FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation

By Visual Blasters LLC

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2017-03-04
  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 53.51 MB
  • Developer: Visual Blasters LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 920 Ratings


FlipaClip makes you relive your childhood and express your creativeness or professional skills in a much cooler way! Draw your cartoon using frame-by-frame animation. It works just like the old school flipbook but with a modern twist! Whether you are sketching, storyboarding, animating, or simply playing around FlipaClip offers intuitive tools and is the perfect platform for your creative ideas. FEATURES • Build animation in popular formats (MP4, GIF, IMAGE SEQ) • Share animation videos via (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr) • [NEW!] Add and draw over videos! • Apple Pencil supported! • Brushes (Pencil, Pen, Marker, Highlighter, Eraser) • Insert Text with multiple FREE font options • Drawing Grid overlay • Multiple drawing layers • Animation timeline • Onion skin • Frames viewer




    By DoggyDrago
    Would put 5 If they could just add these things PLEASE READ THIS So one of my friends is obsessed with animating (she is really amazing 😉) was using this app and she inspired me to get it I’ve had it for two days and can’t get off it. But there was a few things that I noticed would make it amazing! First of all it would be cool to download our own music onto the app so we don’t have to download load it onto another app (but thank you for making it simple🙂) and do that a million times to get the animations in sync. If there are good reasons to not have those then just please say. thank you 😊! (Side note to people looking at this app you do have to pay $5.99 for everything it’s SO worth it though 😄) Update: Still love it this app but REALLY we need to be able to download our own music onto it !!!!!!!!😳😳😳😳😳🙏🙏🤯 Up-update: sorry to keep adding on but I just wanted to let you guys know I NEED MORE FRAMES I have full version but it only lets you have six frames PLEASE let us have 10 or 12 🙏
  • Please add export to img sequence or psd

    By DontChargeMeDouble
    I would love to use this as a base for motion and then take it to procreate or something to really paint it (no fault of this spp, procreate just has killer painting tools) Seems like a really basic feature? I bought all the addons and I was just really surprised that export to psd or export to sequence is not a option. I assumed I would be able to do that. Add that and for me it’s perfect! Edit: it was added and super fast thank you! 5 stars <3
  • Very nice but frustrating

    By Trixie the great and powerful
    The reason I am rating this 3 stars is because wheb i go to creat a preset pallet of colors the app closes and resets back to the original pallet, please fix this
  • I Love This Game!

    By Rmegedon
    Hi, my name is Rme. And I love this game! It’s great for animating! And, I can share to youtube unlike other apps! Such a great app! :)
  • FlipaClip

    By Wolfdog101
    I think FlipaClip is a really good animation app! But when I was drawing just a little picture in there, it stopped working I guess. It just froze. So when I closed out of it and when I got back on it it was GONE. I am so upset by that. I worked hours on that picture. Really FlipaClip? Really?
  • Don’t know what to call this

    By Rose Wolfy wolf wolf
    Hey, when I was copying & pasting something to swap it around the other way I notice that the swap button was missing. The swap button to make something upside down or upside right is working ok but the other swap button disappeared. I do not know if it’s an error or something but when you get the chance can you look at it please? Thank you! & your app is wonderful!
  • Great

    By Saxtree/Saxophone The Cat
    This app is one of the simplest animation apps I have ever used but I recommend that you should add audio and maybe tutorials, specifically aimed at beginners. A problem I’m having right now is that once I reach a certain part of my animation it crashes, always the same exact frame but I can’t remove it because of crashing. Other than that this is a awesome program, people can say it’s hard to use but you literally can do scribbles and press the + button and do some mor scribbles, i recommend you do something like that as a tutorial.

    By Rlly good program
    Make it so we can add our own audio! It’ll attract more animators and animations will be more time-correct. Don’t make it cost money because I don’t have any money to spend and nither do a lot of other people. So lease add audio.
  • App is amazing and easy to use, needs more features.

    By an artists that loves to test
    I bought the bundled features the past few months ago, and have been testing the app time to time. What I love about it is that the interface isn’t confusing. There are simple brushes already set, a lasso tool for selecting and resizing certain parts, and the fill bucket tool is accurate and doesn’t leave white pixels as much as possible, 6 layers enough for drafting and many more, and the ability to import a video for rotoscoping or referencing is very helpful, etc. Pretty ideal to get the rough draft of an animation done, or maybe even a bigger project if new features are added. I do have recommendations or updates that I would hopefully see one day starting from the most needed to the least : 1. Import and Sync Audio - at least one up to three layers. For music, voice, and sfx. 2. Brush Stabilizer for better smoothing (take Ibis Paint, Paint Tool SAI, or Clip Studio Paint as an example because shaky hands are terrible for creating smooth lines and sometimes an animation needs consistent lineart to maintain accuracy.) 3. The ability to change the the duration of one frame by frames ( Let’s say 1 frame lasts for 2 frames. Although that kind of thing would be more ideal if the timeline was separate for each layer. Taking note of TV Paint, Clip Studio Paint, Toonboom, Flash as an example for the timeline. ) 4. Import a png sequence ( if you can export one, won’t you also be able to import one as well? ) 5. Ability to pinch, zoom AND rotate canvas at the same time or not, with fingers. As of now you can only zoom in, but it would also be nice to be able to rotate it at the same time while you’re at it. 6. Pixel brush ( kind of like MS Paint or Easytoon ) or the ability to create or import your own custom brushes. I’m sure the team are still working on the audio as of now, and have yet to release it, but once it gets released, it will help immensely for drafting rough animations that need to draft based on a provided audio. I keep drifting away from this app just because of that lacking feature. A brush stabilizer will help for completing the lineart smoothly, which would also help immensely for cleaning up animations on the go, as you don’t need to switch to another app just to get a decent clean lineart. For me, number 1 and 2 are the most needed as of now. 3 might be impossible, but would provide better productivity. 4, 5 and 6 can still take longer to release as there are solutions for that unless those are found a lot easier to add as a new feature.
  • God but...

    By blackkatnerd101
    Sometimes I get so frustrated with this because whenever you delete a frame it deletes that layer for every slide! I messed up so many times, just because of that. If you could make it so every frame doesn’t delte when I do one thing, that’d be great or at least make it so you can undo it.