Dig Out!

Dig Out!


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-05-08
  • Current Version: 2.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 389.73 MB
  • Developer: ZiMAD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 8,096 Ratings


The mines are not going to dig themselves! Grab a pickaxe, fresh pair of shoes and start diggen'! Dig as deep as you can to collect shiny gems and treasures! But dig carefully, as the FALLING BOULDERS can smash and crush your miner. Challenge your friends and see who can dig the deepest! As you dig, beware of the horrific, though cute, underground MONSTERS! Use your traps and weapons to give yourself a few more precious seconds. Rush through the endless underground mines and become the best treasure hunter! FEATURES: • Randomly generated endless maps • New monster traps you've never seen • Compete with your friends for the BEST “DIGGER” title • Exclusive gem “digger” tools to dash even deeper • Discover lost and hidden treasure chests and gems • Choose your personal miner hero E-mail us at contact@zimadgames.com with any issues, questions or comments. We would love to hear from you. Join our FB community too: http://www.facebook.com/digout.community/



  • Great game!

    By Raletic jovan
    Love it!!!
  • Awesome Game

    By The Turtle Who Wrote This
    Loved It
  • More life

    By Brett56783
    I love this game but cannot stand the fact you only get 3 life’s standard! Please give more
  • This is a great game

    By gilamonster1956
    [review rewrite] I obviously love this game. I finished all the goals once so I deleted the game to erase the stats, reinstalled it, and now I've almost finished all the goals again. Today I made it to 1000m, in my opinion the most difficult of the goals. Also a new goal (I think) popped up: “Destroying Crushers”. I love this! So much satisfaction getting ribbons and gold coins for killing crushers. I’d like to see more goals like this. —- BTW, there still does seem to be some memory issue. If I destroy too much stuff, collect too many gems and go too far down over multiple sessions the game becomes jittery, starts pausing and lagging, eventually locking up and crashing. Another issue has cropped up, if I play, set the iPhone down, so that it goes to screensaver, and resume playing, when my life ends, the out-of-the-ground view, where the buildings are, is missing details, and menus. Only a part of the backdrop is visible and you can’t do anything but shut down and restart. These issues don’t stop me from playing my brains out though!
  • Dig out

    By kahootokyp
    The games fun but it keeps kicking me out of it when I try playing👍.
  • Fairly decent game but has some setbacks.

    By DrMcFunkyPants
    To start this I must let you know that I have been playing for quite some time, so I feel it's a fair review. I will go by category. Graphics: The game is pleasing to look at. Cartoony vibe gives the game charm. Nearly everything is easy to identify except for the two monsters bat and spider. For a while I thought the spider was just a pink bat. Gameplay: The game gives you enough to work with to keep you entertained. Time when you run out of lives gives you some space from the game so it doesn't get old too fast. Chests are easy to get, and keys are fair to earn to open the chests. Plus rewards in the chest are pretty decent. However there is not much incentive to spend money on the game since none of the heroes give much advantage. Story: You play as a miner in a world were every one and everything is too lazy to do anything for themselves. You will be tasked everything from building a house to helping grandma build a shelf and put stuff on it. Progression isn't really rewarding and you feel the life of your character slowly draining from their body. Controls: Simply annoying. Often times I find myself flicking left but my hero goes down or up, etc. I also find that the speed of your flick doesn't make you go much faster. This is very annoying in sections that require you to go down fast. Plus the often times broken psychics engine causes death when you know it wasn't necessary. Better, more responsive controls are needed. Overall: The game is fun. It's a free to play phone game that doesn't penalize you for not paying money and doesn't bring harassment with its ads as most games do. If you are in no rush to win every game you play or just like rouge like digging games, than you should be fairly pleased. It has issues but they don't distract much from the enjoyment a game like this gives. If you want a game with a deep plot and ever expanding world with rich lore or deep gameplay. Than this game won't be for you. But if you want to pass time and get some feeling of being rewarded, then give it a chance. Edit: There was an update which added a new tournament mode. You could compete for in game prizes. However I spotted clearly cheating accounts on the leaderboard plus using heroes not in the game. This is very disappointing. If anything it puts me off from playing, now that there is a competitive mode. On a high note, controls did improve and I can say that I do not struggle with movement anymore. Story ends around level 75 or something like that, so I might wait until more is added before continuing to play. I would like to thank the developers for listening to reviews and doing well to improve the game.
  • Game

    By la flowers
    Like the game so far it can be addicting, sometimes there seems to be a glitch and it’ll get u out of the game or u die and everything u collected u lose like the boxes and coins and that can be annoying.there are items I can use during the game seem to stay on the left side of the game screen they should be left in an icon on top of the screen with all the game coins u have collected cuz ur unable to see parts of the game while those items remain on the screen thruout the entire game..ads will keep popping up other than that I like it so far helps me relax for a bit after a long shift..plz fix the issue
  • Awesome game

    By Pman8888
    This game is very fun to play and it has very good graphics.
  • Cool game but 3 lives unless you pay

    By Laguna Studio
    I wish you could pay a flat fee and have infinite lives. The time situation is annoying enough to uninstall and move on. Disappointing because the concept and game is very cool.
  • Ripped off twice trying to buy coins🤬

    By CJacks:)
    No brainer game is easy and enjoyable. They cut the purple chest gold coin reward in half and when I purchased the coin package twice they charged my pay pal and I got no coins. They are definitely in it for money. Sad😞