• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-04-27
  • Current Version: 3.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 194.88 MB
  • Developer: TOP GAMES INC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 3,327 Ratings


Join now with your friends in the greatest SLG game of all time now on mobile devices, Evony: The King’s Return! Build your cities, train your troops, expand your empire and conquer the City of Thrones to become the King! AN EXCEPTIONALLY RICH AND AMAZING SET OF FEATURES - Choose from 6 unique cultures to customize your game’s architectural style: American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean and Japanese! - YOU ARE THE DIPLOMAT! Join a strong Alliance where you can make friends, communicate in real-time via voice and text with auto-translations so you can improve strategies and win epic battles. - YOU ARE THE WARLORD! With over four types of troops to select and train from ground-pounding infantry to massive siege engines; fight against your enemies and see the battles happen all around you in real-time on the stunningly animated World Map. - YOU ARE THE GOVERNOR! Administrate your cities in your Empire and use your leadership skills in managing resources and research improvements to gain strategic advantages. - YOU ARE THE MONARCH! Recruit famous Generals of history to help with battles and city development. See them battle across the world of Evony in real-time, capture enemy generals and use them against their own leaders! Do you have what it takes to rule your empire and claim the throne? Come join us in the highly anticipated and interactive SLG game, Evony: The King’s Return! NOTICE: Evony: The King’s Return is a completely free-to-play game, however there are some game items that can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Evony: The King’s Return.



  • Great time killer

    By geneohio
    Plays like age two
  • Great game

    By Pinkflu
    Great game, need I say more.
  • Unresponsive customer service

    By server 41 tired of bad service
    Customer service is slow to respond and sometimes never responds to concerns. The game does not function consistently and fairly. Support Tickets get closed out summarily too frequently without a real answer provided. Edited 8/7/2018 to respond to developer question: I don’t see where I confidentially provide my user information. Seriously I play in server 41. Are you wanting my character name or the number of my character or my email I use? How do I know my account won’t be targeted for retaliation? Edited 8/28/2018 Evony cheated me out of correct battlefield rewards and cost me 70 badges I earned and other items. And support tried to compensate me with 20 million food. As a customer that has purchased the packs to receive only 100 badges at about $187 a pop .... the proper measure of my damages are to give me the correct prize. The screenshot of the proof was provided and them sending me 20 million food and a few speed ups is an insult. Edited 9/24/2018 Ultimately I was given only the 70 badges from 8/28 complaint, but not the missing gems and gold. Evony cheated me again on 9/15/18 out of 80 badges this time after they told me the scoring problem had been resolved. I sent screenshots to prove but To date no compensation. Then the end of both battleground seasons happen and even though my alliance ranks in top 300 and my Wednesday points for the season was 2110.4143 and the posted season low ranking score was not quite 1600 —- I was not ranked. And then Saturday battlefield season ended with me with 4554.8596 points for season (that score should have had me in the number 3 spot for season) —-but again not ranked. Support says that all three of my issues have been sent to the developers and that she can’t properly compensate me until they return a response. The proper compensation is to actually pay my actual damages. Pay me the missing rewards from the 9/15/18 match. And open the monarch glory for proper season ranking I earned. My monarch id is 14112984. Support has all screenshots of the weekly scores. I won’t be spending any cash on Evony again without these issues being properly compensated or adequately explained how my scores didn’t reach ranking. The longer this takes obviously the less happy I am with the game experience and I feel defrauded. Edited 9/26/2018 Customer service has tried to correct Saturday boc battlefield 9/15 scoring error by sending Wednesday bog chests today. I’m still missing 80 badges from the event. Also not addressed as of now are the season ranking issues that have cheated me out of ranking and both monarch glory designations. I’m still cheated. And still having to argue with customer service for the proper corrections. I can only say they make the prospect of me breaking up with the game a more realistic outcome with each inept attempt that does not address the issue or explain why I didn’t rank in the most recent seasons even though my scores and other requirements were met. Edited 10/1/18 I was finally given my missing 80 badges a few days ago - so the matter from 9/15/18 boc is finally rectified. However the bigger issue of being cheated out of ranking in both battlefield events this past season has not been resolved or explained to me. I am unhappy with the developers because I have been cheated by their game and they don’t care. Season scoring for both events is fraudulent. Taking so long to address shortcomings in their game has made me decide to continue to boycott spending on the game. It’s a flawed game that cheats its customers. Edited 10/19/18 Still no resolution for season 4 battlefield events. Season 5 Wednesday battlefield ended and me and several more of my alliance mates were again cheated out of the ranking we earned for the season. Customer service and the forum moderator are acting like they misunderstand our issue. We are missing the season end prize for season 4 and now 5 which would be to have the respective monarch glory opened for each event. Recommend that ALL players keep screenshots at the end of each event showing scores as Evony is cheating its customers out of the advertised season end prize of the monarch glory. Also in season 5 rankings the number 1 ranked player has an impossible score. Shame on you Evony for continuing to cheat your customers. Edited 10/22/2018 After more than a month and no explanation about what the issue was that caused Evony to cheat myself and alliance mates out of season rankings in both battlefield events a poor substitute for what we actually should have earned was sent to us, but still wasn’t what was agreed upon. Customer service doesn’t want to make that error right either. And here we are at the season end of season 5 and we are cheated out of season rankings again when the scores and other requirements are met by us. The game is flat out defrauding us on the events and customer services does not care to find a real solution or to actually provide customer service. This feels to me like a domestic violence relationship wherein they expect customers to be happy while they abuse us with actually addressing their part.
  • Buggy

    By this is buggy
    Buggy. Constant updates without fixing the bugs from the last. Terrible customer service.
  • Woody FTA

    By Aricvol
    Not enough chances to get stamina. One high ranked player “Pennyweise” kills off everyone and doesn’t care. Not enough higher level bosses. (9, 10, 11 ) members of our alliance are quitting which makes it worse.
  • Coiners are taking it over

    By Angry Bladw
    I REALLY enjoy playing. The game is fun. But........ you can’t compete without spending money. It is hard to catch up if you fall behind. The good news is, eventually coiners burn themselves out and leave. New server seem like the place to be but coiners are always on new servers. Old ones are better
  • Top 5 in over all

    By u can guess
    They been asking me to rate and I refused to rate. Now than I had enough with their service and responses. I will rate but unfortunately I can’t give them zero. This game has good idea about war game but CS (customer support) horrible. I spent enough on this game yet I never got proper responses. There are many glitches and they wouldn’t fix it. I mailed to CS a few times unfortunately they couldn’t even consider to look into it.
  • Joke

    By worse customer service
    Game is a joke. They have predetermined winners and they want you to keep spending money. Don’t waste your time because it is never enough money. You can sink a fortune and it will never be enough. Pass on this game.... Update- customer support keeps deleting my tickets to them... Don’t play this game. Do yourself a favor
  • Level increases

    By quill1
    I know you people need to make money and I’m pretty sure you make enough now on the current 30 level the server is at now. Stop increasing the levels please. My other account finally got to level 25 awhile back and in that same week the game opened up the level 30. Please stop being Donald Trump like and being greedy.
  • Server merger

    By Bloodplay2
    Played for years on server 3 , now they tell us there merging server 3 with another server that has totally different rules and has attacking others 24/7 . And have no choice to accept these rules because of the merger, so difficult to even farm, they even hit rss tiles, we did not want or ask to merge servers , this is totally wrong , several of the players that even spent money weekly even quit ....I may quit also..