Star Stable Friends

Star Stable Friends

By Star Stable Entertainment AB

Score: 4
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Time to get your hands on Star Stable's first smartphone experience with our brand new companion app! Keep up with all the latest game news, check your event calendar and send in-game mails to all your SSO friends! Star Stable Online is the amazing virtual horse game for PC and Mac where you get to explore the awesome, magical island of Jorvik on the back of your very own horse. Together with millions of other players you can go on incredible adventures, compete in exciting races, care for your horses in your own home stable and solve the mysteries of a spectacular original story! To learn more, and play the game for free, visit



  • Good but

    By Omgitshorsegirl
    I really want this game but my mom will not let me have it because it needs a email or phone number please can you make it so you don't need to sign in I would love love that thanks
  • Something is missing!!!

    By Hannah Dragonrock
    I think it’s a cool app,cause if you can’t get on sso physically and you need to message your club than it works out perfectly, but you should add the ability to post your own sso pics! It would make the app so much more fun! Thanks! -Hannah DragonRock
  • Great App

    By littIeJ
    This is a great app if you don’t want to go to your computer to see what the new star stable news is. It is also really nice to be able to see your mail without having to log into your account. The only critique I have is that sometimes when I get mail and i try to look in the app it always loads for eternity. I don’t know why but sometimes when I get mail it doesn’t let me see it. Please fix this.
  • Really great!

    By hebdksnslsbzksglaowud
    Super great for SSO!! Just a reminder, this app is not a game, the whole game is online, but this is super helpful for managing it and getting news. I especially love the features where you can access their social media, it’s nice!
  • I don’t like it at all

    By ummmmm idk
    So it doesn’t let me play the game at all unless I pay and no I don’t want to I have not had a good experience and I hate the game

    By Maddie Gamez 2006 :) Floridian
    I liked this at first but I just bought 400 sc then Star stable online stopped working! Now, I can't even log in Star stable friends!! I'm really upset because I want to play!!! PLEASE FIX! 😩
  • Pls read!

    By unicornflydogcatgalex
    Pls do the password 1234 right now pls and hurry pls!
  • It's a no

    By Ok girl 👌👌👌
    I thought I was getting the real star stable but I didn't why did you trick people In to getting the real game no!!!
  • Awesome but my star coin amounts aren’t synced and have not changed for 3 weeks in the app.

    By Emerald 26 26
    I wish I knew how many star coins I really had.
  • It’s OK.

    By Riley Elizabeth Small,
    I can’t even get into it all because I have an iPad that’s just stupid that’s the only reason I give you two stars that’s the only reason if you could make that better it would be great hope you change that. And how come you only get to see the news it’s annoying every time I try to download it I just get annoyed that’s why it’s only two you should make that better because if you do if you keep it that way and probably never gonna try to get into this game again And I am serious if you don’t change this game then won’t be fair to anyone with an iPad or a phone or any other thing except for a computer why does it have to be this way. Why