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Lipsi is more than just an anonymous app. It's a platform that attracts the boldest who want to step out of their comfort zone. Meet new people in class, on campus, in a café... you name it. Lipsi has proven to be an indispensable tool for many of the youngest generation yet. - Search people in the Lipsi database - Erase chat history between any two devices - Block any user at any time Honest thoughts. Real feedback. Always in control.



  • Issues

    By usar 53
    Honestly I loved the app but now when I’m trying to sign back In all it does is load. It’s been loading for at least 30 minutes now and I’ve double checked my password and I’m right. All I’m waiting for is it to sign in but all I can do is wait.
  • Very good!

    By jcbeishziakzbzknd
    I like this app because I get funny messages that me and my friends can go back and joke about later on.
  • can’t even make an account

    By graceb1811
    i’ve used all 3 email addresses and none of the verification emails actually sent. i can’t even make an account. and the app keeps freezing.
  • It won’t let me download

    By software malfunction
    I keep trying and it’s not letting me I keep keep trying I have downloaded it before but deleted to clear storage space but now trying to reload and it won’t let me
  • Okay app

    By alexyssc
    It’s pretty cool but sometimes if I get a notification and click on it, it won’t show up & I have to exit out and go back in the app to see it. Even then sometimes it doesn’t work and I can’t see what someone has sad.
  • Yep

    By shaaaqaaqqqq
    This is awesome
  • Lipsi

    By Skater2018
    You don’t have to pay for this once you make an account?? Is it completely free??
  • k

    By keejdjsjsndbkqlajs
    it’s a good app but it’s a way people can say rude or weird stuff anonymously
  • Great

    By Destiny💎❣️
    It’s great? People acctaully talk and say stuff and arnt rude
  • Notifications

    By madison shelburne
    The app works great, except I used to have a problem with getting notifications without having to open the app when I got a message. I just deleted the app and redownloaded it so the option to get notifications came up again. It works even better now!! Hope this helps anyone with the same problem!