath, and their world was changed fur-ever. Help Farmer Franny and her fellow Kittizens restore Kitty City to its former glory! Harvest crops and build shops to produce new goods. Catch fresh fish to feed your furry friends at the Kibble Kantina. Clear trees and customize your city with decorations. Send supply trains and fill balloons to help neighboring cities. Bring the cat-titude and rebuild Kitty City to all new heights! Features: Rescue cats to unlock new buildings and recipes Harvest crops and craft valuable goods Join clubs and compete with your friends Complete requests at Balloon Express Fill trains to receive gifts from surrounding towns Level up Kittizens at the Kibble Kantina to earn bonuses DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other top mobile games and see what the buzz is all about! LIKE: Twitter: Snapchat: @PlayKittyCity Instagram: Pinterest:



  • The Game is Getting Better

    By poohbear3
    I really like this game. Storyline is great and the graphics are amazing. I have had some issues with getting support from the Jam City Team but I am sure that they did not expect this game to be as popular as fast as it’s been. Before I was a bit more critical in the review I gave them and I would like to apologize for that. I know that getting a new game up and running is a lot of work. There’s a balance of skills going on just to make it work. I have great respect for the people who are working on this game at Jam City and I am seeing some great changes. I have suggested a few things that could improve the game and not make players feel frustrated, however I know that they have priorities for what they do and do not expect them to implement my ideas soon or even at all. Thanks for getting my game resolved so quickly when I was stuck due to not having any kittens to feed. Keep up the great work!!! I am a fan and will continue playing.
  • I absolutely love this game, however...

    By Phranqueu
    Farmer Franny seriously needs a second farm option. Even for purchase. This has been my favorite farm adventure game in these many years. I just wish I could connect with my friends, or change to another league.
  • Getting further

    By Constancemae
    This game is cute and at first moves along and one really wants to play and stick to game. The raceway also added an element of fun. You know how fast can I get the items and advance. But this last raceway I have been frustrated over and over. I know that their are three options on each section to advance, and of course one wants more points so you want to choose the hard section, but even with the items I saved up time after time on the hard section unless someone had the foresight to collect a certain item (which one might get lucky and choose one of the items needed, for instance, oranges needed for the fruit salad) the section needed 30 salads, but you receive 5 oranges every I believe 6 hours. If your lucky you’ve saved enough to get thru this section, that’s if you saved enough oranges before hand. And storage is limited. Well you think the game gives you choices plus clues as to what comes next, but even if you choose a medium task which can be done usually easily still your not going to have time to save enough again with limited storage. I changed my section many times this raceway because other than staying up all night to play a game and gather items I would have simply run out of time, since the section gives 24 hours to gather items. On another one I have to put together chocolate sundaes and you look, and say oh these take an hour to make I can do this and choose this one and once I start making ingredients and realized oh crud one ingredient takes 3 hours to make..... I’m gonna run out of time. So after making this one ingredient all night had to toss this item out and start on something new.
  • Engaging fun for all ages

    By lani WHUDUP
    I love this game and have been consistently playing it for some time now. I usually tire of a game due to repetitiveness or leveling up is too difficult. Obtaining the special stones in the game is easy if you play often. I also love that you never run out of seeds for your crops. This game will be a favorite for a long time!
  • Pretty fun

    By Mayat804
    It was fun except when I needed stuff from the creamery it took 100,000,000 years it just takes soooooooo long to load it was boring then I went to play a new game and when I went back it restarted!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Capacity!

    By Cute Horus
    Please remove the weight of the tools to upgrade silo and warehouse it’s so freaking stupid. When you are at 200 and you need 15 pieces of 3 kinds and they both store in warehouse. 15x3x2 =90! That’s stupid! Please remove it make it weightless like the owls bells for expanding! And that’s not even count with the tools like axe, shove, etc.. Please stop this stupid weight counts! Thank you have a nice day
  • 😍😍😍

    By Tamtamboy
    Awesome game! Great aesthetics. Characters are a great part. The game has many beautiful things but i have just one major complaint. The farm is too small. You cannot put anything besides to the max of eight. Please resolve this issue. To fellow players, this game is very recommended. Thank you in advance, best regards.
  • Improve your game

    By mamakitty3
    Join Roaring Tigers club if competitive. Storage is a joke. No space,Extremely frustrating.takes to many tools to increase it taking up all of our space, everything wants so many items and you’re lucky if you can fit 2 of the same item. There’s no support for this game just generic messages they send out. To many glitches to count. Balloons are impossible since last update. Game is very cute but overall not worth it.
  • Fun but......

    By Savage Tlingit
    I really enjoy this game and hope it does great.That being said......I have got to an area of the game that’s level 12 or so and I’m know a 16 and have filled out a large amount of train orders to try to receive a bell to help unlock an area to progress so I may start accruing fish.I have received tons of bells something like 60+ bells and about 50 train fulfillment’s and been doing so now for 2 straight days.Something is not right.Usually I would buy stuff in game to show appreciation to the devs etc.But not when the experience is ruined like this.Maybe it’s just me but I’ll keep trying for a little longer and I’m done here.
  • Kitty city

    By Tbeard37
    Slow but fun for me