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  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2018-02-06
  • Current Version: 1.92
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: Gurushots Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
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  • Too many fake photographers

    By SanLyo
    The idea of the APP is fun, but there is a very high number of people that publish well known award winning photographs as being theres. What’s worst is that the administrators of the app that judge and rate the pictures, often vote for and pick these photos that were obviously not taken by the claiming photographer. It’s a poser show.
  • I like the app

    By Mishka123321
    This app is a fun way to get your photos known and compete against others. But I think it should be a competition of the quality of photos, not how boosted it is. That part annoys me but I also get it. I really really dislike the boost system but Good app overall
  • Poor app

    By rabcidjebe
    Stupid app where the vote system is very ver poor and doesn’t make any sense, in the beginning I thought it was a great app but then I realize that the best picture is not pick because whoever invest more time voting or even boost the pictures have more advantage. Don’t recommend to anybody!
  • Serious waste of time (and money)

    By RadAstronaut
    App sounds cool in theory, until you realize a few things: it’s just a not-so-clever way to coerce you into thinking you need to dump money into “swaps” “boosts” and “exposure”. You don’t, I never have and was still able to level up pretty quickly. Second: 90% of the photos other people submit are BS. In my job, I work with a lot of stock photos and I see them constantly, along with these you’ll see famous photos of celebrities and content from YouTube photography vloggers. So the entire “game” or app is pointless, because essentially you’re going up against top notch stock photos to allegedly win money or prizes and have your photos exhibited in some gallery... for what? Besides all that: the app is buggy, it crashes, gives you the same notifications over and over, and challenges you join will sometimes disappear even though they haven’t finished, so if you are an unlucky soul who spent money to swap or boost for that challenge, guess what you wasted your money because now you can’t continue to use these strategies you just paid for. A real photographer wouldn’t waste time with such nonsense, nor want some app to hold to keys to some gallery exposure. Just avoid it, go read a book.
  • Great challenge and learn from others

    By ArmyWolve
    Love the app. Allows me to study other photographers, only issue is people will add Irrelevant photos to challenges, and they don’t get removed, also some challenges required certain profile skill for example newbie level yet the number one voted picture is from a advanced photographer “says on his profile” so the removal of these pictures for these challenges are below pair. 4/5
  • Biased and Flawed

    By Sanyikas
    I’ve noticed that many of the photos submitted seem to be stick photos. I’ve seen multiple people submit the same photo. I like the concept of this app but the voting process is severely flawed. I think it’s time for me to delete this app and move on.
  • Entertaining, Helpful, but Disappointing

    By Curban222
    This is a fun app that is a good way to progress your photography via incentive to produce images and quality as well as seeing examples and learning from others shots. It’s a good way to pass the time as well. However - the voting process is flawed. In order to increase your exposure and get votes you essentially need to vote for hundreds of images constantly. Nobody has time for that. What ends up happening is that you are not voting for the best photos, you’re simply voting for as many decent looking photos as you can as quick as you can. Which doesn’t bode well for you’re images and doesn’t end with he best images as the winners. Secondly, the only way to advance in levels (does it even matter?) is to get guru picks. This seems to be just about impossible. I’ve entered so many contests with so many photos and have yet to get a guru pick. I’ve ended up in the top 10-20% in many contests but have not gotten a guru pick. Finally, the app has been cleverly created with an algorithm for voting that gets you a bunch of votes quickly when you post an image, but then slows down. The only way to increase voting (and stay relevant on the leaderboard) is to swap images, which you eventually need to pay for. This I get, and don’t really have a problem with. In fact I think it is smart on the developers part. Just be warned.
  • Misleading

    By Zanesworld1
    So, if you spend MONEY, your photo gets more EXPOSURE- which means not everyone has the same odds, and in order to get votes, you have to pay for them. Official Review from: MonsterBassafterDarkOriginal: -2💫⭐️⭐️ As a picture sharing app, it gets a zero — I could pay FB $, run an ‘Ad’ and get WAY more exposure. As a photo competition app, it gets a minus two— what’s the point of a vote if you can buy votes? As a ‘game’ app— N/A, what game?? I feel it should either be a complete pay app, or a complete free app- otherwise, the vote count is skewed and unfair making it completely useless.
  • Boring

    By brad_knight
    Not even a week into having this app and I'm ready to delete it. Its quite buggy, repetitive, the rewards are all a joke. Most of the people on here are not serious about photography whatsoever.
  • Ideas and inspiration

    By Finding_Fitness
    Love this app. It gives me new ideas and inspiration!